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Guy Fawkes was apart of the Gunpowder Plot (the plot to kill King James I), but the plot failed, so he did not kill the king.
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Who is Guy Fawkes?

He was a Roman Catholic Revolutionary involved in the failed 1605 Gunpowder Plot against King James I if England for which he was drawn, quartered and hung.. Guy (or Guido) Fawkes was a soldier in Catholic Spain's Army. He is mostly known for his famous Gunpowder Plot against Parliament on 5th November 1605. The authorities were given a letter by an anonymous person who told them about the plot and caught Guy Fawkes. Guy died on 31st January 1606 by hanging.

Who was Guy Fawkes?

Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament by sneaking in lots of gunpowder That's how you put it basically. Guy Fawkes wanted to practise Roman Catholic procedures but wasn't allowed under King James VI rule. So to try and "teach them a lesson" he decided, along with others, to blow up all the government officials, King James and his family. All of these people would be in the House of Parliament on the 5th of November for the legislature ( to change the laws that need to be changed) and they thought that day would be perfect. They piled ten tons of gunpowder into the cellar of the House Of Parliament. Unfortunately, they had sent an anonymous letter to a old friend, Lord Monteagle, telling him to stay away from the House of Parliament on the 5th of November. Lord Monteagle became suspicious and handed the note to the police. They decided to do a full search of the building and in the early morning of the 5th of November, they discovered all the gunpowder. So they didn't alert the conspirators, they left all the gunpowder there and waited for a conspirator to go down there so then they could find out who was behind it and what they were planning to do. Guy Fawkes was the caught as he was about to light the gunpowder. they arrested him and discovered nearly all the other conspirators. Only one man escaped and was never found. Those that were found were held until 31st January 1606 when they were put on trial and charged with treason, punishable by being hung, drawn and quartered. Meaning that they were hung until the were dead then they pulled out their entrails before slicing their bodies into quarters often to be sent to the four corners of the land as examples with the head displayed locally. Guy Fawkes day is now celebrated every year on the 5th of November by many fireworks being lit. It is mainly only celebrated in British countries or countries recently become independent from Britain for example Australia and New Zealand. He is a man who tried to blow up parliament in 1605 on the 5th of November, he almost succeeded but the morning he was going to do it he was caught. He was hung early the next year. Guy Forks day is celebrated in different parts of the world on the 5th of November every year. The film 'V for Vendetta' is based on this. Good film!

What did Guy Fawkes do?

COCAINE. ALso, he and a group of friends tried to blow up the UK Houses of Parliament in 1605 but he got caught and that is why we have bonfire night and burn a guy on the bonfire!

Was Guy Fawkes guilty?

Many people believe that Guy Fawkes was guilty but there is evidence to suggest that he was framed by the King's Advisor, Robert Cecil.

What year was Guy Fawkes arrested?

He was arrested on November 5th, 1605 in a cellar he had rented under the House of Lords.

Was guy Fawkes set up?

yes Guy Fawkes was set up, as there was letters and messages being sent to the lord telling him that there was a plot to blow up the parlment but the letter was not approached or read after the arrival of the letter. Also why would guy fawkes be able to smuggle gun bowder barrels into the parliment..or why was there barrles of gun powder still in the room that he had rented, surely they would of been removed as they were explosive..or where they put there on purpose.

Is Guy Fawkes innocent?

some people think that king I's spy set the whole thing up to make James I liked more as no one liked him because he was from Scotland and as about 5% of Britain were catholic if he was seen to be horrible to them then the protestants will like him and see therm as the hero who fought the devil, on the other hand guy Fawkes could be just as much guilty. We have no evidence to say whiether he was framed or he was guilty but the most commonly thought answer would be that he was guilty.

Is Guy Fawkes real?

yes, we have evidence because he signed his name in the baptismal register. , later in life he adopted the nickname Guido Fawkes.

How was Guy Fawkes executed?

Gur Fawkes was brought to trial on 27 January 1606 and sentenced to be executed by hanging. Four days later, on January 31, climbing up to the hanging platform, Fawkes deliberately leapt off the ladder, breaking his neck and dying instantly.

What did guy Fawkes do and why?

He attempted to blow up the houses of parliament with a massive amount of gunpowder hidden in the cellars. He was caught just as he was about to light the fuse. He was a catholic, and was trying to assassinate the king - who was a protestant.

Why was guy Fawkes innocent?

Guy Fawkes was found underneath paliament with a large amount of gun powder, however, there was rumors that he had been sut up by the lords servant who had been a criminal but supposively turned over a new leaf.A mysterious letter was delivered by the servent tellin the lord that there was a plot to blow up parliament. the servant was in charge of when the guards searched parliament for the gunpowder (he waited until 10 days after the letter was delivered) it was said that he waited until he knew that guy would be in the basement! although guy Fawkes 'confessed' it was only after extreme torture and was believed that he only confessed to end his pain (and who wouldn't). as punnishment, he was orderedd to death by hanging, he was meant to be left until almost dead and then have his private parts cut off and his body sliced open.

What was guy Fawkes otherwise known as?

Guy Fawkes was also known as Guido Fawkes but when he was caught with the gunpowder he gave the name John Johnson

What are the origins of Guy Fawkes Day?

Guy Fawkes Day marks the downfall of the Gunpowder Plot of 5 November 1605, in which a number of Catholic conspirators, including Guy Fawkes, attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament, in London. Parliament later established November 5 as a national day of thanksgiving. Fireworks traditionally fill the skies over Britain in remembrance of the failure of the Gunpowder Plot.. The rhyme "remember, remember the 5th of November" refers to Guy Fawkes Day, celebrated in England. The full rhyme is:. Remember, Remember the 5th of November,. Gunpowder, Treason and Plot,. I see no reason why Gunpowder, Treason, . Should ever be forgot. .

Facts about guy Fawkes?

Born: 1570 in York. Yes, Guy Fawkes was a Yorkshireman. Baptised: 16th April 1570 at Saint Michael-le-Belfrey, York. Died: 31st Jan 1606 at Old Palace Yard, Westminster. Schooled: Saint Peter's in York. Fawkes left England in 1593 or 1594 for Flanders. He enlisted in the Spanish army under the Archduke Albert of Austria. Fawkes held a post of command when the Spaniards took Calais in 1596 under the orders of King Philip II of Spain. November 5, 1605, Fawkes was arrested in the cellars of Parliament House. In 1606 Parliament agreed to make 5th November a day of public thanksgiving and ever since then the day has been celebrated with fireworks and bonfires. Details of the gunpowder plot: On 5th November 1605, two years after the death of Queen Elizabeth I, soldiers discovered a man called Guy Fawkes in a cellar under the Houses of Parliament. With him were at least twenty barrels of gunpowder. Guy Fawkes was arrested and tortured. At last he gave way and told his torturers about a plot to blow up Parliament together with the king, James I, his ministers and Members of Parliament. Fawkes was a Roman Catholic who had been angered by the failure of King James, who was after all the son of the Catholic Mary Queen of Scots, to grant more religious toleration to Catholics. He had joined with a group of four other Catholics led by Robert Catesby in the plot to kill the king. Catesby had made the mistake of inviting other Catholics to join the plot. One of these was called Francis Tresham. Tresham wrote a letter to his brother-in-law Lord Monteagle warning him not to go to Parliament and Monteagle told the government. The plot was foiled at the eleventh hour; some of the plotters escaped, some turned King's Evidence and reported on the rest. The unlucky Fawkes was taken in chains to the Tower of London and beheaded at dawn. He was hanged, drawn and quartered. After Guy was hanged, he was drawn (drug) through the streets of London behind a horse cart. At a public venue, he was then chopped into 'quarters'. The charge was treason, though some people in England prefer to remember Guy as "the only man ever to enter Parliament with honest intentions." In 1606 Parliament agreed to make 5th November a day of public thanksgiving and ever since then it has been known as "Guy Fawkes Night", with people all over Britain letting off fireworks and lighting bonfires. To this day, one of the ceremonies that accompany the opening of a new session of parliament, is the searching of the basement. Parliament somehow made political capital out of the close call, and poor Guy Fawkes is burned in effigy every November 5th on bonfires.

How do you make a Guy Fawkes?

Typically, you stuff old clothes with something flammable to make a man-like figure, such as straw or newspapers. (In the Paddington Bear stories, Paddington inadvertently used his neighbor's good suit, but since the effigy is burned, use clothing that you no longer want.) The head can be made of paper-mache, material (like a pillow-case), a balloon, or something else head-shaped. A face can be drawn on the head, or a Guy Fawkes mask can be placed over it. (An example of a Guy Fawkes mask can be seen in the movie V for Vendetta .) A conical, 17th century hat might also be placed on the dummy.. It's a bit late for this year, but it'll keep. Get a pair of old coveralls & stuff with newspaper, this will do for the legs & body. Shoes & gloves will make hands & feet. If you are going to parade him before cremation get a trolley or some wheels to sit him on (Penny for the guy mr....) A pumpkin will make a good head, covered with a big floppy hat. Get everything in as big a size as you can, but remember all this is going up in flames. Using dads best suit is not a good idea !

How old is Guy Fawkes?

Guy Fawkes was born on April 13, 1570 and died on January 31, 1606. Guy Fawkes would have been 35 years old at the time of death or 445 years old today.

What is the Guy Fawkes Poem?

The whole poem goes: . Remember, remember, the 5th of November The Gunpowder Treason and plot ; I know of no reason why Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot. . Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, 'Twas his intent. To blow up the King and the Parliament. Three score barrels of powder below. Poor old England to overthrow. By God's providence he was catch'd, With a dark lantern and burning match . Holloa boys, Holloa boys, let the bells ring Holloa boys, Holloa boys, God save the King! . Hip hip Hoorah ! Hip hip Hoorah ! . A penny loaf to feed ol'Pope, A farthing cheese to choke him. A pint of beer to rinse it down, A f****t of sticks to burn him. Burn him in a tub of tar,' Burn him like a blazing star. Burn his body from his head, Then we'll say: ol'Pope is dead. . But most people just stick with the first verse.

How did guy Fawkes died?

guy Fawkes died because he got hung by his hands in the tower of London and hung by his neck. then his head got chopped of and put on a spiked stick to warn others. Apparently Guy, the guy, actually killed himself by jumping from the gallows (the hanging platform) and breaking his neck before his intended hanging. The head-on-a-stick part (and 4 quarters) was part of his sentence for high treason.

What did Guy Fawkes do on 1605 and why?

Shortly after James I became king of England a group of Catholics formed a society that believe violent action must be taken against the crown. The leader of this group was named Robert Catesby. As Catholics they faced great religious persecution under the crown and felt that in order for this to be rectified they must peruse violent actions. They created a plan to blow up parliament, in the explosion the king would be killed as well as many members of parliament and the royal family. However as the plan developed many of the conspirators grew a conscience, one even warned one of his friends in the Parliament. The warning reached the King and the King planned to catch the conspirators. On November 5 th , 1605 Guy Fawkes, one of the Conspirators was under the House of Lords with 36 barrels of gunpowder. He was caught by the royal guard, arrested, tortured and executed. November 5 th to this day is a holiday in the UK.

Where was guy Fawkes when he got arrested?

guy Fawkes was in the celler but as time has gone by it has been proved that the celler was really an underground passage to a busy garden and that guy Fawkes wasnt actually arrested in the celler he was arrested outside it. also there was never an underground tunnel that linked to the house of Parliament because if there was how come it was never found and if cecil did show them the "tunnel" he would of loooked bad because he would of been the only person to know. plus the plotters would never dream of sending a letter because that linked to evidance really as the experts on writing has looked it shows cecil forged his writing so it didnt look like his because if the plotters was that worried about lord monteagle surley they would of went to him so that her didnt have evidence and the plottors wouldn't have been found so whilest we have been saying cecil is the savour really he could have been the plottor to make catholics look bad.

What is guy fawkes famous for?

Guy Fawkes was born in 1570 in York, England, and was a soldier. He fought for the Spanish in the low countries, and planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

How was guy Fawkes cuaght?

guy Fawkes was caught in a cellar juast as he was going to light the gunpowder

Why did Guy Fawkes do what he did?

as we have researched guy Fawkes didnt actually do anything all he did was sit in the grand opening with a load of gunpowder but really he was passing the grand opening whe he was found guilty.

Why did guy Fawkes parents name him guy Fawkes?

because in in tudor times that name was very popular Guy comes from the French language and it was obviously favoured by his parents. Fawkes is an old surname which is spelt quite a few ways, such as Folkes

Why did guy Fawkes do?

Most British people know that the Gunpowder Plot was simply to get rid of the Protestant king (who disliked Catholics). James I was simply another Protestant monarch to get rid of. Guy Fawkes was smuggled back to Britain from Spain to help with the plot, since he was...um...an explosives expert. Most historians believe, though, that the plotters were encouraged by spies and the plot was all a trick.

Who was guy Fawkes and what did he do?

Guy Fawkes was a man born on 13th April 1570 in York who died in January 1606. He was the most famous plotter of the 1605 Gunpowder Plot, a plan to blow up King James I of England. He was caught attempting to light a fuse underneath the House of Lords and then tortured for information. On 31st January, 1606, he and his co-conspirators were due to be executed, on which day Guy Fawkes commited suicide. Bonfire Night (November 5th) was a public holiday until the late 1800s. One popular tradition is burning effigies or 'guys' on a - surprise, surprise - bonfire. The word 'guy' first entered the English language with this meaning, but then went on to mean any male person. And all because of Guy.

Did Guy Fawkes plead guilty?

dont know but as he was caught red handed it is a moot point --------------- Fawkes did indeed plead not guilty. His reasoning was ignorance ofcertain aspects of his indictment. But he was still found guiltyand sentenced to death.

How long was Guy Fawkes tortured?

The answer previously provided details the death by hanging,drawin, and quartering of the convicted Guy (Guido) Fawkes. Fawkes had somewhat cooperated with his captors after having beenarrested in the cellars below Parliament's chambers at WestministerHall. Fawkes gave a partial list of co-conspirators, His Majesty,King James, who was to have been the primary victim of theGunpowder Plot, was not satisfied that Guy Fawkes had fullyconfessed and cooperated with authorities. The King, therefore,wrote out a detailed set of tortures, becoming progressively moreintense and maiming and painful. This writing was communicated tothe Lord Lieutentant of the Tower and still exists. Formally, the King's letter indicated that His Majesty desired thatGuy Fawkes be "put to the question" because Fawkes was bound overto the civil law and the legal process could not further proceeduntil Fawkes had properly pleaded his crime. Generally, Fawkes would have been asked again to detail hisconfession. If not inclusive of further parties to the Plot againstthe King's person, he would have been roughed up--usually, slappedand/or punched in the face with a gloved head. (The accused stillhad to appear in court.) More sturdy men could have withstood thisabuse. The next step, after a brief rest period was to choke thevictim with a cloth to the point passing out, release the cloth andlet the victim revive. This was mostly a terror technique. The nextstep was to use thumbscrews on the non-writing hand of a man whocould read and write. This vice-like device was placed on eitherside of the thumb and slowly tightened to the point of eitherbreaking the thumb or dislocating the first joint. This torture wasquite painful and caused the victim to pass out. This torture couldbe repeated on the other fingers, again non-writing hand first. If this got no answer to the question, the boot could be used. Awooden vice-like device that resembled a wooden half boot that wasslipped over the barefoot of the victim. As with the thumbscrews,the boot was tightened until the foot was either dislocated,broken, or the ankle severely compressed. This particular torturecould only be used once since it was maiming. Remember, the victimhad to appear in court after the confession, under the question,was obtained. Less often, the English used the strappado--looks like two hoops,but the victim was doubled over into the device, with the hoopsbeing drawn tighter. Generally, the victim was left horriblycontorted in this device for a period of time as gravity and lackof movement took their toll. Most victims fainted from the pain andnumbness this torture caused. It could take a victim two days tofinally regain feeling and movement after being placed in thestrappado. This device left no marks. Pincers, look like tongs for removing nails from horseshoes, couldbe heated or used cold on the victim's bare skin; face, neck,hands, wrists, and sometimes forearms excepted--the victim had toappear in court. As one might expect, pincers, literally, apinching device, raised a very tender, red welt and, if heated, athird degree burn. This torture was the first of thelife-threatening tortures and was closely supervised so the victimwas not killed. The rack was available and this deviced had the victim lying on hisback on what look liked a bedstead without the mattress and a winchat one end. Ropes were looped on the victim's wrists and ankles.The crank was turned was turned a quarter to a full crank--atfirst, to cause general aching in the limbs. If the victim did notcomply, the limbs were pulled until the arms were dislocated fromthe shoulder sockets as were legs from the hip sockets. A victim ofthis torture could take several days to revive. If the warden was really trying to prove his point on the victim,he might use one torture that was common to the battlefield whichwas the use of a heated metal rod. The victim's trousers anddrawers were lowered, he was bent over a table or sawhorse, and themetal rod applied against the victim's anus. This torture was meantto humilate, disorient, cause intense discomfort, and a nearimmediate response to the question. This torture was consideredextreme and could only be used once because it could put the victiminto shock and potentially kill. All the while, the victim was given only bread and water since itwas thought that refusing sustenance was inhuman. Very clearly, Guy Fawkes was put to the question; tortured, firstby beating, then by thumbscrews. The boot was probably not employedbecause he jumped to his death. He was probably placed in thestrappado and then racked. His signature on the confession of 9November has a barely readable signature.

What is Guy Fawkes Day in England?

November 5th is a commemoration of the discovery and foiling of the gunpowder plot which was intended to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605. Guido Fawkes was the man who was caught but not the main perpetrator.

Was guy Fawkes Victorian?

No, Guy Fawkes was infact around within the 16th and 17th Century, the Date making him famous was the 5th November 1603 when he attempted to blow up Parliment. Known as 'The Gunpowder Plot.'

How much gunpowder did guy Fawkes have?

I am quite persuaded by recent historical research that suggests Guido Fawkes and his so-called accomplices had nothing to do with any kind of plot at all. The suggestion is that so much gunpowder - barrels and barrels of the stuff - was quite publically 'discovered' underneath Westminster Hall that the handful of men who were executed could not possibly have physically carried it all along the very busy corridors and secretly stashed it: it would have taken a couple of days of endless coming and going. All of the 'plotters' were also found immediately at home, two of them having a relaxed family dinner together at the time, as soon as the 'plot' was made public. They were never actually seen anywhere near parliament. Documents have also been uncovered which suggest the gunpowder was taken from a well-guarded military arsenal on the orders of an official close to the monarch who had a long career as a sycophantic lackey after the 'conspirators' were theatrically incinerated.

What religion was Guy Fawks?

He was born in to the [Anglican,] Catholic Church and left to join the Holy Roman Church a product of the Council of Trent.

Why is guy Fawkes important?

It's is important because its a reminder of the Plot and the downfall of the Catholic Conspirators.

Why is guy Fawkes so popular?

a number of catholic conspiritors including guy Fawkes tried to burn down the houses of parliament with the gun powder plot.. i don't know the rest but i think basically they put him on the fire to burn.

Did Guy Fawkes have a wife and children?

Guy Fawkes was married to Maria Pulleyn. No, Guy Fawkes did not have any children. Hope it helps

Was guy Fawkes English?

Guy Fawkes was born in and raised York, England and although he wasEnglish, he spent much of his adult life travelling the continentand fought on the side of Catholic Spain in the Eight Year's War.

Who conspired with guy Fawkes?

The main leader of the group that plotted to blow up the king, was Robert Catesby

What did Guy Fawkes set on fire?

He tried the blow up the Houses of Parliament in London but he did not succeed.

Who was the leader of Guy Fawkes' gang?

Five men plotted to kill James I and his advisers by blowing up the Houses of Parliament at the official opening of Parliament. They were led by Robert Catesby. The other plotters were Thomas Percy, Thomas Wintour, John Wright - and Guy Fawkes.

What was the outcome for Guy Fawkes?

The outcome for Guy Fawkes was death. He as arrested, questioned and tortured, and sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered. However, he jumped form the scaffold from which he was to be hanged and broke his neck, thus avoiding being drawn and quartered

What did Guy Fawkes take part in?

Guy (Guido) Fawkes is best remembered for participating in a plot to blow up the British House of Parliament (with members inside) by loading 36 kegs of gunpowder into the basement. At least, historians claim that he was caught red-handed in that basement, guarding the explosives. Every November 5th since, he is burned in effigy on "Guy Fawkes Night". The incident was dubbed "The Gunpowder Plot".

How come guy Fawkes faild?

Because a member of his team wrote a letter to the king to say that not to come to wherever they were going to blow up the king & Guy Falkes got caught & faild

Was Guy Fawkes bad or good?

Depends on your point of view. He was caught while trying to blow up the Parliment building, In general, that is not a good thing.

What happened to guy Fawkes and his friends?

In 1605, a group of Catholics wanted to blow up the houses of Parliament. Guy Fawkes was caught the night before the planned plot. He and his frieds were executed afterwards.

What prison was guy Fawkes sent to?

He was sent to the Tower of London to await his punishment of death by hanging.

Why did guy Fawkes hate Parliament?

Guy forks hated Parliament because he didn't think that Parliament should make all the decisions

Why was Guy Fawkes a hero?

Guy Fawkes is a very controversial topic. Some people believe that he is a hero, and a symbol of people power. How the government should be scared of the people, and the people not scared of the government. His government were punishing people for being catholic, and not protestant. Others believe that he is a villain because he tried using violence to get his point across.

Was guy fawks a bad man?

well yes and no because he wanted to kill someone for what they had promisted to do but didn't do it

Was Guy Fawkes Hitler's cousin?

I have never heard that before, I'd be interested in knowing how you came up with it. The Guy died in 1606 and came from a long line of English specifically Yorkshire ancestors. Hitler was born in 1889 of Austrian ancestry. If they were related, it was extremely distant. Because of his descent from the German Prince Albert and Victoria's German mother, and Germans on English throne further back, George 5th has more chance of being related to Hitler than Fawkes does, an extremely small chance.

Is Guy Fawkes a proper noun?

Proper nouns give the name of a person ,place or thing. Therefore Guy Fawkes is a proper noun