During the 2009 term of the US Supreme Court which Justice voted with the majority most often?

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What is the term of office for US Supreme Court justices?

Supreme Court justices serve " during good behavior ," which means " for life " or until they choose to resign or retire, as long as they don't commit an impeachable offense (bad behavior). The nine Supreme Court justices hold their offices "during good behavior" according to Article III, Section (MORE)

What is the closest possible vote for a majority if all US Supreme Court justices are present?

Answer If all nine justices hear a case, a simple majority of five must agree on a decision. Explanation A decision requires a simple majority of the Justices hearing the case (sometimes fewer than nine justices are available). In the typical instance that all nine Supreme Court justi (MORE)

Who was the most recent US Supreme Court justice to die?

Former Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, a Reagan nominee who presided over the Supreme Court for more than 18 years (1986-2005), died in office in September 2005. His is the most recent death on the Court. Rehnquist was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2004, and took a leave of absence for tre (MORE)

How did the US Supreme Court justices vote in Roe v. Wade?

The Burger Court vote in Roe v. Wade, 410 US 113 (1973) was split 7-2, as contrasted with the later 5-4 Rehnquist Court vote in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, 505 US 833 (1992), a later case that upheld Roe and removed many obstacles in state laws restricting women's access to abortion without ove (MORE)

Who is currently the most conservative US Supreme Court Justice?

Clarence Thomas , a Republican nominated by George H. W. Bush in 1991, is considered the most conservative, with Antonin Scalia , a 1986 Reagan nominee, running a close second. Thomas has strong Libertarian leanings, supporting state's rights and taking an orthodox approach toward interpreting the (MORE)

How did John McCain vote on US Supreme Court justices?

John McCain has participated in the last seven US Supreme Court Senate confirmation votes, approving all but one justice, Sonia Sotomayor. Justice Sotomayor.....................Nay.............08/06/09...........Obama Justice Alito.............................Yea..............01/31/06...........GW (MORE)

Which US President appointed the most Supreme Court justices?

George Washington nominated fourteen justices and appointed eleven, but he had an edge over the other Presidents because he was in office when the Court was created and got to nominate the first seven justices (one declined after being confirmed) in the same year. John Rutledge was seated twice (one (MORE)

What are the most recent decisions made by the US Supreme Court in its 2009-2010 Term?

The US Supreme Court is actively hearing cases from the 2009 Term; therefore, any list trying to capture the "most recent" decisions would quickly become obsolete. To read all released opinions for the current Term, please access the Supreme Court of the United States website, Latest Slip Opinion (MORE)

Are US Supreme Court justices confirmed by a Senate vote?

Yes. Article II of the Constitution stipulates the President nominates US Supreme Court justices with the "advice and consent" of the Senate. Approval requires a simple majority (51%) of the voting Senators (some may not be present, or may abstain).

How often are US Supreme Court justices chosen?

US Supreme Court justices serve "during good behavior," meaning they are entitled to hold office for life unless unless they commit an impeachable offense; therefore, there is no standard appointment schedule. New justices are nominated when there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court due to the retirem (MORE)

Who was the most feminist US Supreme Court justice?

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who joined the Court in 1993, undoubtedly qualifies as the most ardent feminist because of the time and energy she's devoted to women's rights during her career; but it's reasonable to assume Justices Sotomayor and Kagan are also feminists. I'm not sure their degrees of (MORE)

What was the decision and how did the US Supreme Court justices vote in Worcester v. Georgia?

Worcester v. Georgia, 31 US 515 (1832) In Worcester v. Georgia, the US Supreme Court decided the states (in this case, Georgia) had no right to redraw the boundaries of Native American territories, or to require white people to purchase a license to live on the land. As a result, the lower cou (MORE)

Which US Supreme Court Justice retired in 2009?

Associate Justice David H. Souter, who occupied the fifth seat on the bench, retired from the US Supreme Court in June 2009, after almost 19 years on the bench. Souter was nominated by President George W. Bush, and commissioned by Congress on October 2, 1990. President Barack Obama nominated Sonia (MORE)

Which US Supreme Court justice votes first in a case decision?

The Chief Justice votes first, followed by each of the Associate Justices in order of seniority. This is a matter of tradition, not a rule, however. Chief Justice William Rehnquist often chose to vote last, or abstained from voting altogether, despite having heard oral arguments and actively partici (MORE)

Can US Supreme Court justices be removed by popular vote?

No. According to Article III of the Constitution, US Supreme Court justices receive lifetime commissions, and may only be involuntarily removed if impeached by the House of Representatives, then tried and found guilty by the Senate. Justices must be guilty of misconduct or illegal activities to be i (MORE)

Who were the US Supreme Court justices that served during President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Terms?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was in office from March 1933 until April 1945, dying just a month after the beginning of his fourth elected Term. A total of seventeen US Supreme Court justices served on the bench during the President's tenure; Roosevelt nominated eight of them (despite the failure (MORE)

Who was the most published author of the US Supreme Court justices?

William O. Douglas was, by far, the most prolific author among the Supreme Court justices. Douglas, who served on the bench from 1939 until 1975, was an outdoorsman and ardent environmentalist. In his opinion for Sierra Club v. Morton, 405 US 727 (1972), Douglas argued that inanimate objects sh (MORE)

From what state did the most US Supreme Court justices originate?

New York contributed more US Supreme Court justices than any other state, at 15 (16, if you count Charles Evans Hughes, who was seated twice). Ohio was second, with 10 justices. . John Jay (CJ)..........................1789-1795 . Henry Brockholst Livinston........1807-1823 . Smith Thompson.. (MORE)

How can new appointments of US Supreme Court justices affect the vote of the court?

A new justice may shift the balance of the Court from conservative to progressive (or vice-versa) if the Court is almost evenly divided and he or she succeeds a justice with opposite -- or more extreme -- ideology. Conservative and liberal justices tend to view the Constitution and its application d (MORE)

How did the US Supreme Court tend to vote under Chief Justice Marshall?

Early in Chief Justice Marshall's tenure on the Supreme Court, the majority of votes were unanimous ; the other justices usually voted with Marshall , who then wrote the opinion of the court himself. Marshall's influence weakened in the waning days of his career, as more Democratic-Republican (MORE)

Which group must approve US Supreme Court justices by a 23 vote?

None. The Senate must approve the nomination of a US Supreme Court justice by a simple majority vote (51% of those voting). If the nominee is filibustered, cloture (ending the filibuster) requires a three-fifths, or 60-member, vote. Under the old rules, two-thirds of those present had to vote in fav (MORE)

What is the term of office for the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court?

The Chief Justice presides over the court "during good behavior," meaning he (or she) has a lifetime appointment unless he (she) commits an impeachable act and is removed from office by Congress. All Supreme Court justices, including the Chief Justice, are appointed for life or until they cho (MORE)

Who is the most powerful justice on the US Supreme Court?

Probably the swing voter, Justice Anthony Kennedy. He has the power to determine whether the conservative or liberal factions prevail, because Kennedy is a moderate conservative who has, at times, sided with the liberals on the Court. The Chief Justice has no more voting power than any other just (MORE)

Which US Supreme Court justices are considered most conservative?

Justices Scalia and Thomas are, perhaps, the most conservative; the only justice listed whose voting record approaches moderate is Justice Kennedy, the swing vote who has been known to side with the progressives on the Court. Recently, his record of jurisprudence has been more conservative. . Jus (MORE)

Who is the most controversial US Supreme Court justice?

None of them is particularly controversial, although Justice Sotomayor, who was most recently appointed to the Court, raised criticism from conservatives prior to her confirmation. On the other hand, Justice Alito, who joined the Supreme Court in 2006, recently drew criticism from the progressive (MORE)

What are the terms of office and compensation for the US Supreme Court justices?

The term for a US Supreme Court justice is for their lifetime, as long as they maintain "good behavior". They can be impeached by the congress if they do not maintain "good behavior". As of 2010, the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court earns $223,500 per year; the Associate Justices earn $213,9 (MORE)

Who was the most recent justice to retire from the US Supreme Court?

Technically, since this question is being answered on June 21, 2010, the most recent justice to retire was David Hackett Souter , in 2009. However, Justice Stevens' planned retirement is upcoming in little more than a week, so if you're reading this after June 29, 2010, the most recent retiree is J (MORE)

What determines the term of office for US Supreme Court justices?

According to Article III, Section I , of the Constitution, Supreme Court justices hold their offices "during good behavior," meaning for life, as long as they don't commit an impeachable offense. Qualifying infractions are defined in Article II, Section 4, as "treason, bribery, or other high crimes (MORE)

Who votes for the Supreme court justices?

If you're referring to United State Supreme Court justices, then it is the members of the United States Senate who vote for them. Constitutionally they only need a simple majority vote of the full Senate to be confirmed. But before that happens, the judicial committee votes yes or no to recommend or (MORE)

What are the term limits for US Supreme Court justices?

There are no term limits for US Supreme Court justices. According to Article III, Section I, of the Constitution, Supreme Court justices hold their offices "during good behavior," meaning for life, as long as they don't commit an impeachable offense. Qualifying infractions are defined in Article I (MORE)

Why are most US Supreme Court justices Jewish?

Most US Supreme Court justices have been protestant or Catholic. There have been only eight Jewish justices in the history of the Court. The current Court seats three Jewish justices and six Roman Catholic justices. Jewish Justices . Louis Brandeis.................1916 - 1939.........Wilson . (MORE)

How often is a US Supreme Court is appointed in a term?

There is no schedule or statistical answer to this question. The President appoints a new justice to the US Supreme Court whenever a vacancy occurs on the Court because a justice resigns, retires or dies on the bench (or is impeached and removed from office, which has never happened), so the timing (MORE)

How often are US Supreme Court justices re-elected to the Court?

They are never elected nor are they re-elected or re-confirmed. The US Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life. They are nominated by the President and then confirmed by the U S Senate. On the other hand, state supreme court justices often have term limitations. In those states where just (MORE)

Do US Supreme Court decisions require a majority vote?

Yes. The final decision in a Supreme Court case requires a simple majority (one more than half) vote of the justices who heard the case. If all nine justices hear an appeal, then at least five must agree to form a majority opinion.

How long is a term in office for a US Supreme Court justice?

they serve the supreme court for a life long term Federal judges, including Supreme Court justices, are appointed for life. They leave office by resigning/retiring, impeachment, or death. For Life, but they can be impeached or retire at their own request.