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"Spray paint" is not quite the right word. The FDA does allow the addition of a colorant called "Citrus Red #2" to the skins of mature oranges. It's more of a liquid dye than a paint, and, of course, safe for human consumption.

Oranges only turn "orange" if the temperature is right. In some countries where the temperatures never cool off, oranges remain green, even when mature. It is the cool temperatures which promote the release of the orange pigments (carotenes). Before being sold in the U.S., green oranges used to be coated with an orange dye to make them more attractive to consumers. This practice is no longer acceptable by the FDA. To overcome this problem, oranges are now often treated with ethylene, which promotes the development of a uniformly "orange" appearance. This removes the chlorophyll layer and allows the orange color to emerge.
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Do they Spray paint oranges befor they ship them?

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