Do you have to be 18 to get Xbox live?

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No you do not, although there are some parental controls on the xbox system that may limit your playing time, or what you play, but there is no age limit for xbox live.
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Xbox live for Xbox how much?

Xbox live for 3 month gold subscription is 29.99. But if you buy gold subscription yearly it is 50 bucks. If you buy silver or bronze,theres just no point of buying xbox live.

Can you have Xbox live with an Xbox 360?

Yes you can have Xbox live with the 360 but you would have to buy a card that gives you live. It cost $60 Canadian a month and the wireless adapter is $100 Canadian.You only n

How do you get Xbox live on Xbox 360?

Well, first you have to connect your xbox to the internet using either an internet cable and connecting that to a router, or buying the Xbox wireless adapter and using your wi

How do you get Xbox live for original Xbox?

\nYou turn on the XBOX plug it in to your router with an ethernet cable (6 bucks at staples)\n. \nSelect "Xbox Live" then Create account. Fill out the info it requests and t

How do you connect your Xbox to Xbox live?

Okay so assuming that you already have the console all hooked up to your TV and the power set up. Once you turn on the console you will have the Initial setup which should aut

How much are Xboxs with Xbox live?

Every Xbox comes with xbox live Example I bought my Xbox for $299.99 and I got the month of live for free

How can you connect to xBox LIVE on your xBox?

you have to bring a cord from your internet box to your xbox or buy a wireless tranmeter for the back of your xbox then go under settings and test connection if it does not wo

How do you sign in to Xbox live from your Xbox?

When you create your profile and go to your dashboard you can click the center button on your controller. Then it will say sign in and you click on that. After that it will gi

How do you get Xbox live for the new Xbox?

buy a microsoft membership card at mostly any department store and type it in on your xbox (or you could type in your credit card information). Or sign up at If you