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Does Windows 8 have the Google play store?

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No, the apps found in the Google Play Store will not work on Windows 8, only on Android. The store can be accessed from the internet, though, and all of the books, music, and movies will be available through an internet browser.
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Does Nokia Asha 305 support the Google play store app?

No. The Nokia asha 305 does not run the android OS, which is  required to use Google Play.

How to get Google play?

To get google play you must Have a samsung galaxy or a android  phone to get the latest apps.

Can you play europa universalis II on Windows 8?

Yes, you can. Install the game in a different folder than Program  Files. Than patch it to version 1.09. Once patched, run it in  Windows XP service pack 3 compatibility. En

Which is better windows 7 or windows 8?

It depends what machine you're using. Windows 8 is designed for tablets with touch-screens etc. Windows 7 is better for desk-top machines and laptops.

Which is the best Windows 7 or 8?

windows 8, as it is an im provement on windows 7. windows 8 is not officially released yet, it is in developer preview stage