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Does homeowners insurance cover dry wells?

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The short answer is no - unless the well has run dry due to accidental damage of some sort.
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Your well went dry Shouldn't your homeowners insurance pay to get it running?

  Very doubtful, the homeowners policy isn't a maintence policy, all losses must be sudden and accidental and a 'named' peril must have caused the loss.   Additionally,

If homeowner dies does homeowner insurance cover it?

  Homeowners insurance covers the house itself should it be damaged. Many of the policies include liability insurance so that if anyone is injured there you have protectio

Does homeowners insurance cover re-drilling water wells that become dry?

No, Homeowners insurance is "Hazard Insurance" for losses to your home from the specified covered perils detailed in your policy. Covered perils are typically losses resulti

Does homeowners insurance cover a failed water well pump?

No, unless it was hit by lightening. They will send out and engineer to pick up the pump after it has been pulled. They will then test it and give you an answer.. $1200 for

Does homeowners insurance cover a water well that has been ruined by tree roots?

Generally not; however the definite answer is governed by the language of the policy. The "generally not" is due mainly to the following factors: 1. Insurance is intended to

Is your well covered under homeowners insurance?

Contact your insurance agent. If you have additional structures coverage and your well meets the definition of an additional covered structure on your policy you may have cove

Will homeowners insurance cover a well pump that is bad?

Not likely. Most insurers would consider a well pump to be a homeowners maintenance issue. Well pumps require replacement form time to time. they are a mechanical device and

Do homeowner insurance cover well pump?

A well pump is covered property as part of the home. As always, the key is the cause of loss and not just that the item is damaged. Probably the main covered way for a well pu