Do you have to make your son visit his father if he does not want to?

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It's a court order. You could go to jail for contempt if you don't comply.
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Your 11 year old son doesn't want to go to visitation with his father because he makes him sleep in the same bed with his 12 year old half sister and 9 year old half brother what can you do?

Answer . Contact the court immediately and ask for the custody order to be ammended based on the argument that you son's emotional welfare is being threatened. You ex may

Does my 16 year old son have to visit his father from a previos court order when he does not want to go. while we are pending are 5th court visitation hearing does he have to go?

yes, if his father isn't abusive then there isn't a reason in haulting his visitation rights. Your son is 16 years old and should be able to see both sides of the story. Let h

What did beethoven's father want from his son and why?

Johann van Beethoven wanted Ludwig to be another young Mozart, but he lacked Leopold Mozarts ability as a teacher. Beethoven's father was harsh and was always drunk so Ludwig

How do you tell your sons father you no longer want to be with him?

As much as it hurts, you have to be honest. You are going to continue to be unhappy and so is he if you continue in this path. Tell them the truth and even though it may hurt,

The sins of the father shall be visited upon the son?

The Bible says that if you sin, your descendants could be punished instead of you. This means that you could be punished by God for a sin committed by your great-grandfather.
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Should you allow your sons father visitation if he smokes pot?

Marijuana is a intoxicating plant. However, many people feel it makes people irresponsible and unintelligent, however unknowingly to most, marijuana has different effects of d
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What do you do if your son wants to see his father but since his father is a registered sex offender in Bakersfield CA they have to have court supervised visits or the father will go back to prison?

You must follow the court mandated supervised visitation schedule. You should not allow your son to visit with his father alone. If you still have questions, you should visit