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Do disabled veterans pay auto sales taxes?

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Do you have to claim your veterans disability on your taxes?

No Veterans service connected disability pay is not reported on your income tax return. You do receive a 1099 information form from the VA for the amount of your disability pa

Do I have to pay sales tax if I take over auto loan payments of another?

Answer   Presuming you mean your buying the car by assuming the loan of another:   The purchase is taxable. It doesn't matter if you pay cash or finance it by get
Do you pay taxes on disability?

Do you pay taxes on disability?

Yes. Disability insurance payments are income like any other, and income taxes are assessed.

How do you Avoid paying sales tax?

Legally, you can't. EDIT: You can't if you are supposed to. You can either not buy the item or purchase it from a state that doesn't impose a sales tax, but keep in mind man

What is the auto sales tax in Georgia?

Effective March 1, 2013, Georgia Sales Tax will no longer be charged on vehicle purchases. It has been replaced by the Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT) which is 6.5% for 2013, 6.7

When do I have to pay sales tax?

almost everywhere except -internet -certain tax free holidays -other random places that are just weird ans The previous response, while I suspect well intended, ju