Do plants need to be by cold places or warm places?

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Plants grow a lot better in warm places because this is one of the things that they need to grow. Photosynthesis takes a better effect in warm places so this helps the plants grow.
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How do plants get sugar to the place to where they need it?

So-called "vascular" plants (such as vegetables, flowering plants, and trees) have a system of cell channels known as "phloem cells" that carry sugar from the production areas

Can cactus plants be infected by cold places?

Yes , cactus plants can be infected by cold places. The two main types of cactus plants are the desert cactus and the jungle cactus. The desert cactus handles higher heat and

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Assuming the weather is the same in a place near the equator and far from the equator, the temperature at the place closer to the equator will generally be warmer.

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you collect lots of sticks throw them on top of each other get a lighter and burn them but is you do not have a lighter you get to pieces of wood rub them to gether really f
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The second law of thermodynamics is based on the idea that heatwill only spontaneously flow from a region of higher temperature toa region of lower temperature. Obviously, sin