Do you have to make your son visit his father if he does not want to?

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It's a court order. You could go to jail for contempt if you don't comply.
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If you have primary residential custody what can you do if the father refuses to return your son after a weekend visit?

File parental kidnapping charges. File contempt with state. If you know where the child is being kept and the other parent isn't there you can pick up the child at the babysisters. We had this problem with my husband's exwife, she took them to IN for a summer visit and signed papers saying she woul (MORE)

Can you change your son s last name without his father s permission if you have sole custody and his father only has visitation rights?

Each state has its own laws governing name change of minor children. It is doubtful that it can be done without the knowledge or consent of a biological parent. if the parents disagree over the last name, you can be ordered to hyphenate that last name (in alphabetical order). or you could voluntari (MORE)

Your father cosigned for your son on a new truck your father is angry and wants his name off truck can he do that and also can he have some one take the truck your son makes all payments early every m?

Answer . When you cosign for someone it is 100% legal and binding. Cosigning is never a good idea because if the person the loan is going too defaults in any way the Cosigner is responsible for that total debt.\n. \nI have no idea why your father is angry and it appears there is more to this st (MORE)

Your 11 year old son doesn't want to go to visitation with his father because he makes him sleep in the same bed with his 12 year old half sister and 9 year old half brother what can you do?

Answer . Contact the court immediately and ask for the custody order to be ammended based on the argument that you son's emotional welfare is being threatened. You ex may see nothing wrong with kids sharing the same bed, but if you think it's an issue - and it seems to be with your son - get th (MORE)

How can you make your son want to be a girl for Halloween?

Parents should never force their sons to dress up as girls. Iron Man, etc., are the most popular characters most boys want to dress up as. To force your son against his will to dress up as a girl is actually a trauma to him. Halloween is suppose to be fun for children so go along with what he wants (MORE)

My x has custody of our son who is with me for a visit and son does not want to go back to his dads does he have to?

In most cause yes because he holds the court paper. I just went through this were my X kicked my son out then after a few days wanted him back and got two police deptment to tell me it was his right. And if I fought it I could be in trouble .They said I had to go threw the court to change it. But fo (MORE)

Does my 16 year old son have to visit his father from a previos court order when he does not want to go. while we are pending are 5th court visitation hearing does he have to go?

yes, if his father isn't abusive then there isn't a reason in haulting his visitation rights. Your son is 16 years old and should be able to see both sides of the story. Let him make judgments based on his own experiences, and don't try and shelter him from an issue that is between you and your sons (MORE)

What did beethoven's father want from his son and why?

Johann van Beethoven wanted Ludwig to be another young Mozart, but he lacked Leopold Mozarts ability as a teacher. Beethoven's father was harsh and was always drunk so Ludwig had to take care of his little brother.

How do you tell your sons father you no longer want to be with him?

As much as it hurts, you have to be honest. You are going to continue to be unhappy and so is he if you continue in this path. Tell them the truth and even though it may hurt, it is what's for the best. If you continue to be unhappy, then it is going to show in your relationship and it is not only g (MORE)

The sins of the father shall be visited upon the son a thousand times?

The sins of the father shall be visited upon the son. This is simple if you look at the way in which we teach our children then we teach them to sin as we sin. Thus they watch our ways everyday to figure out how to behave and if we do not set appropriate examples they do not learn appropriate ways. (MORE)

What is it that makes people want to visit Ireland?

Depends where you are from I think. Its like a different world overthere. Its so laid back and quiet and the people are so friendly.Its just a great place to live. Many people go for other practicalreasons, like business trips, or personal reasons, like visitingrelatives or tracing their ancestry.

My 14 year old son wants to meet his father but his father does not want him to meet him why?

This is a question that only the father can answer. He is probablyscared. Scared of questions that the kid may ask or scared that thekid may want more from him than he is able to give. He may beworried that you will want more from him than he is able to give.Or, he could be ashamed of what he has or (MORE)

What if your fathers father is your fathers son who are you?

Can't happen unless there's some step-relationship here, such as a man marrying his step-mother, the wife of his father. That still makes you your father's son in any case, but now you have become your father's step-father. Real messed up relationship & family here!!

The sins of the father shall be visited upon the son?

The Bible says that if you sin, your descendants could be punished instead of you. This means that you could be punished by God for a sin committed by your great-grandfather. Answer: No. Exodus 20:4-6 - "You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in (MORE)

You are not married and have a son who is sixteen if you leave his father what will happen to your son The son wants to leave to?

let him go but make sure you still have visitation rights and and let him know you love him no matter what his decisions are bake him a cake and (this might sway his decision to leave) and hug him, then just plan out with him when he can visit and keep in touch with him. sometimes kids just need tim (MORE)

Should you allow your sons father visitation if he smokes pot?

Marijuana is a intoxicating plant. However, many people feel it makes people irresponsible and unintelligent, however unknowingly to most, marijuana has different effects of different people. Someone who is lazy, plays video games all day, and eats junk food all day will probably do the same. On the (MORE)

Can my 14 year old son refuse to visit his father as we have joint custody?

No, not without getting you in trouble for contempt of court if such visitation is court ordered. Penalties you may face include monetary, jail time, or even losing your joint custody status in favor of the other parent. If the child has a valid and compelling reason why he doesn't want to visit (MORE)

What can you do when a mother refuses to give the children to the father for visitations and the child does want to come?

If the visitation order is violated the father should visit the court and file a motion for contempt of the court order. If the visitation order is violated the father should visit the court and file a motion for contempt of the court order. If the visitation order is violated the father should vi (MORE)