During the 2009 term of the US Supreme Court which Justice voted with the majority most often?

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What is the closest possible vote for a majority if all US Supreme Court justices are present?

Answer If all nine justices hear a case, a simple majority of five must agree on a decision. Explanation A decision requires a simple majority of the Justices he

How did John McCain vote on US Supreme Court justices?

John McCain has participated in the last seven US Supreme Court Senate confirmation votes, approving all but one justice, Sonia Sotomayor. Justice Sotomayor..................

What are the most recent decisions made by the US Supreme Court in its 2009-2010 Term?

The US Supreme Court is actively hearing cases from the 2009 Term; therefore, any list trying to capture the "most recent" decisions would quickly become obsolete. To read

Are US Supreme Court justices confirmed by a Senate vote?

Yes. Article II of the Constitution stipulates the President nominates US Supreme Court justices with the "advice and consent" of the Senate. Approval requires a simple majori

How often are US Supreme Court justices chosen?

US Supreme Court justices serve "during good behavior," meaning they are entitled to hold office for life unless unless they commit an impeachable offense; therefore, there is

Which US Supreme Court Justice retired in 2009?

Associate Justice David H. Souter, who occupied the fifth seat on the bench, retired from the US Supreme Court in June 2009, after almost 19 years on the bench. Souter was nom

Can US Supreme Court justices be removed by popular vote?

No. According to Article III of the Constitution, US Supreme Court justices receive lifetime commissions, and may only be involuntarily removed if impeached by the House of Re
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Who votes for the Supreme court justices?

If you're referring to United State Supreme Court justices, then it is the members of the United States Senate who vote for them. Constitutionally they only need a simple majo
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Are the justices on the Supreme Court voted for?

Yes. Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States are appointed by the President, and confirmed by a vote in the Senate. However, ordinary citizens do not take part in t