Do Military and Military Reserve personnel have to follow the same immigrations laws for green card marriages as everyone else?

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To an extent! I was stationed in Korea with one of my soldiers. While he was there he married a Filipino woman. She got a military ID card and then she got a passport from the US government. She got her green card on base easily when she got back to the states.
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Can an illegal immigrant obtain a green card if he or she enters the military?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nI doubt an illegal alien could even join the military, let alone get a green card.\n. \n More Opinions \n. \nA illegal immigrant could not become a member of the US military, nor can an illegal immigrant obtain legal status under the current immigration laws.\n. (MORE)

Can non military personnel wear military uniforms?

Not legally. You could be charged for impersonation of a military Member, but as long as you arent wearing any distinct identifiers (ie Capbadge, or unit Slip-ons/ Eppilates, Rank, Pins, Medals & Badges, Regimental Buttons) You haven't earned and the clothing isn't a restricted item (Canadian Cadpat (MORE)

Do reserve military get the same respect as full time military?

Answer . no.. ---. Edit:. For the most part, no. Both National Guard and Reserve components are looked down upon by active duty personnel. However, that solely depends on the person.. It should be noted that both the National Guard and Reserve have been extremely beneficial in helping within (MORE)

Can discharged military personnel wear military uniforms?

Answer . Depends on how they were discharged and whether or not they are members of the reserve. You should have a valid military ID of some type, active, retired, disability or reserve to wear a uniform. Medical discharge is entitled to wear the uniform on proper occassions.

How do military personnel used math?

Math is used in the military for navigation (Aircraft, Ships, Tanks/Infantrymen), used for elevation and windage (deflection) when firing the artillery; math is used to compute ammunition numbers, food requests, fuel consumption, parts ordering, and other logistical operations. Math is also used in (MORE)

What is the best Reserve military branch?

Ehh..The AF Is Good From What I Heard..But They Sometimes DO Get Sent To Afghanistan/Iraq..(My G/F's Ex Is Going To Iraq Soon & His Military Job Is Fire Fighter).. (He's Also A Reservist) But In My Opinion I'd Have To Say Navy Reserve (You Have The Smallest Chance In Going Off To War..If You Ar (MORE)

How much do military personnel make?

As far as the US Military goes... \n. A military members' pay depends on their pay grade. There are three different types of pay grades: 1. Enlisted (E-1, E-2, E-3, E-4, all the way up through E-9), 2. Warrant Officer (WO-1 through WO-5), and 3. Officer (O-1 through O-10). Below is a link for the (MORE)

Can military personnel vote?

Of course! Can you imagine putting hard fighting citizens in harm's way to defend us at home, and then denying them a vote? Can't happen.

Can same-sex marriage result in an honorable discharge from the military?

No. Whereas during the US military's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy, it would be viewed as a violation and cause for discharge, that policy was repealed effective September 20, 2011. Since the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT), homosexual conduct is not a reason to be separated. If someone was d (MORE)

Are all military personnel combatants?

Yes and no. All military personnel from any country are given basic training as combatants in case they need it, and on a few occasions they have needed it, but only a percentage of any military organization find themselves at "the sharp end." The rest of them do maintenance, push pencils, and load (MORE)

What is a prison for military personnel?

In the U.S. Military, the prison for military personnel is called the Brig. EDIT: Major* sentences in the military are served at USDB at Ft. Leavenworth prison in Kansas. Female inmates are sent to the Naval Consolidated Brig in San Diego, California. *Only enlisted prisoners with sentences over (MORE)

Can US military personnel have blogs?

Just to expand on my question a bit, I recentely came across a blog written by a guy in the US military. His picture showed him in full uniform and he states he is the Air Force reserve. My issue is he has some quite extreme religious views and for example calls gays 'perverts' , scientists 'stupid' (MORE)

Do military personnel salute civilians?

No; that would be an awful lot of saluting and would cause a lot of confused civilians if you saluted everyone when walking down the street. But, at least in the Navy, the standard was to smile and return the salute if a civilian salutes you (as kids often do).

Are US military personnel required to follow US laws while serving abroad For example could a US soldier smoke marijuana openly if stationed in Amsterdam?

Yes, by the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the individual service regulations, US service members are required to obey not only US Federal law, but also local laws and regulations, in addition to UCMJ and Service Regulations (Army Regs, Navy Regs, etc.). So, no , a US soldier would not be a (MORE)

George Bush laws Citizenship with Green Card Military?

not sure what your exactly asking, but it isn't Bush's law, its been in effect for along time, and you don't automaticly get a green card and citizenship for being in the military but it does help speed the process along, so it takes alot less time. ie. 1 year instead of 5.

What is a colonial military personnel?

When India was a colony of Britain, they would be colonial military personnel if they were in the Indian Army (Navy, etc.). When America was a colony of Britain, Americans were "Colonial Soldiers" under the Crown.

Should military personnel who commit crimes on non-military property be prosecuted by local law enforcement?

Yes, absolutely. When I first enlisted in the Army, they had open posts, which operated under what was called concurrent jurisdiction. What that meant was both the federal and state authorities had jurisdiction over the post, meaning that you might do something on post which wasn't a crime under the (MORE)

When do you think they will legalize same-sex marriage in the military?

Effective June 2013, members of the US military are free to marrypersons of the same sex. After doing so, their spouses are treatedthe same as any other spouse by the US military. The onlyrestriction is that the wedding ceremony must take place in a statewhere same-sex marriage is legal.

Are steroids pescribed to military personnel?

No. In fact there was quite a crackdown on steroid use, especially with soldiers serving in the Republic of Korea, where it was much easier to acquire anabolic steroids than in the US.

Does the military recognize common law marriages?

Common law marriage may be recognized by the military but the marriage must have been entered into in a state that recognizes common law marriage. You can read more about it at the related link. Common law marriage may be recognized by the military but the marriage must have been entered into in a (MORE)

Can same-sex marriage get you a green card?

Currently, no. No foreigner has yet been able to obtain legal immigration status in the United States by virtue of same-sex marriage to an American citizen. Some binational same-sex couples have had their deportation proceedings dismissed, however, since the federal government states that deporting (MORE)

Do military personnel contribute to military retirement?

It works like an old-style pension, rather than a 401k. There's no explicit contributing to it. It's just part of the compensation that if you serve >=20 years and retire, you get retirement pay (which is a percentage of your last active-duty pay). Members of the military do have the option to cont (MORE)

Is same sex-marriage supported by the military?

Yes. Effective June 26, 2013, the US military treats all marriages the same, whether they are same-sex or opposite-sex. It even does this in states that do not permit or recognize same-sex marriages.

Are US military personnel permitted emergency leave for their same-sex spouses?

Not currently. However, this benefit was specifically enumerated among those cited in a February 11, 2013 memo from Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta that would become available to same-sex spouses of US military personnel no later than October 1, 2013, or sooner, should the 1996 Defense of Marriage (MORE)

Are same-sex spouses of active US military personnel eligible for transportation to and from certain places of employment and on military installations?

Not currently. However, this benefit was specifically enumerated among those cited in a February 11, 2013 memo from Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta that would become available to same-sex spouses of US military personnel no later than October 1, 2013, or sooner, should the 1996 Defense of Marriage (MORE)

Why do military personnel have to wear green socks?

It is the Army branch of the military that issues green socks as part of the uniform. Other branches issue other colors of socks. The green is consistent with the rest of the typical green uniform issued to Army personnel.

Are the US Army Reserve and US National Guard the same branch of the military?

No. The Army Reserve is composed entirely of support and trainingunits (except for one infantry battalion), and it entirely a branchof the federal armed forces. The National Guard serves both afederal and a state mission. There is the Army National Guard, andthe Air National Guard, which may be subj (MORE)

Do leaders have to follow the same rules as everyone else?

Yes, they do. Just because they are leaders does not mean theynecessarily have special privileges or a free pass to break somerules. The rules might change depending on the situation. However,those would be privileges. For example, an admin is able to modifyand monitor things that go on a site. Howe (MORE)

Can I join the U.S military as an immigrant and get a green card (U.S citizenship) from this?

First of all, a green card does not confer U.S. citizenship. Itonly indicates that someone can live and work in the United Statesas a permanent resident. You seem to have a lot of questions about gaining U.S. citizenshipthrough service in the U.S. military. You really should reviewSections 328 and (MORE)