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Do you have to change the wiring as well as the circuit when changing to a higher amperage?

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Definetely, in 23 yrs I have never had a case that would allow the wire/breaker to remain.
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What is the amperage rating for Rh wires?

The ampere rating of wire would depend on the diameter, length and usage of wire for specific purpose. Without additional input to the question. it will be hard to give an acc

Can a 10 amp circuit breaker be changed to a 15 amp without changing the wiring and what gauge wire is correct for 15 amps?

14 gauge wire is rated for 15 amps wich is the smallest size breaker that is used in the US. I never heard of or saw a 10 amp breaker and I am a licesened electrical contracto

Why is it not okay to use a fuse with a higher amperage rating in an electrical circuit?

The fuse is supposed to be the weakest link in the circuit. The circuit is rated to handle a specific load current. The wire and insulation rating of the circuit is governed b

If you can change a 4-wire to a 3-wire 240V outlet circuit then what was the purpose of having a 4-wire box in place to begin with?

Answers ONLY for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz mains supplies     You are not allowed to change a four-wire outlet to a three wire outlet. You can

How do you change a 220v wire to a 110v wire?

When you talk about a 220 volt wire and 110 volt wire, the reference is to the insulation factor of the wire. The amount of amperage that the wire has a capacity to carry is i

When do you change your spark plug wires?

Type your answer here... it all depends on what the condition is and how long you have had them. You shouldn't have to change them unless 1) You damage one or more changing pl

Can a 15 amp circuit breaker be changed to a 20 amp without changing the wiring and what gauge wire is correct for 20 amps?

in most circumstances #12 AWG wire is suitable for 20 amps. Changing a 15 amp breaker to a 20 amp breaker even if the wiring is #12 can create a violation and or a danger dep

How do you increase amperage without changing voltage or resistance?

You cannot increase amperage without changing voltage or resistance. Ohm's law states that voltage is current times resistance. You cannot change one alone. Not even changing

How the resistance of a wire changes with temperature?

Resistivity of conductors increases with temperature, with semiconductors it is opposite, I believe always - but don't take that as truth! Look up the temp coefficient for wha