Do you have to be 18 to vote in Israel?

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You have to be 17 to vote in Israel.
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Did the UN vote for the State of Israel?

The phrasing of the question misconstrues the authority of the(passed) United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181. Mostpeople incorrectly believe that UNGA Resolution 181

Why do you have to be 18 to vote?

If the children voted, they may make the wrong decision and the person they vote for may turn the area into a disaster if that person is elected. When you are 18, you will und

Who can vote in Israel?

only the Citizens, at least 18 years old may vote. (That includes Jewish men and women who are citizens, Muslim men and women who are citizens, Christian men and women wh

Can women vote in Israel?

Women have had the vote since Israel's independence in 1948. So have Arab / Palestinian citizens of Israel, including men and women.

What are the voting rights in Israel?

Only the Citizens who are at least 18 years old may vote. That includes Jewish men and women who are citizens, Muslim men and women who are citizens, Christian men and wom

Do people in Israel have the right to vote?

Israel is a representative democracy. It's government is structured much like the governments of Canada and the UK, for example. The members of its parliament and other lo

Did the UN vote for Israel as a nation?

The question as posed is rather convoluted. I want to say "YES" tothe "essence" of the question, i.e. the UN did take a vote integralto Israel becoming a country, but I have t

Can Muslims vote in Israel?

Responsibilities and privileges in Israel are defined in accordance with citizenship, not by religion. Arabs ... Muslim, Christian, and Druze ... comprise a significant frac

Do people vote in Israel?

Yes. Israel is a democracy - the only true democracy in the Middle East. The main elections are for the 120 seat Knesset (parliament.) Generally, there are many small and s
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What do citizens in Israel vote for?

Answer 1 They vote for the same things that all democratic countries vote for. Answer 2 This question, as posed, is unanswerable in any meaningful way. Israel (in its h
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Did Turkey vote for Israel to become a state?

In November 1947, Turkey was one of 13 UN members voting against Resolution 181 to partition the British Mandate into Arab and Jewish sections. The resolution passed. I
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Who was it who voted for Israel to become a country in 1947?

You must be referring to the November 1947 UN resolution to partition part of the lands of the Middle East that the British were about to vacate, with one portion to be ad
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What was the vote for and against Israel in 1948?

It needs to be clarified that the vote occurred in 1947 (not 1948) and was not about voting for or against Israel. The United Nations Vote was about the validity and binding n