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Home Depot is the largest retail home improvement chain in the United States. The company employs 321,000 employees at over 2,200 locations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and China.
yes, hardware store is usually a 32 ga. contractors buy their material according to smacna standards (sheet metal and air conditioning contractors of north america) usually 30 - 28 ga.
5- 7 bucks a SF and most guys charge a minimum fee. Example average kitchen backsplash is 30 Square feet 210.00 wouldn't be worth doing most tile guys minimum charge is 350.00-400.00 Here in Chicago the average price for installation of your ceramic tile should be about 5.50 per S/F straight lay...
"Colors" is performed by April Smith & The Great Picture Show.
  == Answer ==   Contact their local head office and ask to speak to one of the buyers for the relevant department (eg, a broom is the cleaning and storage buyer). Just speak to the receptionist at the head office and they will help you.
I am a long time customer at store 4110 at Wyomissing PA. I was renting a tool at the store about a year and a haft ago. The associate behind the desk was a person by name of (Shaw Woods). This time he was not helpful to me as a customer, tollay disrespectful and unpolite to me. I did not complain...
LS Lowe founded his first store in 1921. The Home Depot was established in 1978 by Bernie Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brill, and Patrick Farrah.
yes, right off of main and 31st
Hi ..... You can get a made to measure waterproof replacement garden swing canopy from Zippy UK Ltd in the UK... eBay ID is Comfortzone2k6. search "made to measure swing canopy" They offer canopies in 5 colours that are waterproof and rot proof and can be hosed down or wiped clean in seconds.
I would like to know the best way to file a complaint with Home Depot about sub standard work performed by a contractor hired by them to complete my project. Thank you This is Tinzley from Home Depot Customer Care; I would like to offer my help, I want to hear more about what happened, please email...
frank blake's phone number
i took in for repair my milwaukee miter saw and waited 6 weels for it returned. when i received it back i took it home and set it up and noticed that parts on the saw were missing and the saw looked like it was diferent from the one that i took them to fix. I bought the saw aproximate 3 and one half...
Pro sales is a department at home depot consisting of sales representatives who work at a special "desk" called the pro desk where we specifically tailor to the sales needs of "professionals in the business" some examples are contractors, painters, electricians, remodelers etc. basically anyone who...
There is probably more to this question than meets the eye. They, of course, will claim that they DID send you your bills to the address they had on file for you. My advice would be to try to get an appointment to speak to the local manager of the store you deal with. Perhaps, as a good customer, he...
$100,000 to start with a 2% increase per year with a ceiling of $270,000
You can get them on shopthdgear.com. You must have an employee number to view the products.
Jefferson Blvd in Marina Del Rey Culver City is open 24 hours.
On the Corporate website you can access a login page that will allow you limited access to the MyApron website. The related links will take you to the corporate site and also the My Apron website.
The Home Depot has more than 2,200 retail stores in the United States (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and the territory of Guam), Canada, Mexico and China.
  yes. I don't know that date when they plan to finish, sometime in the beginning of 2009. It will be located by the wal-mart supercenter on Highway-2
the home depot is cheap and the mangers don't want to dig into their bottom line god fobid you take away from their bonus. I make $9.24 an hour how do they expect people to survive.
  1 Concorde Gate, Suite 900 Toronto, ON M3C 4H9
Home Depot is the world's largest home improvement specialty retailer with stores in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, 10 Canadian provinces, Mexico and China and owns several companies, mostly brands they carry in their stores or companies they have acquired...
Depends on what location and what days and time of year. The HD I work for in Oregon is open Monday-Saturday 6AM-10PM during the summer months, and 6AM-9PM during the fall/winter months. Sundays it is open 7AM-8PM during the summer, and 8AM-8PM during the fall/winter months. Not all Home Depots go...
In terms of number of stores, Home Depot has more. Strangely, Home Depot is a younger company, started in 1979 while Lowes was started in the 1950's.
They sell all major brands including the best ones.
No, Home Depot currently has stores in the US, Canada, Mexico, and China.
the only way is when your password is expired you can change it on the Home Depot website
While not Lowes or Home Depot there will be stores similar to that kind of store. House construction methods are different out there.
KPMG, one of the Big Four accounting firms, is their independent auditor.
Bernard Marcus was fifty and Arthur Blank was 37. No biographical information was found on Pat Farrah, the unsung third founder.
There are over 2,200 different Home Depot locations. The  headquarters for Home Depot is located in the city of Atlanta, GA.
THD schedule login page: The Home Depot: Application Login
mailing address to report bankruptcy to Home Depot
the previous answer was No. but Yes we are open
The nearest hotel is the Toronto Don Valley Hotel and Suites, 175 Wynford Drive, Toronto, ON, M3C1J3.
Yes, a 17 year old can work from home.
There is a website for myapron to access your schedule through the new FAST system and, and to apply for new positions as an employee, to fix benefits and whatever, but to access the toolbelt i think you have to be on a store computer because they will not let you do monthly quizzes and things...
my name is craig monday i was in your oakbrookterrance store and i  cut my left hand on a piece of hvac material i talked to the  manager and gave him my info and he told me to go to the er to get  it looked at. it reqiured 6 stiches and the nerve may be damaged. I  called the store today and...
https://careers.homedepot.com/cg/Go here and search each state.
Home Depot has always been a good company for gays. They offered domestic partner benefits before there ever was gay marriage and they are in full support of gay marriage.
The Union, NJ store is the largest with 217,000 square feet. The second largest store is in Anaheim Hills, California at 205,000 square feet.
according to the website...27,000
No, Lowes does not own Home Depot. They are both publicly held companies.
A Home Depot account can be closed by calling customer service.  Your account can also be closed by going to the Home Depot website.
  i have a couple ideas only.... #1. it is not geared towards women... menards and lowes are #2. customer service is the worst... slow to service and lacking in knowledge of the products the store sells...
contact any local cabinet shop,deck builder,or local millwork shop,  they will have access to material suppliers which handle  appropriate wood species for out door uses.these services can be  best found by calling your nearest wholesale lumber dealer and ask  who they supply material to that...
Call Home Depot's toll free number (1-866-538-7735). They may direct you to a company called Sew What's Up (www.swingcanopycovers.com) which makes both the cushion cover and the canopy cover for the swing model.
The Home Depot TURNS a BLIND EYE at anything corporate doesn"t like. Store managers having relationships with ASM's, .... You're screwed. Been trying to overcome my store manager having a "relationship" with an ASM. I'm Gonna get fired for speaking up. The Home Depot Privacy Policy is bogus.
i dont know but i know they sell grass. not real ones ,just fake
No, there is no Home Depot in Campeche (City or State !). Lots of good little ferreterias and lumber stores but no one-stop-shop like HD. The nearest HD would be in Merida, Yucatan. Although the Governor and HD announced in April that two HD stores would be built, one in Ciudad del Carmen (makes...
Between 130 and 150 thousand square feet
  2455 Paces Ferry Rd. NW Atlanta, GA 30339-4024
Yeah, they do! they are always want to beat each other
You can reach the Home Depot legal department by calling their  corporate office at (770) 433-8211. Home Depot's corporate offices  are located in Atlanta, GA.
2455 Paces Ferry Rd.Atlanta, GA 30339
No, Walmart and Home Depot are NOT sister stores. Walmart and LOWES, however are sister stores.
THey told me to urinate in a cup .
According to a Home Depot employee, the paid holidays are  Christmas, Easter, Memorial day, Labor day, Thanksgiving Day.
I recently bought 5 of the 27 watt ones for a terrarium and aquarium I am building. It's 5500k color temp is similar to the color of the light the sun produces at around 10-11 AM and 1-2 PM, roughly. However, the manufacturer does not supply the CRI ( color rendering index ) number that many...
they used to have a direct website where you could submit but they changed the company the use and now its phone only. they do record and submit to the store manager.
24 hr Home Depot in Clayton County.
There are many different hammers and all are suited to a particular job. I have at least 8 totally different hammers and there are lots more. They are suited by different shaped heads, different materials and different length and style of handles. Look in big tool store and you will see at least 10...
a store where you buy things