Does Strattera cause headaches in children?

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Wow, give Strattera a chance. My son also had really bad headaches, but after a while, maybe a week or so, he got over the headaches. I always gave it to him right before bed because I had also heard that it can cause nausea. Also, it is very important that you give Strattera the FULL amount of time to work. If you want an instant cure to ADD, this is NOT the drug. It takes 2 - 4 weeks to even start to show results.

- I don't know what your doctor told you, but you shouldn't be giving it to him at night. Not only can it cause trouble sleeping, but it is a 12-hour time release medication so you are wasting about 8 hours of the effective time of the medication by making him try to sleep right after taking it.
my son is 10 years old and has been on strattera for only three days he has for the last 2 days, complained of severe headaches i have searched the web for information on headaches as a possible side effect for this drug to no avail. I also would like any info on this subject This is the web page I found that shows a trial study of Strattera and it shows that 27% of those in the trial experienced headache. I started researching this because my daughter who has a history of migraine headaches started complaining more frequently of more severe headaches after she started the strattera. I noticed about 3 to 4 hrs after she takes the medicine the headache kicks in, 6 out of 7 days a week. She has been on the Strattera 3 weeks now. I hope this side effect will subside.  
My son is 12. He has been on Straterra for 1 year. He has had a headache almost everyday since he started taking it. It has worked wonders though and he does not wan to stop taking it.  
Yes, my son has been on Strattera for 4 months now, he is taking 40mg now. His headaches appeared soon thereafter. He is 12 and complains of top center pain on a daily basis. We thought they were due to sinus infection but after antibiotic treatment he is still getting the same pain in the same spot, an uncommon place for sinus pain. His concentration has greatly improved though, how much longer will he resist, I do not know.  
I frequently get headaches while on 40 mg once daily Strattera. I'm 16 years old and have been taking Strattera for nearly 2 weeks now. After upping my dosage from 25mg to 40 mg, the tension headaches at the top center got worse, but the increased focus and concentration help so much that the benefits outweigh the detracting side effects. If necessary, I balance out the Strattera with Tylenol or Excedrin, and that seems to fix the problem.
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