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Do women have to wear skirts to go to heaven?

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No. To do so would be salvation by works, not faith.
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What do women think of men wearing skirts and high heels?

A man is not a cross-dresser simply because he wears a skirt. A  cross-dresser is someone who is trying to pass as a member of the  opposite sex. Many men wear skirts simply

What religion requires women to wear skirts?

There are some denominations of Christianity that require women to wear skirts or dresses, but a denomination is not the same thing as an entire religion. Islamic women usua

How did women wearing hoop skirts during the 18th and 19th century go to the bathroom?

Until the 1880's, women wore crotchless pantaloons underwear (weird but true). This made it easier for them to use the restroom whenever necessary. In the days before indoor p

Why do women wear skirts?

If you are a christian and yout read the bible, it says: the woman  shall not wear that pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put  on a woman's garment: for all that do

Why do women wear skirt?

Women wear skirts to cover themselves from the waist downwards .  Cheerleaders whose costumes include skirts have them for style, since the skirt doesn't really do anything

Why do women wear mini skirts?

My wife's wears them is because she loves them and so do I, she really likes the attn she gets when she is out shopping or a girls night out she really loves to show her legs

Who do holiness women only wear skirts?

Skirts (long ones) are considered a way to dress modestly. They don't reveal a woman's legs, which are considered physically attractive to men. They also don't accentuate a

Are Seventh-day Adventist women required to wear skirts?

No. Many conservative Adventists believe it is the right and proper thing to do for women to wear only skirts, however, it is not a requirement in the church. I would suspect

Why do Baptist women have to wear skirts?

To answer your question, 1) Baptist women, or just women in general don't have to wear skirts all the time because it is forced. It is a choice. 2) Not all baptist women wear

Why do women just wear skirts and dreses in and out pentecostal churches?

First as a Pentecostal pastor, let me state that NOT all  Pentecostal denominations holds to this teaching. Just like the  Baptists, there are different denominations with-i
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Why do women love wearing skirts?

A skirt gives any woman a much sought after feminine feel,  natural look & very smart apperance be it formal wear for work  or for casual wear after a long working day in th