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Do you need to be added to your parent's insurance in order to drive their car?

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Yes, all drivers in the U.S. are required to carry proof of financial responsibility when operating a motor vehicle on public roads. A Driver's or "Learner's Permit" is "Permission" to drive and therefore a temporary drivers license with certain restrictions.

You can obtain your own auto insurance or you may be eligible for coverage under the vehicle owners policy such as your parents or another existing auto policy but you must have coverage.

A Driver's Permit comes with all the same responsibilities of anyone who operates a motor vehicle on public roads, including our financial responsibility.
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Reason why you name should be listed in insurance policies of your parents
it's pretty standard rules for every insurance policies to say if a vehicle is provided for your regular use and you are not listed on the policy then the insurance company can deny coverage of your vehicle

insurance companies have their own rules. They put every rules what they want by insurance for any vehicle

Younger drivers are considered Higher risk, especially new drivers. If you want to drive your name should be listed with your parent's name in the insurance policies you can driver the car with out having to pay the bigger insurance premium. The law does not care if you do that. However, the insurance company does and you risk not being covered in the event of an accident. This means both you and your parents turn out to be personally responsible for just about all damage/injuries a person result in.

Your very best self is usually to expect to have a career and also pay out your folks to the elevated insurance plan high quality. They may list you on a policy.
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If you have an unrestriced license and you are 17 do you need to be on your parents' insurance in order to drive their car?

Answer     Yes because anything couuld happen   Answer     Assuming you are living in the same household as your parents the answer is yes. Insurance com

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Do you need car insurance to drive my parent's car?

Drivers Financial ResponsibilityYes, All jurisdictions in the United States require that all drivers of a motor vehicle on public roads carry proof of Financial responsibility

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What do you think will happen if you have an accident on the first day you have a license? Let's say you hurt someone with a medical cost of $100,000 and total their $45,000 c