A hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus. This can be done for a variety of reasons, including treatment for cancer.
Production of egg is possible with one ovary, for sure. It does notresult into any degree of infertility. However, due to hysterectomyhaving been performed, though the egg shall still be produced, itcannot get implanted and no fertilization either, so pregnancy isnot possible and the lady cannot...
This could probably be a result of some secondary infection causedduring the surgical procedure.
tissue forceps, dissecting scissors, scalpel handle,rochester-ochner forceps, retractor, sponge forceps, clamp
Conventionally, fallopian tubes are not removed during a partialhysterectomy. However, if the patient demands, or if the surgeonfinds it necessary, removal of fallopian tubes along with theuterus is possible(done in cases of possible risks of malignancy).Not done generally.
No more menstrual cycles, no chances of getting pregnant, lack offemale hormones-estrogens and progesterone, hot flashes, heatintolerance, mood swings, irritability and few others.
I had partial hesterocty two weeks ago and now running fever 99.3
Yes there may be some discharge after a hysterectomy which willbecome lighter in colour as your wounds heal. If you meant by thequestion will you menstruate then no as your uterus will have beenremoved.
Extremely unlikely, as the cells which proliferate to form fibroidsare already removed during hysterectomy.
Yes, certainly, though not done commonly. Indicated in specialcases like if the pregnant lady suffers/ will suffer seriouscomplications during childbirth.
Hysterectomy does not guarantee a relief from symptoms or fromendometriosis. Surgery is surgeon dependent. If all theendometriosis is not removed as the same time as the removal ofyour uterus and your ovaries, the patient may still haveendometriosis after this procedure.
The rule of thumb for post procedural care and discharge is usually 3 days. However this is dependent on the woman's health post operative, and blood tests, urine output, and BP all need to monitored as well as within acceptable range before discharge. Once discharged the woman is expected to wait...
You should have gone through menopause at the time of your complete hysterectomy. Depending on your age and the reason for the hysterectomy you may have been given replacement hormones, at some point in time - your doctor would have slowly decreased the hormones - that would cause you to go into...
Usually only if you have ovaries removed at sam time (oopherectomy)
Yes, and the ovaries are also removed.
This is removal of the uterus, cerix, fallopian tubes (salpingo)andovaries (oopherectomy) by way of a lateral or horizontal incisionin your abdomen.
Yes and ovary removal.
the surgerical instruments used in salpingo-oophorectomy
Yes as if you have just had the uterus removed you still have yourovaries. The menopause is caused by the ovaries not producing asmuch estrogen as you age.
You still can transmit genital warts if you have had a hysterectomy.
I had an umbilical hernia repair in 1989. I am scheduled to have a hysterectomy on April 15, 2013. My Dr. asked me if there was a mesh used, but I don't know. Why did she ask me that and how will that affect the hysterectomy? Rolanda Goldsborough
Yes, it is possible to have an ectopic pregnancy after a vaginal hysterectomy if one or both ovaries are still present.
It is the same risk as other major surgery.
A hysterectomy alone is the removal of the uterus. My understandingis that as you still have your ovaries and therfore your cycle theremoval does not affecr your monthly cycle of ovulation
Chlamydia can infect the urethra, which is not removed during a hysterectomy.
There seems to be a general agreement that weight is normal after ahysterectomy and that this is primarily caused in the period afterthe operation due to lack of normal exercise and diet whilst yourecuperate. There is no actual reason biologically for weight gainhowever and any weight can easily be...
I think I have read somewhere that it can. Type in menopause in your browser and research the material that comes up.
With no ovaries or uterus, you definitely won't get pregnant.
Answer . I would assume it's because you need estrogen. With Ortho Vera you are about 60% more exposed to estrogen then being on the pill. However, you should ask your doctor?
Spotting will continue for 2 to 8 weeks.
Your veterinarian should send your dog home with some pain medication. Under no circumstances should you give your dog human medication - you could kill her.
Answer . you still get aroused and the bartolin's glands secrete, but you don't have a physical orgasm. It's still can be satisfying and releasing.
Hysterectomy is removal of uterus. Total hysterectomy is removaluterus and cervix. Total hysterectomy with salping-oopherectomy isremoval of uterus,cervix,fallopian tubes (salpingo) and ovaries(oopherectomy). All these can be done either laprocscopically (keyhole) or abdominally ( incision in...
You can only get genital warts by having sexual relations with someone who has genital warts. The warts are caused by a virus that is spread in the same manner as AIDS is. Whatever parts of the body the virus comes in contact with the virus can develop the warts. When this woman had a hysterectomy,...
Yes you are still a virgin if you had a hysterectomy.
If you still have an ovary it could be possible. Talk to your doctor.
Depends on the reason you have to have one. If it's because of lots of bleeding or damage done to it during childbirth then it's a no. But if it's due to the breast cancer gene for instance it can be that you are a carrier since that gene is hereditary.
just been to the docs with my mum. the lump has been diagnosed as a hernia because she was doing too much too soon after her op.
It is quite normal for women to put on a certain amount of weightafter a hysterectomy because of the lack of mobility and exercisewhich does not burn off the calories as usual. You should exerciseas much as possible as soon as possible and ensure pelvic exercisesare doe regularly to build back the...
This is not possible it were then the medical profession would notbe experimenting with uterus implants which is in its infancy andfirst medical trial between mother and daughter is currently beingattempted.
Yes it does so you have to take hormones.
S/P in medical terms stands for "status post." It refers to a surgery or other event that occurred in the past. So s/p hysterectomy means the patient previously had her uterus removed.
I started menopause approximately two weeks after my hysterectomy.I am now 6 years post and still suffering. I am on a hormone patchand it does help some.
You will immediately be placed into menopause with hot flashes andsweats rather than the gradual menopause where the ovaries slowlyreduce their estrogen output. The symptoms can be alleviated by HRTor for some women natural remedies. Speak with your doctorregarding the benefits and disadvantages.
If you mean by full hysterectomy a total hysterectomy i.e. removalof the uterus and cervix then one ovary will produce the necessaryhormones that two ovaries would. You will go into menopause at thetime you normally would (average 51.7 yrs). Only if both ovariesare removed will you go into immediate...
When you are ready to. It really depends on the type ofhysterectomy you have as a laproscopic will be much quicker thanabdominal. If your job entails lifting then you shouldn't returntill you are fully fit. Average times are 2-4 weeks laproscopic,4-6 abdominal. Speak with your doctor before you...