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Did the Incas trade with other tribes?

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Yes they did they traded crops and flowers and many more of their products for money
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What did the Incas trade?

The Incas traded many things with native people in different  regions. The Incas traded things they considered sacred such as  quinoa, chia seeds, and above all else gold.

How did Pizarro capture the Inca tribe?

In 1530, Francisco Pizarro and a small army captured the Inca emperor, Atahualpa(at tah HWAHL pah). By inviting Atahualpa to a meeting, Pizarro managed to attack them. The Inc

What did the inca civilization trade?

The Inca traded squash, sweet potatoes, and fruits like pineapples and papaya. The lower valleys provided sweet potatoes, maize, manioc, squash, beans, chili peppers, pean

Did the Incas trade with the Aztecs?

No, on a local level Incas traded handcrafted goods among themselves. Their empire was secluded in the mountains causing them to have little or no interaction with nearby soci

When were Inca tribes still alive?

They were believe to have lived somewhere between 1438 AD and 1532 AD

Who did the Inca civilization trade with?

them sevles   while it is true that they did trade amongst themselves, it is apperant that they also traded with the nearby tribes, which they quickly concured for the most

Did the Inuit trade with other tribes?

The Inuit did trade with other tribes. They traded fur, meat, dolls, guns, sleds, fish, and food. They trade because it improved how they lived. The Inuit also traded their te

How was the Inca tribe organized?

The inca tribue was organized by having different people in different groups of their racists

What did the Inca trade?

The Incas were mostly self-sustained and do not appear to have done  a lot of trading. Items that they did use for trade included  agricultural products and textiles.
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What transport did Inca use to trade Who all did Inca trade with tribes names?

  Inca Civilization   Inca can be spelled Inka and was known as Tiwantinsuya. As ancient civilizations sprang up across the planet thousands of years ago, so too the In
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What determined the types of goods and crops that an Inca community would produce and trade with other Inca communities?

The area in which they lived determined the types of goods and  crops that an Inca community would produce and trade with other  Inca communities. The Inca that lived in the