Does a toilet waste pipe require a trap?

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The toilet IS the trap. No other trap is required.
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Why do the pipes from sinks and toilets have a U shape in them?

Answer . to trap water so sewer gas will not be expelled into the living area. Answer . Traps gases from sewer by resevoiring water and so if you drop a item it can or may be recovered. Answer. The U trap under a sink can also be used as a form of plunger when one has a blockage and no real (MORE)

Where does toilet waste from a plane go?

They're 2 ways the plane can dispose of this waste. When overland, it is emptied into a holding tank. However, once the plane is over open waters out of known sea routes, the waste is released out of the plane. This ensures that there wont be any overflowing toilet in the plane.

How much fall in a toilet drain pipe?

From various sources I gathered that the minimum fall (slope) is 1cm fall over 1m distance . Converted that is 0.125 (1 eighth) inch fall over 1 foot distance . The maximum that should not be exceeded is 1cm fall over 20cm distance . Converted that is 0.25 (1 quarter) inch fall over 4 foot (MORE)

What is right slope for toilet drain pipe?

\nFall off is critical. If too shallow it will not fall away and smell - if too steep it will fall away too quickly and can be forced back up. \nThe slope from the entry point to the toilet is ratio 1:50 - for every 50cm it moves along the wall the floor will need to be raised by 1cm. \nIf the WC (MORE)

Why steam trap is used in piping?

Steam is produced in Boilers of suitable design depending upon the requirement. Due to heat loss in the system due to various reasons steam is likely to lose the heat and slowly condense in to water. Some Equipments using the steam are not suitable to accept steam with water contents. Hence we have (MORE)

How do you repair a leaking outlet pipe on a toilet?

If you consider the "outlet pipe" the drain pipe you need to tune the water off before you flush it, take as much water out of the bowl area as possible with a cup, unhook water tube from under side, unbolt the toilet from the floor (bolt on each side) clean old wax ring away, replace with new wax r (MORE)

Diameter of toilet pipes?

Depends on the system Pumped discharge can be as small as 2" diameter Gravity drainage no smaller then 3" or larger then 4"

How do you repair a leaking inlet pipe on a toilet?

Where ever it is leaking, there is some form of gasket. The connection may just need to be tightened or the gasket replaced. The gaskets are different depending on where they are. Improved answer. - If it's an old grey plastic or steel pipe, it's almost impossible to seal leaks at either end. Tak (MORE)

How can you get a bar of soap out of a toilet pipe?

The removal of a bar of soap in a toilet depends on its location.If the soap is not very far down, it may be possible to remove itby hand, or rather by rubber glove. Next, try a plunger to see ifthe soap can be dislodged. If the plunger does not work, a coupleof options exist. Sometimes the dissolut (MORE)

What should you do about a dripping toilet overflow pipe?

Sounds like the float valve,or ball cock, is either leaking or is partially submerged. If it is an older plastic ball on the end of a brass rod,lift the cistern cover and bend the brass rod down to make the ball valve close at a lower level of water. If this does not work flush the toilet and manual (MORE)

Loud whistle in pipe after flushing toilet?

A loud whistling in the pipe after flushing the toilet may indicatethat the shutoff valve needs to be replaced. Replacement valves areavailable at most home improvement stores.

Should sink waste pipe be connected to toilet waste pipe?

The short answer is yes, but like all answers comes with conditions. In a traditional residential plumbing system all drain lines eventually connect together, everything is interconnected. The long answer is that connecting fixtures to a drain system must follow certain rules and good practices whi (MORE)

Can you connect sink waste vertically into horizontal pipe that exits rear of toilet at side of proposed new sink location.?

You can, I'm not sure that I would. Probably doesn't pass code for one thing. If that is not an issue, that is the main stack. Down to the sewer, up to the roof vent. If you attach a sink drain there, when the toilet is flushed, it will pull venting from wherever it can. Most will still come down fr (MORE)

What is trap in your toilet?

The trap in your toilet is the " U" shaped pipe that supposedly catches all of the germs. It is also found on sinks.

How do you install a toilet with awkward bend in waste pipe?

The bend in the pipe can be ignored as long as the drain is even at the floor. The pipe can be coming out of the floor at an angle and it will still work. Cut the pip flush with the floor and use a metal floor flange screwed down to the floor. The flange and the pipe do not need to be joined togethe (MORE)

How can you stop toilet waste in oceans?

By treating the waste before letting the water go back into the environment. the reason this is not done properly is because the average person will not vote for the officials that would make them pay to have this done because everyone wants a free ride.

Do waste pipes need to be insulated?

Check your local building codes, but they do not need to be insulated in mild climates. If you experience low temperatures for several months out of the year, it would be best to protect the pipes so that they do not freeze up and cause a clog.\\ Not actually insulated BUT if piping is installed (MORE)

What size is drain pipe and trap for bathroom?

In N. America, bathroom sink drain and p-trap are usually 1.5 inch inside diameter. Some places allow for 11/4 - 11/2 basin trap. Normally you will find a 11/4 INLET and 11/2 outlet Tub waste is 11/2" toilets 3" - 4" Showers 2" Bidget 1/12

How do you unclog toilet trap?

If a plunger does not help in unclogging a toilet, use a mixture ofshampoo and soap. Put it in the toilet seat, add half a bucket ofwater and flush it thoroughly. A shampoo or a soap can make itpossible for the clog to move forward directly into the gutter.

How do you take the p trap pipe out?

If you are referring to a P trap under a sink, you loosen a large nut at each end and remover the entire P trap. If there is no nut at the downstream end, then you cut the pipe. If you don't know how, call a plumber,it's a very simple job.

How do you connect a toilet pipe which is below to a drain pipe which is above?

You need a basement toilet system . There are 2 basic types, one has a small pump that pumps each flush or use of a faucet to level immediately. The better system has a 40 gallon bin fitted in the basement floor with a septic pump in it. This operates on a float switch and pumps about 25-30 gallons (MORE)

What is traps that mentioned in pipe fitting?

That would be a p-trap, like what is located under every sink. This U joint holds water to prevent a sewer smell or odor from the sewer or tank from coming back into the house. It is a trap of water that prevents air gas from reeking your house out!

Why do pipes sing when toilet is flushed?

Most likely from the pipe hitting a resonant frequency when thewater runs through. I don't know what can be done to change thatwithout opening up the wall to get to the pipes.