Do male dogs kill puppies?

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The Answer:
This answer is totally erroneous; male dogs, and female dogs, can kill, and have killed, neonate puppies; even dams (mothers) have been known to kill (and eat) their puppies. Regardless of temperament (but especially with certain breeds or a dog that exhibits dog to dog aggression), NO adult dog should be encouraged to interact with newborn puppies; the puppies must be old enough to have begun the weaning process, and even then STRICT supervision between other adult dog (s) and the puppies is absolutely required.

Male dogs do not "love" their puppies the most; this is extreme anthropomorphizing. To allow any adult dog to interact with a new dam may disrupt the dam's interaction and care with and for her neonates; it may cause her anxiety to the point where she will destroy them, or stop nursing them. The best place to get answers to questions regarding dog behavior is from a knowledgeable veterinarian
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most dogs dont even know that they are their pups, actually you should be careful because the male tends to hurt the pups or even kill them.

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