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Do limos have seat belts for children?

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just the very back seat, they are normal seatbelts.
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Why don't school buses have seat belts for the children?

School buses do not have seat belts because of liability laws. Ifthey put them in, then someone would be liable to ensure that theywere fastened. No one is willing to face the

How come school buses do not have seat belts for the children. Do you think that it is a safety issue?

Well, i think that school busses don't have seat belts because the school trusts the bus driver to be safe. Also, the bus driver expects the children to stay in their seats. B

What is Arkansas's seat belt law for children under three?

A.C.A. § 27-37-702. Seat belt use required -- Applicability of subchapter. (a) Each driver and front seat passenger in any motor vehicle operated on a street or highway in

Why can't children wear seat belts?

Children up to certain weights are required to be in car seats that are held in place with the seat belts in most states. After they reach a certain weight, they are required

Seat belt or not?

Always wear a seat belt because if you don't you can easily die.

How many seats does a limo have?

It depends on the size of the limo, but most of the big limousines  are 14 seats, and i think the smallest is about 6, but if you  needed a bigger limousine i think they do

How many children die from not wearing a seat belt?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics for 2008, 510 children (under the age of 16) who died in auto crashes were not wearing their