Do you have to pay for vaccinations in the UK?

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No all health care is paid for by government. Citizens there have National Health. You don't pay for individual services,but indirectly thru taxes,but no is denied necessary care.This as told to me by English friend.
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Where can you get help to pay for puppies first vaccination?

Answer . I am sorry to say no matter what the reason if you can't keep up vet bills or the shots for the puppy then you shouldn't own one. Now that you have it please phone

Does insurance pay for travel vaccinations?

\n. \nYes some Travel Insurance Plans will pay for the coverage, if your company has a International Travel Insurance Program along with your regular Medical Insurance.

Does Humana pay for shingles vaccine?

Since insurance coverage varies greatly, not just by company but by plan, the only sure way to find out if you are covered is to contact your insurance company.

What equine vaccinations are needed in the UK?

Most horses need the basic 5-way, strangles, West Nile and in some countries rabies. The UK does not need the rabies vaccine. If your horse sustains an injury a tetnus booster

Is BCG vaccine compulsory in the UK?

No the BCG vaccine is only given to those who are in the high risk groups. The vaccine used to be compulsory but it was changed in 2005.

Why are children in the UK still vaccinated against polio?

The reason Polio was eradicated in the UK in the first place waswide-spread and state-sponsored vaccination. If vaccination stops,it opens people to the risk of not only contr

How much do taxpayers pay for vaccines?

The New York Times says: "Old vaccines have beenreformulated with higher costs. New ones have entered the market atonce-unthinkable prices. Together, since 1986, they have pu