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Does anyone know what the law guidelines are for California right of first refusal when pertaining to family law?

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Does anyone know what the law guidelines are for California right of first refusal when pertaining to family law?
Right of first refusal ... to do what? regarding what? by whom?
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What is the Law pertaining to payment of debt by cash being refused?

"This note is legal for all debs, public and private", right? That was added to money when the government seized the gold reserves that backed the money. Money used to mean th

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LAWS PERTAINING TO JOSE RIZAL     * Republic Act 1425 provides for the mandatory study of Jose Rizal's life and works in all colleges and universities of the Philippin

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Yes, but they'll take you down the station then. Another View: I believe that in ALL states, when you are issued your driver's license you are either required to sign a docum

How do you request change of judge civil family law in California?

These matters may even be further delineated in the county in which you reside. I believe the best way to go about asking for a change would be to contact your county's family
To refuse to sign into law?

To refuse to sign into law?

northwest ordinance

Where can you get free legal advice on family law in California?

Free legal advice on family law in California can be found in several places. There are Self-Help Services available at most Superior Courthouses. Also there are legal aid ser

What is set offs pertaining to bankruptcy law?

  A set-off is when a bank anticipates that a debtor is going to go into bankruptcy, and applies a debtor's deposits at the bank against outstanding loans. See 11 USC § 5
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By law what rights do a 16 year old have in California?

Minors do not have many rights in California. However, they do have  a right to medical privacy and they have a right to have a parent  or lawyer available if being question

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The right to cure in California law allows the borrower ,who is in  default of the mortgage, to pay the amount due on the mortgage, and  all costs and expenses. This must be
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What is the right of way law pertaining to fishing and hunting in Massachusetts?

  I am not quite sure of the question but I think you are asking about access to private land for fishing and hunting. Access to private land is allowed for recreation as

Mediation in Family Law-What should someone know?

  * Meet with your attorney to review issues you should address in mediation.   * Discuss the issues the other party may raise; ask your attorney how to answer these is