Does she really come to get you?

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Can wishes really come true?

Yes. With the necessary will power you can make your wildest dreams come true. I sincerely recommend watching "The Secret". You will know how to achieve your dreams and wishes

Where do dogs really come from?

Dogs could have developed from wild animals such as wolves just as house cats may have developed from larger cats such as lions. Ultimately, though, god created all creatures.

Did aliens really come to earth?

People who think they have seen UFOs have only seen something in the air that they can't identify. Just because they can't explain what they've seen does not mean it is an ali
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Is the xbox 720 really coming out?

Yes but we do not know when the Xbox 720 will arrive. It is currently in development, but it could take several years to complete. It is likely we will see it's official annou
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Where did it really come from?

To determine where something came from, you will need to knowexactly what it is. If it is an store-purchased object, you can usethe manufacturer and product model number or ba