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Do they make a tool to remove stuck inground swimming pool ladders?

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Option # 1...Use a 4x4 piece of lumber and a hydraulic jack, one rail at a time. Option # 2...Cut the ladder with a sawzall and install plastic slide deck mountswith tapcons. Then slide the ladder into the deck mounts and tighten side bolts.
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How often should you drain an inground swimming pool if it is kept running year round?

If the pool is kept in pristine condition throughout the year, you should never have to drain it. If you do want to drain it, drain it every ten years or so. (You run a risk o

How do you remove stains from a swimming pool?

Visit www.pool-care.net to discover how to rid your pool of pool stains and the prevention of them coming back!   Pool StainingI am not an endorser of products until I have

What makes a swimming pool fast?

In swimming, the actions of the athletes creates waves and turbulence which can slow them down. A fast swimming pool, like the Water Cube at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, absorbs

The paint from my inground swimming pool is peeling off how do you fix it?

I have been in the pool industry for a long time, this is what you NEED to do to refinish your exisiting pool  Step 1 - Clean Pool of debri,  Step 2 - Pressure wash pool, r

What is used for excavation to build an inground swimming pool?

A shovel! Naw, just kidding. The answer depends on a couple of factors. Most importantly, what are the soil conditions? Rocky soils require larger equipment and more time to

How do you remove rain overflow from a swimming pool?

If your pool filter is equipped with a multi-port valve, you can  use the waste position to remove excess water. The water  will come out of your backwash line, but will not

Is a saltwater system or a chlorinated water inground swimming pool better?

  Answer   A salt system connected into the plumbing of the pool produces chlorine from the salt that is added to the pool. One system is done manually the other is

How do you repair erosion in the joint between the inground swimming pool and the swimming deck?

Try to shove a very dry, very weak, sand cement mix down there about 25 to 1 should help stabilize it enough to top it from getting worse.   I think the better course would

How can oxyclean be removed from an inground pool?

Hello! I am the product manager for OxiClean. You can just use water to rinse away the OxiClean. After being mixed with water, OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover breaks down int