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Does Windows 8 have the Google play store?

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No, the apps found in the Google Play Store will not work on Windows 8, only on Android. The store can be accessed from the internet, though, and all of the books, music, and movies will be available through an internet browser.
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Can Google Earth be downloaded on Windows 8?

Google Earth can be downloaded on Windows 8 but more important question is whether it will run on Window 8. In most situations Google Earth will run on Windows 8 but there

Does Nokia Asha 305 support the Google play store app?

No. The Nokia asha 305 does not run the android OS, which is  required to use Google Play.

Does Google Chromebook have Windows 8?

A Chromebook runs Google Chrome OS. It cannot be purchased with  Windows. It uses the Linux kernel, and the Google Chrome web  browser with an integrated media player.  

Can you get Google play store on your Kindle Fire?

Google Play store will not support Kindle Fire since amazon wants to be the only App provider for Kindle. However, you may try looking for those apps in alternative app stores
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Do windows phones have play stores?

yes there is a small application you can install threw zune call -armed fisher- it will inable from ie browser download the playstore app after it is installed you can downloa