Do you need an app store password?

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yes. You need to sign up for the itunes store and must create an account with of course a username and password. You must also give your credit card so they can charge you if you purchase apps that are not free. You still need to do this even if you only download free apps.
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How do you change your iPhone app store password?

First of all, you have to realize that your iPhone app store password is the same as your iTunes store password. In order to change your app store password, you have to log in

You forgot your app store password?

Go to your computer open up itunes. Once it's open click app store and it will ask for the password and you just click the forgot password and you will be set. If that doesn't

How do you know your password on the iPad at the App Store?

If you have a Apple ID then you should already know your password. If you have forgotten your Apple ID then just click iForgot and follow the prompts to reset your Apple ID
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What is a password for an app store?

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