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Does personal health insurance cover a work related injury for a self employed person?

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Work related injuries are generally excluded through health insurance
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Why do persons become self employed?

For a variety of reasons: . no boss . nobody telling you what to do . able to take time off from work when you want . However, being self employed is not the "free ride"

Does a person have to be employed to be cover under a company policy for health insurance?

Companies that provide health insurance to their employees often extend that coverage to the dependents of employees as well. So, one way to be covered under an employer-spon

What are the responsibilities of a self employed person?

If you are a self employed taxpayer then you are responsible for all of your own FICA self employment taxes of 15.3% plus any income taxes on your net profit from your busines

Where can you apply for self employed health insurance?

You can apply for self employed health insurance online or you can go to an insurance agent to get your plan started. You would probably want to go to an insurance agent just

Will homeowners insurance cover personal injury?

It would depend on the type of injury and who was injured as wellas whether you purchased certain coverage with your homeownersinsurance policy. Homeowners insurance is also

Will homeowners insurance cover personal injury for the insured?

Coverages within a homeowners policy for personal injuries do exist. Whether a specific policy would extend this type of coverage depends on the policy itself as this type of

Will homeowners insurance cover personal injury to a renter?

No. First, if you are renting the home, you cannot insure it under a homeowners policy. If the home is not owner occupied for 90 days coverage ceases immediately. You must hav
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How would a self employed person get health insurance?

You first need to prove that your safety equipment and premises are up to or exceeding a safe standard and that you have the knowledge to do your work in a safe and secure way
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Are twerking related injuries covered by health insurance?

Yes, if you twerk too hard and you injure yourself (back injury,quads, knees, or fall down and hit your head because you lose yourbalance from all of the twerking), it will li