Does an iphone 4 take a memory card?

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How do you take pictures from computer and put on a memory card?

First, the memory card should be inserted into the computer, and awindow opened for the card. The window of the drive holdingpictures on the computer should also be opened. Then the picturescan be selected and copied from the computer window and pasted tothe card window.

How can you take out your sim card from iPhone?

Removing the SIM Card . To remove the SIM, insert the end of a small thin paper clip into the hole on the SIM tray.. Press firmly and push it straight in until the tray pops out.. iPhone is designed to work with most AT&T SIM cards. Other SIM cards may not work. For best results, use the SIM card included with iPhone

Can you take the sim card of a razr and put in a iphone?

yes through at&t, but as Ive learned, once you sinc yourself into the iphone, you cant just pull out the sim and switch phones, your stuck.. Before, If I wanted to switch phones, i would just switch my sim .you cant once its sinc' ed with apple.. It has to be changed threough the the internet is 10.00 more

Can memory be stored on an iPhone on both the phone and sim card and how?

1)remove back cover from the Iphone 2)write the memory ( memories ) you would like to store and attach it glue side down to the physical phone body or sim card if exposed 3)close the phone you now are able to store your memory in the Iphone. write it on a post it note for best result - can use water resistant marker to write directly onto Iphone or sim card

Can you put call of duty 4 on your PC with a memory card?

Yes... maybe.... kinda. While the normal way to install this game onto a PC would be using the DVD drive (COD-4 comes on DVD, not CD right?) If you had a system with no optical drive, you -could- rip an ISO image of the disc, put that on the memory card (it better be a big memory card) and then use daemon tools or some other drive-image emulator to install the game from that. It certainly isn't the easy way to do it, and it may not even work as many games are now being programmed not to run when they detect the presence drive emulators like daemon tools.

Can take pics with your camera without a memory card?

Some cameras have a built in memory storage that will allow you to take 6-12 picutes of low quality. However, normally you do require a memory card for a digital camera to take higher quality and larger numbers of pictures.

Does the iPhone have a memory card slot?

The iPhone is the only phone as of now that can not have the memory increased with the use of a memory stick or micro sd card. The only slot on the phone is for the sim card.

What happens when you take out the memory card of a cell phone?

What happens when you take out the memory from a cell?\nHeh! Take it out and see how the cell phone slaps you across the face!!! Haha! \nJust kidding. Nothing's gonna happen. Just that you will no longer be able to access the data that's in your memory card since you have taken it out. And if you had a theme or a wallpaper set on which was in the memory card, after taking out the memory card, the theme/ wallpaper will change to default one automatically. But if you put it back in, the theme, I guess, will return. Go ahead, check it out. It's perfectly safe!

Can an iphone take any SIM card?

Yes it can! Any sim card, Any country, Any price plan. All you need is a small fingernail to remove the lid and add the sim card in!

Do iPhones take sims cards?

Yes. AT&T is a GSM carrier, meaning all the phones are GSM phones, meaning all the phones require a SIM card to work on a GSM network.

How do you take out a memory card from a camera?

There will be a hatch on the side or the base, flick it open, and either push the memory card until it unlocks or press the slide in the direction of the arrow. Your best bet is to get hold of a manual for your particular model (try the manufacturer's website if you don't have one - they can often be downloaded free).

IPhone shows no memory card installed?

Try inserting a different memory card (that you know is working. If you still get the same message - the Iphone is faulty. If, however the new card works, then the original card is faulty.

What is smaller iPhone or iPhone 4?

To date, there are 3 iPhone models: iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, and iPhone4S. They all have the same display size and height, but vary in width.

Do you need a special sim card for iPhone 4?

Yes the iphone 4 uses whats called a micro sim card it is smaller then the regular sim card out there. At www. they can custom cut your existing sim card or provide you with a micro sim for your carrier.

Do PS3 takes a memory card?

I have a USB device that I can use with a memory card. I know the older model PS3's had memory card slots, but only the first models with 4 USB Ports. You can also create memory cards within the hard drive. Other than this no they do not take a memory card and instead have a harddrive memory. Since they have a USB port it is easy to purchase a USB memory card adaptor

What happends to your memory when you remove an iphones sim card?

what should happen is nothing at all your memory is suppose to be stored internally into your iPhones memory witch is a memory chip that can not be upgraded unless the phone itself is exchanged only memory that can be updated is when you free up your memory but point is the sim card does not change your memory in a iPhone.

How much memory can iPhone 4 hold?

It depends on which one you buy, you can get a 16gb, 32gb or 64gb if you already have an iphone with you you can just chek your info at iphone admin . com its free thats what i do when i want info

Where is the memory card on the iPhone 4S?

The memory card is located on the skinny right side of the iPhone, if its standing upright( It is located on the opposite side of the volume and ringer buttons) There should be a small dot a little bellow the center of the side, and when pushed in using a small needle (like a push-pin) it releases the sim/memory card to the iPhone. To put it back in just place the sim card on its holder, then push it back into place with the holder. If your iPhone freezes this might be a good idea to.

Do iPhone 4 apps take data or internet?

First of all, data and internet are the same thing. Second of all, not all apps do. Apps that need to connect to something like Facebook or Safari do use data. A game like Doodle Jump, does not use data unless of course you decide to play online with someone or you post scores to Facebook or somewhere else.

How does one take a screen shot on an Iphone 4?

One could visit a number of sites to find a tutorial on how to take a screen shot on an iPhone 4. Notably, these sites are DigitalTrends, BloggingBasics101, and can also be found on the Apple websites forum. There are also tutorial videos on YouTube.

How can one download a Hearts card game on an Iphone 4?

To download a 'Hearts' card game on an iPhone 4, one should click on 'Games' on the 'Categories' icon then scroll till the desired game is found. Finally one can click on the game, read any further information and the game is downloaded.

Which other phones take a Sony Ericsson memory card?

Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung all have phones available which are compatible for use with a Sony Ericsson memory card, according to consumer reviews. One who wishes to use Sony accessories with other phones, however, would be well-advised to confirm the size of the memory card and be aware of different storage capacities among different memory cards--even when they are produced by the same manufacturer.

Can the iPhone 5 take any sim card?

The simple answer is "maybe." It depends on many variables and the first is what you mean by "any." There are different sizes of sim cards. Starting with the iPhone 4, the iPhone started taking the micro-sim card and the iPhone 5 takes the nano-sim card. If you are talking about switching your phone between carriers, that is a little more complex. iPhones come in different varieties depending on the original carrier it was meant for because the different carriers use different cellular technologies, namely GSM and CDMA. AT&T and T-Mobile in the US use GSM while Verizon and Sprint use CDMA. Most iPhones sold in the US are also locked to the carrier they were originally purchased from although it has been reported that Verizon iPhones are completely unlocked on the GSM side and will take any nano-sim card. It has also been reported that, while Verizon phones may work on other networks, they will not let other phones work on theirs. So, again, not really a simple answer. If you are thinking about buying a phone that was intended for one network and use it on another, you better do your research for your particular situation. If you already have a phone and want to try it on another network and have the sim car, just try it and hope for the best.