Does manipur have an independent constitution?

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NO Manipur does Not have an independent constitution. Only J&K has been granted the status of Special Sate in the Constitution of India and has it's own Constitution.
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What is the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution?

Declaration of Independence, signed in 1776, was pretty much just what it says it was. A formal declaration by the original 13 colonies that they would now be independent of King George and Great Britain. Except for being persuasive authority as to the intent of the framers, the Declaration of Indep (MORE)

Who signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution?

Answer There are few men who signed both documents: George Read, Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Morris, George Clymer, and James Wilson. This is the list of signers of The Declaration Independence: Adams, John Massachusetts Quincy, MA 10/30/1735 7/4/1826 Lawyer UN Adams, Samuel Massachu (MORE)

Where in the constitution is the Declaration of Independence?

Answer . The Declaration of Independence is a separate document that announced to England that the colonies didn't want to be ruled by Parliament. It led to the Revolutionary War and when that was over, the Articles of the Confederacy and then the Constitution were written over the next several ye (MORE)

Who signed the Declaration of Independence but not the US Constitution?

Of the 57 people who signed the Declaration of Independence, onlysix also signed the Constitution: George Clymer, Benjamin Franklin,Robert Morris, George Read, Roger Sherman, and James Wilson. The other 51, who signed the Declaration of Independence but notthe Constitution, are: John Adams, Samuel (MORE)

How are the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence different?

they are different because the Declaration of Independence protects people's rights, and The Constitution created ordinances for the U.S.A.. ~Christina Ralph 11 years old March 19,09 Bay-Bee They are different because the decloration of independence was used in a letter to the king (MORE)

Society of Manipur?

Manipuris are quite conservative. Society is marked by the following characteristics:. 1) Respectable stature for women. 2) Hospitable nature of people in general. 3) Strong principles among the masses. 4) Rich in art & culture

Is the Declaration of Independence a constitution?

It is a 'declaration', a word which now means a statement, but at that time was used more as meaning 'this is our intent'. The Declaration of Independence listed grievances the colonial Americans had with the government of England at that time and then said that because of those grievances, we are a (MORE)

What was the site of the signing of Declaration of Independence and the Constitution?

Both were drafted and signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, although 11 years apart. The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776 at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The US Constitution was signed by 39 of the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention, on Sept (MORE)

How does the constitution address the grievances in the declaration of independence?

1. For quartering large bodies of troops among us : Amendment 3, plus the prohibition against using military troops to enforce civilian law.. 2. For imposing taxes on us without our consent : Article 1, sec 8, clause 1, Art II sec 9 cl 4 This was primarily about taxation w/o representation.. 3. (MORE)

What constitutional provisions contribute to judicial independence?

Separation of powers has again become a current issue of some controversy concerning debates about judicial independence and Political efforts to increase the accountability of judges for the quality of their work, avoiding conflicts of interest, and charges that some judges allegedly disregard proc (MORE)

Compare and contrast the Declaration of Independence and the constitution?

The Declaration of Independence was written to Great Brittain on July 4, 1776 to notify the monarchy that the United States of America was no longer a Brittish colony. Instead, the USA was now its own country with its own government. The Declaration of Independence listed reasons why the USA decided (MORE)

What are the reasons for manipur blockade?

Senapati District in the state of Manipur is the place where this controversy has arisen. Actually this district is dominated by the Kukis and the Nagas. The Kukis in their demand for a separate district of Sadar Hill have caused this blockade. In retaliation to this blockade the Nagas have also imp (MORE)

Is the Declaration of Independence not a constitution?

No. it's just a document declaring "yo, we're our own country. deal with it.", the articles of confederation was "dude. our country should have some rules", then the constitution was "articles of confederation are kinda messed up...let's make better rules" Yay.

Where is located manipur?

in the north-eastern part of India, also one the seven sisters of north eastern is a state bodering to burma.

Is the decleration of independence a constitution?

yes, and then the ammendements that were made were added to the bill of rights, as the way in which the Declaration of Independance (constitution) was written it was made far too hard to add/change what was written. So changes were then added to the bill of rights.

How was the Declaration of Independence significant to the creation of the constitution?

The Declaration of Independence is the document that declared our freedom from the crown, and stated the we were separating from Great Britain and creating our own country. This created a need for a document to guide this new country. The Articles of Confederation preceded The Constitution, but gave (MORE)

Was the Declaration of Independence more important then the constitution?

The declaration of Independence was essentially the ContinentalCongress telling Britain they didn't want to be involved with themanymore. It's arguable that the Declaration of Independence wasmore important as it was the foundation for American independenceand freedom, without which the Constitution (MORE)

How does the declaration of independence relate to the constitution?

The Declaration and the Constitution, together, address mankind'smost basic political questions. Resting on a firm moral foundation,they articulate the first principles of political organization.Thus, they were meant to serve not merely the 18th century butgenerations to come, which would face those (MORE)