Do giraffes eat bamboo?

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Can you eat the bamboo shoots from black bamboo?

Answer . The shoots from most bamboo are edible although some varieties contain hydrocyanic acid which can be removed by boiling. There are varieties of bamboo known for t

Can you eat giraffe?

Clearly it's a edible meat - giraffe isn't poisonous - but they are becoming endangered or at least threatened animals and aren't commercially farmed, so why would you want to

Can you eat bamboo?

as a human i would recommend not because it may hurt a Lot .the only reason pandas can eat it is because they have a special coting in there digestive system so they cant get

How does giraffes eat?

They have long necks, which enables them to reach the uppermost leaves on trees, where other animals cannot reach. The prehensile tongue then grasps the leaves, and pulls them

What do bamboo eat?

Bamboo is a plant so it gets its nutrients through photosynthesis. Basically, plants take carbon dioxide and turn it into sugars and other organic compounds using the energy t
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Where does the giraffe eat?

The giraffe will commonly eat in its habitat which is usually inthe grasslands. The main diet of the giraffe is twigs from trees.
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What kind of bamboo do bamboo rats eat?

Rhizomys species construct extensive burrow systems among roots of densebamboo stands, where they feed primarily on bamboo roots.