Do you have to wear the pink ribbon on your chest?

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yes, scientifically it shows that you care about the cure for Breast Cancer!!!It shows that you care about 1/2 the women in the US who will get Breast Cancer sometime in their lifetime. Go to for more information!!
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Are there other cancer survivor symbols besides the pink ribbon?

I've been researching this as well.. so far I have found a symbol for breast cancer that is a "survivor sword"- this is the link.. . I am trying to design a tattoo to commemorate cancer survivors as well as those I love who have passed from the disease-- I wante (MORE)

What does the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness mean?

Pink Ribbon . The pink ribbon is now an international symbol of breast cancer awareness. It is worn to show support for those whose lives have been touched by this disease. The more it is worn, the greater the chances that the public will associate it with breast cancer. This concept works in t (MORE)

When did pink ribbons become associated with breast cancer?

The Origins of the Pink Ribbon The pink ribbon has been an international symbol of breast cancer awareness for many years, making its debut in 1991 when the Komen Foundation handed them out to participants at the New York City Race for breast cancer survivors. A year later Charlotte Hayley, wh (MORE)

Faith's pink ribbons are an example of a?

In Young Goodman Brown, Faith's pink ribbons are symbolic of herinnocence and purity. The pink she wears is a stark contrast to thedark clothes worn by the Puritans and, more symbolically, theirdarker and more pessimistic worldview.

What size shoe does pink wear?

American singer and songwriter, Pink, wears a size 8.5 shoe. Shestands 5'4" and wears a size 4 dress. Her real name is Alicea MooreHart.

What to wear with pink shirt?

If you have a nice jacket that matches or if it is a tightish top wear skinny jeans and pumps with it to dazzle every ones attention... oh and accessorize

How do you wear six good conduct ribbons?

In US military, first award of a decoration is the ribbon (and medal) itself. Additional awards are reflected by the addition of an oak leaf cluster on the ribbon. When the sixth award of the medal occurs, the four oak leaf clusters on the ribbon are replaced with a silver oak leaf cluster, denoting (MORE)

Why do baby girls wear pink?

It's because when we are baby boys and girls look alike so to tell us apart pink for girls and blue for boys.

What perfume does Pink wear?

p!nk wears all sorts, however her main fragrance is 'fcuk for her'. the perfume has a sophisticated but young smell to it. this also one of my favourite perfumes.

Who can wear the combat infantry ribbon?

The principal criterion is that the recipient must have participated in a bona fide ground or surface combat firefight or in an action during which he was under enemy fire and his performance while under fire was satisfactory.

Who is behind the pink ribbon pj ledar?

PJ Ledar is a clinical trials participant that was in one of the earliest trials for Adjuvant Chemotherapy. The clinical trial was in its infancy when she started. The results are on going, however, her continued survival is proof that the experimental treatment worked. In addition, overall cancer s (MORE)

Why do girls wear pink?

girls wear pink because over the ages, pink has been incorporated to be thought as "girls" wear and for girls only. same with blue and boys. Although now a days boys wear pink aswell and girls wear blue, pink still stands and represents girls for the reason that is has become that through time.

What do faith's pink ribbons represent?

I think they represent her "innocence" and "faith" , because when she converted they fell from the sky ,, which means that she lost her innocence and her faith ..

What color can you wear with pink?

the color pink is very interesting. but with light pink you can were white ,army green, light blue, and orange. trust me they work. you people just happen to be talking with a fashionista.

Should girls wear pink?

some huy or girl wrote a long thing on this wich make no sence at all so if u want to wear pink wear pink it's a color. some guys say tought guys wear pink. it's watever _______________________________________ Actually, before WWII boys wore pink since it was a watered down red and girls wore bl (MORE)

What gang wears the color pink?

The Almighty Imperial Gangster Nation(Folk Nation gang) wears the colors pink & black. The Imperial Village Crips wear the colors pink & blue.

Why do people wear red ribbons?

To show support/raise awareness of HIV/AIDS. Many people can be seen wearing red ribbons on 1 December, as this day is an international World AIDS day

Can emo wear pink nailpolish?

Yes, they can. It's whatever YOU want to do. There's no rulebook for how to be Emo. Emo's don't wear all black anyways, even according to the stereotype.

Why do prisoners wear pink underwear?

Because most prisoners, as all people, have inner goodness in their hearts and instead of sharing it with the world and the people on it, they decide to express it by wearing pink underwear. [It shows their soft side]

How can you get pink ribbons?

You can more than likely find them at some of your local arts and supplies stores, drug stores, office supplies store, or probably even supermarkets.

Why does Iain Dowie wear a purple ribbon?

This is in relation to the charity Boot Out Breast Cancer started by his wife Debbie Dowie in 2011 supporting the treatment of Breast Cance for both Men ane Women.

Can you wear army ribbons on navy uniforms?

Yes you can. According to Chapter 5 artical 5301-5319 of theNavy Uniform Regulation any military decoration earned whileserving in the army may be worn behind it's Navy equivilent (i.e.the navy equivilent has precidence over other branches). The onlyacception to this is the Army Service Ribbon which (MORE)

Why do NFL players wear pink?

NFL players sport the color pink throughout the month of October to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink is the de facto color for breast cancer awareness, ever since pink ribbons were handed out at the 1991 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in New York City.

Why do you wear pink?

because if you wear pink it helps make a cure for the woman that has breast cancer

Why is the Penguin coach wearing a red ribbon?

It was in honor of Ryan Heitzenrater, a 13 year old who was on Bylsma's son's hockey team. He passed away at the end of February, 2013 after developing Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH).

Who created the pink ribbon idea for breast cancer?

The pink ribbon idea initially began inside the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which exists to promote awareness of breast cancer. The idea is based on the use of the red ribbon to promote AIDS awareness, and began to be used in 1991.

When is Pink Ribbon day celebrated?

Pink Ribbon Day changes every year. It is held during cancer awareness month and all of the money raised is donated to helping find a cure for cancer.

What is the purpose of the breast cancer pink ribbon?

The purpose of the breast cancer pink ribbon is to raise awareness about breast cancer. The ribbons are a reminder to everyone to remember that breast cancer effects many people and to encourage people to donate to the cause.

Why are golfers at Open wearing black ribbons?

At the 2014 Open Championship, players are wearing black ribbons on their hats to honor Scottish golf instructor Bob Torrance, who died of cancer on Friday at age 82. Torrance was also the father of Sam Torrance, a former European Ryder Cup captain.

What medals and ribbons do you wear on a tux?

You can wear any that you earned during your service in themilitary. This is important- it's actually a federal crime to wearmedals you've not earned yourself, especially the Medal of Honor.Not only that, any veterans who catch you doing so will probably be very upset.

What did a knight wear on his chest . why?

Some knights began to put plates of metal over vital parts of their bodies foradded protection. Soon they were completely covered in plate armorand they stopped wearing chain mail. By the 1400s most knights were wearing full plate armor. ... Manypieces of the armor had a unique name..