Do they make a tool to remove stuck inground swimming pool ladders?

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Option # 1...Use a 4x4 piece of lumber and a hydraulic jack, one rail at a time. Option # 2...Cut the ladder with a sawzall and install plastic slide deck mountswith tapcons. Then slide the ladder into the deck mounts and tighten side bolts.
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How do you drain an inground swimming pool?

You don't drain an inground swimming pool, unless you are trained to do so. Doing it alone or even with assistance is extremely dangerous. Save yourself some trouble and go co

How do you open an inground swimming pool?

Elbow grease and the right mix of chemicals. A good brush like the Wall Whale will help get off debris and stuff that has accumulated on the side. The right chemicals will not

Cost of inground swimming pool?

Inground pool prices vary widely depending on the size of the pool, the materials used, and many other factors. However, for your typical backyard pool, you should expect to p

What is the cost of inground swimming pools?

This depends on the state and city the swimming pool is to be constructed in. The cost of living in a certain area will be reflected to the cost of your pool. The contractor c

How do you clean a inground swimming pool?

If you can't see the bottom, dump a bunch of liquid chlorine into the pool and run the filter 24-7 till the water clears up. Make sure the PH is 7.0-7.2 range. Keep adding chl

How much is an inground swimming pool?

It varies a lot depending on the size and the materials you use.Plus there are extras like poolside finishing, diving boards,steps, etc. If we're talking about a normal fami

What is the PSI for a inground swimming pool?

depends on size of pool. the bigger the pool, the more area that is covered by water. by adding more water you increase the pressure that will be administered to your swimming

Do inground swimming pools last?

Yes, I know some friends with an inground swimming pool and they have had it for quit some time now. I am pretty sure that they last more than an above ground.

How do you maintain an inground swimming pool?

By getting a pool worker to clean it. Also by covering it checking the filter filling it up and removing any leaves and things. I reccomend PoolWerx. Australian Number: 1800 0

How do you remove algae from an inground pool?

I live next to a large pond and the best way I found is to use copper sulfate. What this does is remove the oxogen in the water. Vacuum heavily during the next few weeks and a

Are inground swimming pools grounded?

A pool is not "grounded" but it is "bonded".\n. \nBonding requirements vary greatly from city to township and county regulations. Some governments may make you comply with th

How can oxyclean be removed from an inground pool?

Hello! I am the product manager for OxiClean. You can just use water to rinse away the OxiClean. After being mixed with water, OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover breaks down int