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Do you have to be 18 to get Xbox live?

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No you do not, although there are some parental controls on the xbox system that may limit your playing time, or what you play, but there is no age limit for xbox live.
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What is the Xbox live?

Xbox Live is a feature on Xbox and Xbox 360 that enables the player to play in real time with others in a different province or country. Xbox Live requires a high speed intern

How do you get Xbox live on Xbox slim?

Go to where you search for connection. The xbox live uses wi-fi for xbox live. if you do not find no connection you need these things. a modem and a router i recommend the net

Do you need a Xbox adapter for Xbox live?

yes unless you have the newest xbox 360 (black slimline), If not you have to use either an adapter or a ethernet cable

How do you get Xbox live for original Xbox?

  You turn on the XBOX plug it in to your router with an ethernet cable (6 bucks at staples)     Select "Xbox Live" then Create account. Fill out the info it reque

How do you get into Xbox live on Xbox 360?

Buy a wireless router. Buy an Xbox 360 Wireless Adaptor if you have the old xbox, but dont if have the slim one. Go to "Join Xbox Live" in your Xbox 360 Guide (Press the xbox

Do you need Xbox live to update your Xbox?

No You Don't, However You Do Need A Internet Connection From Your Modem. When An Update Is Available You Will Be Notified And Given The Choice To Either Update Or To Not Updat

How do you get Xbox live for Xbox 360?

All you need to do is have either a wireless router or an Ethernet cable to connect your xbox to the Internet then you can make an account, it will ask you if you want to make

Does the Xbox 360 come with Xbox live?

No it does not. However, it can be easily purchased off your xbox if you have wifi or an ether net cord connecting your xbox to your modem.

How do you get Xbox live on Xbox 360?

Well, first you have to connect your xbox to the internet using either an internet cable and connecting that to a router, or buying the Xbox wireless adapter and using your wi

How can you bypass Xbox live for Xbox?

You cannot bypass Xbox LIVE especially because Microsoft has a very powerful firewall and breaching protector. Your Gamertag is your sign in/ log in to the online servers. Yo

How do you install Xbox Live on the Xbox 360?

First off, you have to have a ethernet box connected to your computer. Then you have to have a cord that plugs into the back of your xbox and the ethernet box. Then if that al