Do max and fang love eachother?

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Yes. At the end of Nevermore, Fang (finally!) tells Max he loves her, and Max has been in love with Fang ever since the first book, and probably before.
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Does Fang love Max?

In the book trailer for Fang he says "I love her" so I probably. Also, in Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports (chapter 19) Fang is thinking about Max and wishing she was

Do Max and Fang love each other in the end?

probably yes because its sooooooooooo obvious that they love each other. I mean why else would she being saying "Fang, Fang, Fang. I LOVE you. I love you sooooooo much."? *

Do max and fang love each other?

Max and fang are deeply in love and will always be. *spoiler* sorry angel (7novel), thing are not the same with fang and max.

In Maximum Ride does fang really love max?

Spoilers! Yes, Fang really loves Max and Max really loves him. Of course there is a few problems along the way, just like any relationship but, regardless, they get together a

Does Max loves Fang as much as he loves her?

Definitely, maybe. In the 5th book, MAX, Max realizes that Fang is perfect for her. So, yes. *SPOILER* In the 6th book, FANG, Angel predicts that Fang will be the

In Fang do Max and Fang stay together?

Fang dies but Max injects a shot of adrenaline right into his heart and he comes back to life. At the end, Fang leaves the Flock and writes them a note saying he'll meet Max i

What page does max tell fang she loves him?

It depends on what version you have, but it is about a third into the third book: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports. However, I'm not sure if this really counts becaus
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Do fang and max fall in love again in book 7?

They never really fell out of love, but yes, they are supposed to get back together in the next book. It came out today and I my copy of Angel hasn't come yet, though, so I'
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Does Max truly love Fang?

definitly, it just take's a long time for max to know for sure.
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Why do max and fang love each other?

If you have read the Maximum Ride series you will see that Max and Fang's relationship is deeply troubled. In the books most recently published you will find that their relati