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Do manatees have bellybuttons?

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Yes. All mammals, including the manatee, are born live from their mothers (not in eggs). Since bellybuttons are what is left of umbilical cords, which all live-born animals have, yes, manatees have them, too.
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Do pandas have bellybuttons?

Yes, because they are mammals and are born live.

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Penguins are hatched from eggs, not born through live birth -- which would be the only reason why a penguin would have a bellybutton -- but because they aren't, they don't.

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depends what type. But if it is Huminoid alien then yes If you are asking whether or not they bear children,it has been written that they do not.They are born of pure water.

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because a mermaid isn't a mammal it doesn't come out of the mother therefore has to have no belly button because there was no umbilical cord :D (aren't i smart) Mermaids are