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Having a vitamin deficiency is likely to reduce your overall growth. However this does not work the other way around - consuming more vitamins than you require is unlikely to boost your growth. I.e once you're consuming all the vitamins and minerals that you need, any further increase in the amount of vitamins/minerals that you're ingesting will have no impact upon your speed of growth.
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What vitamins or minerals are essential to help people grow taller?

  HGH is just about the only thing that will stimulate growth, but it will only work up to the point when the growth plate closes on the long bones. That is usually shortl

Does water help you to grow taller?

A few things that help...   I was 5'1 at 27. now I am turning 28 in a month and I am 5'6. I grew the most during this summer because I actually started using super-growth

Does sleep help you to grow taller?

It is during deep sleep that growth hormone does its job of thickening and lengthening your bones. So appropriate sleeping time (not the longer, the better) and correct sleepi

Does mastrurbation help you grow taller?

  No: there is no evidence or theory indicating that masturbation can make a person grow taller. Masturbation has been shown to be harmless and has no measurable effect on

Does jumping helps growing taller?

no jumping does not effect your growth. I am an olympic sprinter, and i jump for an hour each day in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. jumping does not effect your gro

What vitamins help people grow taller?

The appropriate daily amounts. Growing taller is mostly about providing your body with the nutrients that are necessary to attain your genetic potential. There isn't any parti

What is the best vitamins to help you grow taller?

The best vitamins for good growth is a balanced multivitamin supplement taken daily. Calcium is responsible for bone growth, bone growth is essential to height. Ensure you are
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What can you do to help you not grow taller?

Nothing healthy - your height is a function of your genes, so anything you do to stunt growth will have to be pretty severe. However, severe malnutrition and starvation can re