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Does soaking popcorn in water make it pop bigger?

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If by bigger you mean fluffier, then apparently yes. Read on . . .

Before making popcorn on the stove or in an air popper, soak the kernels in water for 10 minutes.
Drain the water, then pop as normal. The additional moisture helps the popcorn pop up quicker and fluffier with fewer "old maids."

Sourced from: http://lifehackery.com/2008/05/17/50-amazingly-helpful-time-tested-tips-for-the-kitchen/
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Does soaking popcorn curnels in water make it pop bigger?

No, because too much water in a popcorn kernel will lead to a very weak, if any, pop. The more water in the kernel means you need to heat it longer. If there is too much wat

How can you make half popped popcorn?

  If the packaging says to microwave it for 2 minutes, microwave it for only 1.   : Your response would give me one half bag of fully popped popcorn. I want a full bag

What makes popcorn really pop?

  Each kernel has a little moisture in it. When the moisture is heated and boils, since the kernel is sealed, it explodes under pressure from the boiling moisture which ha

What substance makes popcorn pop?

The popcorn kernels all contain a drop of water that turns to steam when it is heated. The steam expands the kernel until it pops.

What is in popcorn that makes it pop?

Believe it or not, most hard popcorn kernels have tiny bits of water inside. When these kernels are heated, the water gradually expands and turns into steam. At a certain poin