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If a Toon Monster is Level 5 or above, then you must Tribute the appropriate number of monsters (as you would with a Tribute Summon) to Special Summon them onto the field. It is not considered a Tribute Summon, however, so therefore you could use Tokens such as the Sheep Tokens from Scapegoat. Keep in mind that Toon World must be present on the field.

For example, you have four Sheep Tokens from a Scapegoat you activated the previous turn, and one Toon World active on the field. You also have one Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon in your Hand. You can Special Summon it by Tributing two Sheep Tokens because it is a Level 8 Toon Monster.
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Can you set a toon monster when you don't have toon world?

  Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon, Toon Mermaid, Toon Summoned Skull, Toon Dark Magician Girl and Manga Ryu-Ran cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. They can only be Special Summoned w

Can you tribute your oppnents monsters by enemy controller?

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Can you attack after tribute summoning a monster?

Yes, of course. Nothing about tribute summoning itself stops you attacking, only if you used something like Soul Exchange that forces you to skip your battle phase.

Can you attack with a monster then tribute it for a tribute summon?

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How many monster to tribute to summon a level 8 monster?

it 's simple 5,6 one tribute 7+ two tributes. As well, because the only two cards that are twelve star that do not go into your extra deck are Yubel: The Ultimate Nightmare an

Do you need to sacrifice to summon toon monsters?

  depending on what toon you planning to summon. If you planning to summon a monster like toon summoned skull or blue eyes toon dragon, then you will have to tribute to su

When brain control is activated can you tribute the controlled monster?

Yes you can because for this turn only, it is counted as your monster so you can do whatever you want with it exept for attack it because you can't attck your own monsters. Th