Do coyotes live in the Sahara desert?

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No, coyotes are found only in the Americas.
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Where do people live in the Sahara Desert?

Most of those who live in countries covered by the Sahara Desertlive in North Africa along or near the Mediterranean coastline Most people in the Sahara desert live near the N

Do coyotes live in deserts?

Yes, coyotes live in the deserts and almost any other area of NorthAmerica, including in towns and cities. Yes they do, they also live in forest's , and some mountain's.

Why does the coyote live in the desert?

Coyotes live in a variety of habitats including deserts, forestsand grasslands. They are even found inside some major cities. Theyare an extremely adaptable animal.

What coyotes live in deserts?

There is only one species of coyote and it has adapted to live in avariety of biomes, including the desert.

Where does a desert coyote live?

There is no 'desert coyote.' There is but one species and it can befound in a variety of habitats, from deserts to grasslands andforests. They are even found in urban areas. A

In what desert do coyotes live?

Coyotes live in all North American deserts as well as in almostevery biome on the continent. They have also adapted to living inurban areas.

Do coyotes live in a desert?

Yes, coyotes live in the desert. I have seen them even at a campground in Furnace Creek, Death Valley.
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Do coyotes live in the Mojave Desert?

Coyotes are found in all deserts of North America, including in theMojave. They are quite adaptable and live in almost every biome,including in urban areas. I have camped in
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Do coyotes live in the desert biome?

Coyotes live in nearly every biome, including deserts, as they arequite adaptable. They are even found in urban environments.
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Do all coyotes live in the desert?

No, coyotes are found in a variety of biomes, not just the desert.The are also found in some urban areas.