Does the use of diatomaceous earth in a sand filter destroy the sand's ability to filter?

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huh...i'd try using sand in the sand filter and DE in a DE filter for optimum results. A: Yes, D E can interfere with the sands ability to to it's job.
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Can you use play sand for a pool filter?

No, it'll blow right back to the pool which will then make it hardto remove. Sand filters REQUIRE a #20 grid pool filter sand. Thereis also another product possible called zeo

How does a diatomaceous earth filter work?

Basically in a nutshell, diatamaceous earth is a very fine powder that is derived from ground up fossilized remains of extinct animals. Inside a d.e. filter(short for diatamac

What grade of sand to use for pool filter?

It is important to use the right size sand for a sand pool filter. It is usually a .45 to .55mm sand which is available at any pool store or pool service company.. Do not use

Can you use a saltwater system with a sand filter?

Most definitly. I had a salt water system installed in March of 2008. and still use my sand filterit works great. No problem at all. I use inexpensive water softener salt, 40l

How much sand do you use in your filter?

\n. \n. \nThe instructions for the amount of sand to use with your filter should have come with your filter. If you threw those instructions away and removed the sand from y

Can you use diatomaceous earth in a sand filter?

This is a bad idea. Diatomaceous earth (de) will go right through a sand filter. It will end up back in the pool and then it is almost impossible to get out. Sand goes in sand
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How is diatomaceous earth used?

Diatomaceous Earth is used as an organic insecticide, as a flea treatment, and as a wormer.
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Can Diatomaceous earth filter fryer oil?

Of course it can, it is one of the best oil filters available. Do not use the oil for anything other than fuel in your bio-diesel vehicle. After you filter the oil you can
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How is a sand filter used to purify water?

Sand can be used in a filter that is made up of a box, with an "in" and an "out" pipe connected to it. Inside the box, there could be 2 bits of filter paper, similar to that f
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Why do people use diatomaceous earth?

Diatomaceous earth is a fossilized skeleton that dehydrates organisms such as parasites, and insects that come into contact with it. Chickens will use it to give themselves du