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Do all cells in human body undergo mitosis?

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the cells which must help for a human's growth undergo it, in other words most do
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How many chromosomes in human cell undergoing mitosis?

A human body cell has 46 chromosomes. Before mitosis, the DNA/chromosomes replicate, resulting in 92 chromosomes which will be divided into two genetically identical daughter

Why do cells in the body undergo mitosis?

Mitosis helps in the overall growth and maintenance of plant and animal bodies.

What types of cells in your body undergo mitosis?

All cells except germ cells (which undergo meiosis to produce gametes) and red blood cells (which have no nucleus).

Why do normal body cells undergo mitosis?

So they can grow and divide to make up all the cells, tissues, and organs that make up the human body. Also, cells will undergo mitosis to repair an area of the body in which