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A place to ask advice and help in dealing with the piping systems of homes and offices. That includes water supply and waste transport and the associated fixtures.


There are many different models but this is the one I could findcloset to the $150 price range. GERBER Two Piece Elongated Toilet w/ 10" Rough-In 0021410 White, Ihope that helps.
Measures the diameter of the valve and try and match up the size inyour local plumbing store. If it is truly a vintage valve and not a new one made to give theeffect you can also try building material recovery (recycling)companies. The difficulty is identifying the thread used.
As long as the pipe going into the wall is straight, the rest of the drain pipe can be routed however it needs to be. Very often the trap is at an angle to the pipe in the wall.
you don't need a PhD to fix a pipe, try to call dripdropplumbing because you fried my brain
If the hose screws onto the fixture, it should be a compression fitting, most likely a 3/8's. It will be brass, not chrome finished.
A new outlet (running new wire) or replacing an old one (wires already there)? Shut off the Power to that Receptical, diconnect the receptical, and reconnect the New receptical using the Wires from the one you replaced. Then turn the power back on and Test it with a Tester!
The pressure depends upon the city/well pressure setting, but waterwill run through the pipes to your faucet as soon as the 40 gal.tank and pipes are full. Remember to remove the aerators when youdo any major changes as the faucet aerators will clog up with anyloosened debris.
If copper, drain the water out of the pipe, clean the spot and solder over the hole. Steel, either replace a section of pipe, take apart and reassemble making sure the joints have enough dope or teflon tape on them to seal.
It depends upon the venting that is used, look for your vent pipeson the roof and see if any are close to open windows. If you find aparticularly close vent pipe (and you home has several vent pipes)you can add a "Studor Vent" to the top of the vent. A Studor ventis the equivalent to a one-way air...
Depending on what. Mostly is a sewage
Try removing and cleaning out the aerator on the sink faucet, and the shower head. (Word to the wise: if you take them apart, write down the order. It can be tricky trying to figure it out, afterwards). By just removing them, you should get hot water, thereby verifying that these are the cause...
Depand apone the system required pressure for water supply. it should be 1.5 times of max system pressure and for drainage only gravity pressure is enough to test the system.
$23,000 for a entry level worker. $77,440 for an experienced worker
The simplest type is a coiled spring steel cable with one end slightly bigger. Feed the big end into the drain twisting it as you put it in. At some point, you will come up against the clog. Screw the cable into the clog and pull it back out of the drain. The majority of clogs are hair related. You...
In general you would only do this if you need to connect a sectionof brass piping to a pvc section.
to cut 42 " pipe place the pipe on a set of bearingspower driven .place a torch on a stand so it is steady .have the pipe roll about 10 inches per minute.thatis what we do.
It conducts heat and electricity very well. It is good in pipes forkeeping the heat in the water.
You can use one of the cleaners available in the market to cleanthe water pipe line.
If the blind is on a window then the leak could be coming from the window sill upstairs. Pipes also are run through the walls and your neighbor may not be aware of any leak. Contact your property landlord before more extensive damage is done.
At well assorted hardware stores, building supermarkets ...
This means the highest point which the piping attains. typicallyreferring to where trapped air will go and be vented or bled out.
Most probably the problem is a damaged valve, possibly buildup of calcium on the valv seat or a scratched/deformed valve seal. . Turn off the water mains . Take the valve part be careful and note the location and order of all pieces . Locate the faulty piece . Get a replacement or re-ream the valve...
There may be debris in the pipe from adding the new pipes that have plugged the screen in the faucet. The end of the spout has the screen and unscrews. The valves themselves can also be plugged.
Water strives for its own level plumbing is based on this law andthis law also says that clean water should come in where as dirtywater or drain water should be out.Now this is entirely based onnatural law of pressure.It allows clear water to pass throughpipes.Dirty waste water on the contrary...
Where is the leak at? The aerator is in the end of the spout, it may have a plastic or rubber seal between it and the spout. A leak any other place is probably an O ring.
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\nThis may be an old sewer system probably going to a septic drain field. Before you discard this be sure you have a working potty draining system.
It is a coiled spring that is put inside a copper pipe so that it can be bent without kinking the pipe.
I'm going to guess the old sink was porcelain or cast iron and the new one is cultured marble? If that's the case, the old one had an over flow hole at the top of the bowl so that is wouldn't over flow. That was the vent for the sink. Cultured marble ones don't so the water is trying to go down...
In the state of Florida a plumber needs a license to be able towork. If they are working with a contractor, both of them need tobe licensed.
I would give it a good plunging. They meet up at a common main drain so it has to be something in the slow one's line. Another thought. Take a 5 gallon bucket of water and pour it in the slow one's bowl as fast as it will take it. Bring the water level up to the rim. This is a much greater volume...
If you can get clean in 5 minutes that's all that counts. You should be able to take a 20 minute one before you run out of hot water. That's the only real time limit on the length of a shower.
OF COURSE BUT they should be of non scaling materials and be pitched slightly away from the fixtures being served so any condensation will flow back towards the fixture drain and allowing for hot air to rise up to the vent terminal
The ancient Romans, along with many other plumbing innovations.
depends what their doing and what they have been doing
If I were doing it and I have, I would cut the asbestos with a utility knife, carefully peel the asbestos off, put it in a trash bag and throw it away. I can't get excited about a little asbestos. If you are around it all day every day, yes, you run a risk of it affecting you. A one time exposure I...
Hot water gets to any appliance through the pipes in the home. As soon as framing is completed in any home, pipes are laid from the incoming main supply to the faucets, the H/W tank, and the toilet. another set of pipes leads from the H/W tank to each hot faucet, including the ones where washing...
invert refers to the elevation of the inside bottom of a pipe. Specifically, the elevation at which flow occurs
Answer . \nCheck the angle stop or cut off as some people call it. If it is not turned on all the way, the pipes will hammer or vibrate. This is the supply line to the lavatory I'm talking about.
\nHave the new valve in hand. Cut the toilet water supply off at\nthe commode, or even at the street meter box.Remove water tube or pipe supply and old flush valve. Install new valve and new supply line if required.
You will get some back pressure from the water heater. It will come out of either the hot or cold. Shut the tank off if there is a shut off there.
As long as it is a sweat fitting. The term for soldering copper is to sweat it. Don't ask me why.
Yes, either by sweating it or with the right fitting on the copper for the brass to screw on. Yes by soldering , brazing, adapters such as Flagg flow TP fittings , Flaire, screwed , Mechanicl joints
Depends on what you are doing. soldered is for copper water lines. Threaded can be for water, gas, or anything else.
It doesn't really matter. The old oil based has worked forever, Teflon paste is a little cleaner. Either one will do the job. I use Teflon tape for most everything anymore. Clean and easy to use. Cheap also.
Yes, the cold feed to fill the flush tank is normally taken fromthe sinks cold supply and vice versa. However, remember to place aninline isolator so that at any time you have an issue with theflush you can stop the water and still have the feed to the sinkunit. This is now becoming good practice....
Boilers have to be adjusted because of less ( thinner air) Oxygen
You run a power auger through it. You can rent one, but should have some experience with one before you try it on your own. You can get tangled up with it or maybe loose the cable. Having someone do it will be between $50 and $150. Could be more in some places.
\n. \n. \nYou have old rust clogged galvanized pipes and someone cut the water on in another outlet. Fixit1
I think, only a guess that the pipe under the house and possible even those inside are not covered. The damage they cause probably is, but not the pipe itself. Ask your agent.
The pipe installed for the purpose of ventilation is known as a vent pipe while a pipe which is installed in a house drainage to preserve the water seal of trap is an anti-siphonage pipe.
\nThere is a nut on the blade and takes a 3/4 socket(on the ones I worked upon)to remove the cutter counte-clockwise. Actually- most time I cleared the clog by turning the blade a few inches and the clog was removed by hand.
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MDPE is Medium Density Polyethylene. Used for underground gaslines. IE firepit or to an outdoor BBQ. Is most common. MDPE gaspipe CANNOT be used inside of any building. Outside useONLY!
Yes, it will do that. It is also unsanitary. You should have your floors professionally cleaned.
Schedule 40 PVC is the type and thickness of water pipe.
The standard position for a toilet paper holder - should be 8-12 inches in front of the toilet and 26 inches (centerline) above the floor.
membership organisation for plumbing and heating businesses whowant professional support to help them be successful and prosper inan ever competitive and regulated market.
Shut the tank down, so that it does not fire up. Was you water shut off,due to unpaid bill. Is there a break in the water line feed to the house. Did the check valve break, did someone shut off a valve to the heater. For what ever reason, if there is no water flow to the heater, it must be...
Have you turned on the shutoff valve below the sink .
This sounds like an interesting project but if there was a question there, I didn't see it. - Good luck with your project.
Most new style well pressure tanks have a large tough balloon known as the bladder to contain the water as it's pumped in from the well. This bladder will expand to fill about 2/3 of the tank volume. The other third is the air charge, usually of 28psi. It is this air charge that gives the water it's...
Answer . The toilet IS the trap. No other trap is required.
The wax ring underneath it? Shut the water off, flush the toilet and let as much of the water go out as possible. Get the remainder out with a sponge or towel. Dip the water out of the bowl. Take the two nuts loose on the base of the toilet on either side at the bottom. Disconnect the water supply...
thousands of years ago, most likely in china or the ancient middleeast, its debatable. they were made of of fired clay or hollowedand banded logs
Depends on the brand, but generally you will need to turn off the water supply, unscrew the supply lines from the valve on the back of the machine. On most brands, you will have to pop the top of the machine. there is usually a 5/16 screw holding the valve in place. Remove the screw, disconnect the...
You can't use it because it has the same melting point as the pipe you are trying to seal. It just will not work. What you use has to have a lower melting point than what you are trying to weld or attach to.
A potential plumber needs to have physical mental & socialskills.Physical strength to use power tools to cut and bend metalconnections.Upper body strength is required to move tools and pipesof different shapes and size.Plumber should be able to grip toolslike wrenches, screwdrivers, saws and metal...
A failing septic system does not properly breakdown solids and allows excess raw sewage to penetrate the water table you may be drawing your drinking water from. This in turn translates in harmful bacteria entering your soil and contaminating your land and water in the future. It can also be...
Masco Corp. owns Delta Faucet Co.
It depends on weather you are planing to be living there or moving out for the winter and if you plan to be running the heat all winter. That said you should, if you do not plan to heat the house/camp all winter, drain all the water lines. This includes shutting off the water heater and draining it....
Cut the water supply off and relieve system supply pressure. \nUnscrew the anode and replace it with the new one and a samll amount of plumbung sealent.(as if you didn't know that - sorry)
A collet fitting is a holding device that forms a collar aroundparts on a vehicle to hold them in place. There are both outer andinner collet fittings.
I'm thinking I'm going to have to make a tool to either lasso or clamp onto the inlet pipe in order to pull it up. Anybody know of such a tool already in existence? Please help. I can't get my water going again until I figure out how to get that pipe out so I can reconnect it to the pump. EDIT: ...
Answer . \nThe mixing valve is messed up...It's easier to fix than figure out.
A pressure regulator is a control valve that reduces the inputpressure of a fluid to a desired value at its output.
This raw sewage is full of bacteria that would make any animal or person ill. Take to a vet or monitor for appetite loss is you are unable to do so immediately.If appetite loss happens, get to a vet immediately. A dog could be suffer some kind of kidney issues because of the sewage. A dogs or...
I have sealed holes around cables and pipes with steel wool . . . it tends to discourage gnawing; however, if it's in a moist location, it will rust like crazy. I now use fiberglas insulation for the same purpose.
try the application of a moderate amount of heat Most heads are on a ball swivel, so you need to hold the collar of the head and not the head. You use either a pipe wrench or channel lock pliers and hold the collar with a wrench and remove it. In 20 years, I have never had to apply heat...
Has it been 6 years sense you checked your anode rod. If it is deteriorated this can cause an odor. If the tank is old, this can also cause an odor. Read your manual oh how to check your anode rod, or go online to the MFG website and read it, also look in the troubleshooting section for odor....
Do you have an upstairs tenant or the sewer is backing up.
It forms an air lock keeping out sewer gasses.
When water freezes it expands, as opposed to practically all other liquids. (For this reason ice fortunately forms on the TOP of ponds and lakes.) The expansion causes pressure to build up that could eventually burst the pipe. However, most water pipes burst because, as the ice builds up in the...
Gas, oil,electric,solar and I have even seen Bio mass water heaters.
Answer . Check the thermostat. It may be stuck on. Try changing the temperature setting and see how it reacts. If you cant get it working by playing with it, you may have to have it replaced.
No, they have to have a place to attach it. The fitting is in the middle of the faucet underneath directly under the spout.You can also add on a hose sprayer to end of the faucet but you need a special fitting to do this. The fitting needs to be adapted with a quick release. A replacement sprayer...