Did Albert Einstein believe in evolution?

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I understand that he did not believe in God/Jesus even thought he was Jewish. I do not recall reading anything about is beliefs on evolution. Does someone have the answer to this question?

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What did Albert Einstein invented?

Einstein wasn't really an "inventor." He was more of a theoretical physicist. In the sense that you can "invent" a theory, he was responsible for a great deal of relativity, a considerable amount of statistical thermodynamics, and made significant contributions to quantum physics (even though he did (MORE)

What did Albert Einstein do?

Albert Einstein (1879-19550) was born in Germany and was atheoretical physicist and mathematician, widely considered one ofthe greatest physicists of all time. He was best known for theoryof relativity, but was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics forhis 1905 (Annus Mirabilis) explanation of the (MORE)

Who was Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein is possibly the most famous scientist who ever lived! He was a theoretical physicist and mathematician, and a genius. One of his better known achievements was the mass-energy equivalence equation: E = mc 2 . Einstein developed the theory of relativity and he won the Nobel Prize in Ph (MORE)

Where did Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein grew up in Germany. He was born in 1879 and died in1955. He refused life support at the end of his life.

What is the 'ETH' into which Albert Einstein enrolled?

ETH stands for: die Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich. It is also known as the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School (in) Zürich, Zürich Polytechnic, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. It was, and is, one of world's finest scientific schools, having graduated a (MORE)

What did Albert Einstein invent or discover?

he discover that light bends by gravity and time and space curved around the sun he was the most famous scientist and he also discover the mathamatics formula that is E=mc2 which is most important and he also discoverd the feriey of how to become a jedi :]

Did albert einstein have a disability?

It is not clear whether or not Albert Einstein had a disability.Some say that he has a learning disability, more specifically thathe had dyslexia, but this is strongly denied by his biographers.

Why was albert Einstein so important?

Einstein restructured physicist's ideas of the nature of space and time leading to the theories of Special and General Relativity which underpin cosmology. To date, these key theories have been found to be consistent with all known data. He also was one of the first thinkers to work within the bur (MORE)

Why was Albert Einstein famous?

He propsed a theory of relativity - which was the basis for a lot of new science. i.e. E= MC 2 Where E is energy M is mass of the body C is the speed of light

Albert Einsteins family tree?

Albert Einstein was born to Hermann Einstein and Pauline Koch in1879. He had one sister, Maria who was younger by three years. Hewas married at least once and had four children.

Albert Einsteins kids?

Yes albert Einstein did have kids . Hans Albert . Eduard . And his step Daughter . Margrot

Do you believe in evolution?

This is a question that is primarily based on opinion. There are people that believe in evolution and there are those that do not. Those that do not believe in Evolution say thus: No I do not. It says that evolution does not exist in the BIBLE. There has been scientists that even have proof (MORE)

Where was Albert Einstein from?

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Warttemberg, Germany on March14th, 1879. Six weeks later he and his family moved to Munich. Hestudied and worked in Switzerland. He returned to Germany, butlater fled Germany and moved to the US. He died in Princeton, NewJersey.

Albert Einstein and what he do?

Einstein and de Sitter in 1932 proposed a simple solution of the field equations of general relativity for an expanding universe. They argued that there might be large amounts of matter which does not emit light and has not been detected. This matter, now called 'dark matter', has since been shown t (MORE)

What did Albert Einstein believe?

Much like any other human being, Albert Einstein believed many things about many subjects. If you wish to enquire into his beliefs, you should ask something more specific.

Who believes in evolution?

Among the general public the percentage varies by nation. A surveyof 18 developed nations found majority support among 16 of them,over 80% in several. The U.S. was second to last, evenly split onthe issue. Turkey was the only nation on the list where more thanhalf of the population rejected evolutio (MORE)

What does albert Einstein have to do with pi?

Albert Einstein barely has anything to do with Pi other than, his birthday is on March 14, and the official start of pi day is at 1:59 PM. We say this , because 3.14 are the first three digits of pi, and Albert's birthday. 159 are the next three numbers after 3.14 and indicates that the celebration (MORE)

Who preserved Albert Einsteins brain?

no one it is just a myth Answer: Einstein's brain was removed, weighed and preserved by Thomas Stoltz Harvey. The brain was divided into 240 1 cm 3 chunks.

How do you draw the face of Albert Einstein?

You simply just have to draw what you see. If there is a picture you want to duplicate then copy or print it out, and measure off even squares so that you have a grid. Have the same grid on another sheet of paper, and draw what you see in each square. This really is much easier.

What achievements is Albert Einstein known for?

The German scientist Albert Einstein is perhaps best known for his theory of special relativity and his famous equation E = mc 2 . He is also famous for his work on Quantum theory with Max Planck, the discovery of the photoelectric effect, the development of the photon theory, work on the Shroed (MORE)

Who aided Albert Einstein in his research?

Some believe that Mileva Maric, Albert Einstein's first wife was a gifted scientist and mathematician in her own right. However when Einstein died in 1955, he did not give her scientific credit for her help. Others believe that Einstein's wife was only used as a "sounding board" and that she did not (MORE)

What is Albert Einstein known for and why is this significant?

Einstein is most known for his theories of special relativity and general relativity. These were significant because they helped lay the groundwork for modern physics. In addition, he explained the photoelectric effect, which has led to many practical applications, such as light sensors. Also, he ma (MORE)

What were the places that Albert Einstein visited?

Albert Einstein was born in at Ulm, Württemberg, Germany. When he was 15 years old, he moved with his family to Milan, Italy. One year after, he traveled to Aarau, Switzerland to finish high school. In 1896, he moved to Zurich, Switzerland. In 1911, he went to Prague to work as a Professo (MORE)

What does the atomic bomb have to do with Albert Einstein?

He played a role in its creation by sending a letter to convince president Roosevelt to start work on a nuclear weapon, and many of his theories went into the making of it. Einstein himself was a pacifist and regretted for the rest of his life that he had influenced the creation of nuclear weapons.

Did Albert Einstein believed in God?

Einstein was essentially a Deist. He believed in a supreme intelligence of design behind the Universe, and on a question of subatomic physics, he once responded that "God does not play dice with the universe" (though he was later proven wrong in that regard). On the "personal God" level, however, he (MORE)

Does Albert Einstein believe in ghosts?

Dr. Reynolds asked Einstein if he believed in ghosts. Einstein confessed he had never seen one, and added, "When twelve other persons have witnessed the same phenomenon at the same time, then I might believe." From: Charlie Chaplin, My Autobiography , Simon and Schuster: New York, NY (1964), pag (MORE)

Is Alan Einstein the son of Albert Einstein?

No the sons of Albert Einstein are: Hans Albert Einstein andEduard. They also had a daughter named Lieserl (Her real name isunknown but love letters to Einstein's wife Maric from Einsteincall her Lieserl)

Did Albert Einstein believe that doing good deeds would get us to Heaven?

Einstein used many labels to describe his religious views,including "agnostic", "religious nonbeliever" and a "pantheist".None of these even suggest he believed in anything that could becalled "Heaven", let alone any possibility to going there. HoweverEinstein was clearly never an "atheist", he just (MORE)