Does oxygen-18 have 18 protons?

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No. Oxygen always has 8 protons. Oxygen 18 has 8 protons and 10 neutrons (8 + 10 = 18)
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What has 18 protons and 15 electrons?

Ar 3+ . At its neutral state Argon (Ar) has 18 protons and 18 electrons. In order to have 15 electrons it has lost three electrons. Therefore Ar will have a 3+ charge.

Which element has 18 protons?

Argon is the element with 18 protons. The number of protons of any given element is easily accessible by looking at a period table, usually in the upper portion of the squares

17 protons and 18 electrons?

While "Maybe you should open a science book and find out" is a good idea and makes me laugh, it does not answer the question. The answer is Cl-.
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How may protons neutrons and electrons does oxygen-18 have?

The isotope oxygen-18 has the mass number of 18. The atomic number of oxygen is 8, so all of its atoms, regardless of isotope, have 8 protons. In a neutral oxygen atom the num