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Coal has been the primary fossil fuel since Native American times. Once coal companies started in the United States in the early to mid 1800s, men from England (Great Britain now United Kingdom), Scotland, and other European countries were recruited to come to the US. Local coal miners, especially in the bituminous coal field (Pittsburgh PA Coal Field which extended through SW PA, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky) viewed these immigrants as "foreigners" and demanded companies only hire "practical" (experienced) miners; however, this idea formed solely because of language barriers and other biases, since overseas miners were very experienced in their home countries. Coal, as a fossil fuel, has been continuously mined in the US from the mid-1800s to the present.
Lignite is the type of coal that is stage 2.
The Iron lung was essentially a pressure chamber in which thethe pressure could be increased quite a lot over atmosphericpressure as a means of forcing the absorbed coal gas back out. Itsother common use was in treating polio, and also divers with the'bends'. . +++ . Coal-gas is poisonous by being...
Diamonds are Carbon; that's it. Coal is mostly Carbon with other elements in it.
Bituminous coal or black coal is a relatively soft coal containing a tarlike substance called bitumen. It is of higher quality than lignite coal but of poorer quality than anthracite. Formation is usually the result of high pressure being exerted on lignite.
Coal is abundant and easy to convert into electricity.
Coal is abundant and easy to harvest from the earth to produceelectricity relative to nuclear energy. Solar energy is abundantbut difficult to harvest compared to coal.
President used heavy hand against big buiseness
Mostly it's burned for energy.
Non-renewable. We dig it up out of the ground and we can't make anymore of it. Adding more, Coal is found in the depths of earth in form of natural resources,they are formed by processing of the trees and other biologicalresources
Because the get their coal by rail.
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Coal mining is a dangerous job in the coal mines, as you see by the devastating explosion just recently. Coal also produces many harmful gases into our atmosphere, so renewable resources are safer for people, animals, the earth, and everything!
1. Overburden O/B 2. Coal / ore 3. Interburden (or parting), I/B 4. Waste Sometimes: Waste = O/B + I/B (look at the context) Waste (O/B + I/B) needs to be removed to get access to coal / ore What Is Stripping Ratio ? a. Measures relative deposit depth Q: How important is depth...
Coal is a hydrocarbon rock formed from geologically trapped deposits of plant matter which were formed over millions of years. The oldest coal deposits are as much as 350 million years old; the youngest are about 15 million years old. Deposits that are younger than that do not have all the physical...
Coal was formed from the remains of plants and animals under highpressure. The sediment on top of the remains provides the pressureto convert peat into coal.
Burning coal releases enormous amounts of carbon dioxide into the air, and is a very large source of global warming as a result. It also releases various other pollutants and contributes to acid rain among other problems. A: Coal is certainly a carbon sink and the burning of coal does put CO2...
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Coal that has become diamond.
Answer . \nDo the math: Amps x Volts = Watts. Your house is mostly 120V and each circuit is usually 15amps (not counting large appliances).
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200 years with present technology.
Coal is only as homogeneous as the original materials from which it is formed. Many soft coals (lignites) are formed by the burial and compression etc, of forest or shrubland. Thus the coal formed from this will never be homogeneous, and you may find fossilized branches in the material. Many...
Coal is mined by two methods: surface or 'opencast' mining or underground or 'deep' mining. The choice of mining method largely depends on the geology of thecoal deposit. Underground mining currently accounts for a biggershare of world coal production than opencast; although in severalimportant...
They are known as Fossil Fuels and they are non-renewable resources
A LOT! The state itself receives over $3.5 billion from coal mining. Some reading for you-
It forbade the employment of boys under the age of 10 yrs, and banned employment of women of any age in the mines.
coal is black nuclear is purple
Coal is flammable because we use coal for barbecues
No, they should not. In most of the world, it is against the law. Mining- especially coal mining, can be an extremely dangerous job.
Peat becomes coal after being subjected to pressure from overlyingsediments for long periods of time. Water and other organicmaterials are squeezed out of the peat, leaving mostly carbon. Theharder the coal, the higher the carbon content. The water is frozento erosion and evolve
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Carbon from decayed vegetation goes through various stages due to heat and compression from peat moss through lignite, bituminous, anthracite, graphite, and eventually diamond. Each has a greater pure carbon content (and less water) than the previous, and therefore greater heating value when used as...
Most Industries are concentrated around coal mines or the following reasons- 1. We know that the major industries are iron and steel industry. 2.The iron and steel industry requires heat to melt the steel to form different shapes. 3.Therefore more heat can be generated by the energy stored in the...
Trains mainly, also trucks
Coal and petroleum consist primarily of carbon. Limestone is the ionic compound CaCO 3 , known as calcite or calcium carbonate, which contains carbon.
do a Google search for the Mine Act of 1842. Good article that includes the investigations of the panel that recommended the act be passed. Includes a few illustrations of mining.
Because its a good power source. And there isn't another viable energy source yet. Hydrogen car? yeah right. Remember the Hindenburg? Electric car? Forget long trips plus electricity is still mainlyproduced through the burning of fossil fuels so its not a "cleanalternative". Ethanol? Don't get...
Burning coal is an exothermic reaction as it give heat
it is called surface mining
Basically energy from the sun enables plants to grow by photosynthesis, using chemicals in the soil and atmosphere. Coal is the fossilised remains of ancient plants.
it is formed by being burned which causes heat, which can also be converted into motion energy.
The United States produces about 20% of the world's supply of coal. Montana is the state with the most coal reserves, but Wyoming is the top coal-producing state. Coal generates about half of the electricity used in the United States.
well... coal is very rare and hard to get but it is one of the best natural resources we have.
accumulation of organic matter, compression into peat, compression into coal
From what I've there no such thing as tennis rackets with middle strings made out of coal! I just think people are saying that because they've heard from someone! .
Its very expensive to produce coal. If you want to produce it, you have to spend millions on drills and also pay the costs of your company. Who the heck is asking this anyway?
The United States of America is the Leading North American Producer
Coal is also mined by underground mining, but only a portion of the coal present can be removed (holds up the roof). Coal is also mined by high wall or long wall mining, and by using large diameter augers to dig laterally into exposed seams.
The colour of the bituminous coal varies from pitch black to grey colour. Sometimes more or less laminated showing layers of bright and dull coals
There were 1493 coal fueled power plants in the United States in 2006. They produce about 50% of the country's electricity.
Coal Is non renewable. You can only use it once, and then it's ash. Renewable means you use it today, like heat stored from the sun, and more heat still there tomorrow to store again. An example involves wood (burned directly) or crops (converted to ethyl or methyl alcohol or biodiesel and then...
produces electricity
because coal is a component that when added to water makes it polluted and increase the chance to have acid rain. By: Kieth S. From: De La Salle University Lives in: Forbes Park Manila
yes because it is made up of various different substances and looks as if to be various different substances due to the crumbling away of freshly mined coal.
Burning is a chemical change, an oxidation.
Coal is considered to be a rock.
Yes, the energy stored in coal came from the sun. Plants using an ingenious process called photosynthesis, use energy from the sun, to take carbon-dioxide from the air, use the carbon and release the oxygen back to the air. After the plant is eaten or dies and is decomposed or burned (the net...
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Coal bearers are kids who have to load their backs with coals
For production of electricity, possibly yes. This won't be for 50 years at least in my opinion, and what the oil sitution will be then is difficult to forecast. There is plenty of coal available. Natural gas may run out. Nuclear fission will expand to some extent, and renewables like wind will also...
No. Anthracite coal is a metamorphic rock.
yes. chemical potential energy
Will depend on the mine, but in general, underground coal mines may be very wet. One of the first uses of early steam engines was operating mine pumps to control water levels.
No, a person who worked in a coal mine would likely be biased. Also, little data can be extracted from any memoir at all.
No, it is not a fossil. It is a fossil fuel.
Answer . dark colors get shine in a very hot iron because dark colors always a good absorber of heat so it absorbs the heat and it reflects as a shine on the fabric.
You get lotsa money for 'em. i had 2k and after selling my ores and coal i ended up wid 44k
It was predicted that our coal resources will last for around 250 years more. I am reluctant to agree with this statement though. Our oil reserves are expected to run out within the next 50 years if technology does not advance enough to give us alternatives. When this happens, our coal consumption...
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Yes, coal is a NONrenewable energy source. It is running out rapdily, which is why we are trying to find alternative renewable ways to create energy, such as recycling and energy turbines.
Steam Engines steam engine In the late 1700s what new machines started the industrialrevolution
Coal has proved to be very useful for man and his progress in many ways. It has proved as an important source of energy and raw material as well. It is clear from the following examples: . The advent of Industrial Revolution was based on the steam energy produced by using coal as a fuel. It is,...