Do max and fang love eachother?

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Yes. At the end of Nevermore, Fang (finally!) tells Max he loves her, and Max has been in love with Fang ever since the first book, and probably before.
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Does Fang love Max?

In the book trailer for Fang he says "I love her" so I probably. Also, in Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports (chapter 19) Fang is thinking about Max and wishing she was with him.

In book six what do fang and max do?

im reading the 6th book right now they dont do alot theyre just making out and they try to help the flock get smater but nothing else so far! welcome4 the information, pixiegyrl 25

Do Max and Fang love each other in the end?

probably yes because its sooooooooooo obvious that they love each other. I mean why else would she being saying "Fang, Fang, Fang. I LOVE you. I love you sooooooo much."? *spoiler* after fang gone, max is really really mad at him. then she see him, and thing are not the same anymore. for max a (MORE)

Do Max and Fang ever kiss?

The Angel Experiment [BOOK 1]: pg 373 Max gives Fang a quick kiss because he is badly hurt Schools Out--Forever [BOOK 2]: pg 90 Fang kisses Max on the forehead. He does this after telling Max to stop freaking out because she had seen herself as an Eraser in the mirror. They also both kiss dif (MORE)

Does fang like max?

Like from the book maximum ride? If so I think so but haven't finished all the books yet so just wait and see.but I deffinetly think he does

Do max and fang love each other?

Max and fang are deeply in love and will always be. *spoiler* sorry angel (7novel), thing are not the same with fang and max.

What happens between Max and Fang?

Er, well, if you look closely at the books, you'll see. . Basically, they get jeolous (especially Max) in previous early books, but later in about book 5 of MAX they realize that they love each other. Angel is a big part of making their relationship blossom. Read the books to know more.

What page do Max and Fang kiss?

The Angel Experiment [BOOK 1]: pg 373 Max gives Fang a quick kiss because he is badly hurt Schools Out--Forever [BOOK 2]: pg 90 Fang kisses Max on the forehead. He does this after telling Max to stop freaking out because she had seen herself as an Eraser in the mirror. They also both kiss dif (MORE)

When do max and fang kiss on the beach?

max and fang dont technichally kiss on a beach. the kiss on a dock, inThe Final Warning.. TECHNICALLY they do because she kisses him, if you even read any of the books you would know that they DO kiss on the beach & how it's in the book maximum ride: the angel experiment in chapter 118 on page 336. (MORE)

On what pages do Max and Fang kiss?

The Angel Experiment- Page 373 School's out Forever- Page 90 Saving The World and Other Extreme Sports- Page 53 The Final Warning- Page 49 Max- Pages 85, 168, 285, and 309 Fang- Pages 23, 98, 147, and 168

When do fang and max kiss?

they kiss in the first book the angel experiment if u've read the book fang yet they make out like 3 times welcome 4 the information peace out pixiegyrl 25

Do fang and max have kids?

No they don't, not unless you count the rest of the Flock, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy and Angel as their "kids"

In Maximum Ride does fang really love max?

Spoilers! Yes, Fang really loves Max and Max really loves him. Of course there is a few problems along the way, just like any relationship but, regardless, they get together at the end of the series.

Does Max loves Fang as much as he loves her?

Definitely, maybe. In the 5th book, MAX, Max realizes that Fang is perfect for her. So, yes. *SPOILER* In the 6th book, FANG, Angel predicts that Fang will be the first to die. It drives Max crazy! Yes it does, and then Max saves Fang, than FANG decides to leave to protect her. When h (MORE)

Do fang and max get together?

Yep, it was their destiny too. They get together in the end of Max: A Maximum Ride Novel. They share a lot of romance in Fang, but some tragic happenings separate them. However, even though they aren't together physically, they will always be in soul, mind, and spirit.

Will Max and Fang ever get married?

It must be remembered at this point in time, Fang and Max are both only fourteen. However, they are soulmates, so perhaps in the future when the world is saved!

In Fang do Max and Fang stay together?

Fang dies but Max injects a shot of adrenaline right into his heart and he comes back to life. At the end, Fang leaves the Flock and writes them a note saying he'll meet Max in the cave he and Nudge stayed in in the first book in 20 years, if they live that long.

Why does fang leave max?

Fang leaves Max because he thinks that by staying near her and the flock he is putting them in danger. Also because when he is around Max they are focused on each other and not on leading the flock.

Do fang and max kiss in book 6?

OH yeah. They kissed MANY times. seriously. when they were eating dinner in africa, max wanted to sneak off with fang. again. then angel told EVERYBODY that Fang was going to die. And it would be real soon.

When does the flock find out Max and Fang are together?

From what I know they find out about it in "Max" where Max kisses Fang before leaving to save Angel. However, considering Angel is a mind reader she may have known before. She was aware of how Max and Fang felt about each other before they got together.

Do Max and Fang date?

Yes, but its more open than serious and Max is a total lunatic so she isn't really capable of having a normal dating relationship, so sort of.

What page does max tell fang she loves him?

It depends on what version you have, but it is about a third into the third book: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports. However, I'm not sure if this really counts because it was right after she had taken some serious painkillers from Dr. Martinez.

In what page does fang kiss max?

Depends which book, but they kiss a ton in Fang, Max. They start kissing a little in Saving the world and other extreme sports

Will Max and Fang get back together?

In Angel (the most recent maximum ride book ), after everything that happened fang and his little band gang end up leaving max again which really ticked me off..... As of rite now there is no way to no what will happen in the last book of the series but i kno i will b so so pissed if max and fang do (MORE)

Will max and fang meet again?

Yes they will. In book #7- Angel, Max and the flock join Fang and his new group of evolved humans to destroy an enemy who's logo is "Save the Planet, Kill the People."

What chapter do Fang and Max kiss?

Chapter 12&8 Improvement: Hate to burst your bubble, but, to be honest, it really depends what book your reading. If you still wanna know, post on my board and give a specific Maximum Ride book. ( such as: Fang, Max, School's Out Forever, Saving The World and Other Extreme Sports, etc. )

Do fang and max fall in love again in book 7?

They never really fell out of love, but yes, they are supposed to get back together in the next book. It came out today and I my copy of Angel hasn't come yet, though, so I'm not positive.

Is max and fang over?

In their relationship yes and no Fang leaves so they do not distract each other from taking care of the flock but they still love each other.

Do fang and max get together in the end?

There are going to be 8 books but only 7 have come out. At the end of the 7th book, Fang leaves with his own flock, and Max has feelinvs for Dylan. No one knows what will happen in the 8th book though.

Why do max and fang love each other?

If you have read the Maximum Ride series you will see that Max and Fang's relationship is deeply troubled. In the books most recently published you will find that their relationship fades as a new character comes into the story.

Who dies fang Dylan or max?

Well, none of them die so far. Except for Fang but he comes back to life or something. Sorry, my memory of the books are a little fuzzy. Angel gives a creepy premonition from her voice that says Fang will die. Dr.Gunther Haagen does kill him on accident, but Max brings him back to life by jabbing (MORE)

Does Max choose Fang?

I have only read until the fourth or fifth book. But at that point Max had left Fang. I do not know if it is permanent though...