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Internet memes are basically the fads of the internet. Memes are fads, actions, jokes, or other ideas that are passed from one person to another. Some examples of internet memes are the Keanu Reeves is sad captions, Grumpy Cat, planking, The Harlem Shake, and the Hamster Dance. Social media often plays a key role in an item becoming an internet meme.
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The same thing for you, my dear (amour = love)
A "meme" is believed to be a base unit of cultural ideas, anything from the idea of fire, to life after death, to a melody or saying. It is a concept based on the idea of social evolution, in that memes that are more successful will replicate by being passed on by their hosts (people) by word of...
"To you, the same" roughly... The French tend to say "A vous de même" when Americans would say "You, too" in the following situation: Have a great day! You, too! Passez une bonne journée! A vous de même!
Vous meme cherie means "you even Cherie."
hope for all, from yourself
Thank you Darling, the same for you
I'm personal to Rule 1, myself.
The consciousness and the world are given in the same translation
Was the earth atmosphere's composition always the same?
A meme is a unit of cultural information, such as a culturalpractice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeatedaction from one mind to another. As meme is a coined word (as opposed to one naturally evolvingthrough language), meme in Spanish is just "meme".
Only in Kenya!
Actually, no one really knows. But, it did start with a video of, 'The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog', when Doctor Eggman (or Robotnik) said, "SnooPINGAS? Usual I see." Then, people used the same recording, but they used only the "PINGAS" part. In Youtube, people use them in YouTube Poops.
Think. Maybe and I think so.
Now we speak the same language, dear?
"j'ai la même robe" means "I've got the same dress".
"Thoughts are electrochemical signals." is the only one that is true. Humans do have some instincts (i.e., the instinct of infants to try to crawl and then walk), animals can learn more effectively than we ever previously believed, and memes are idea that are transmitted from person to person within...
hello you sent me an invitation we have the same family name is that the reason?
if you are referring to the English word "Same" then the French translation for that is "même".
http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/The_Selfish_Gene (1976)
I'm not sure about the "cena". Est-ce que tu m'aimes ? -- Do you love me? de la part de Laura -- from Laura / on Laura's behalf
Check the cheeseburger network of which has many sections to lookat, or Know Your Meme, the encyclopedia on memes.
"I think exactly the same, you are my world."
No he is not. He is a CGI ( Computer Generated Imagery ) Character made on a 3D Drawing program. The inventor ( Erik Wernquist ) Made the 3D animation.
Sometimes, to see the best in others, you must see the faults in yourself.
There all over the web! Go to youtube and type in " Le internet Melody". This youtube hit is full over 40 memes!
they're like fads, but on the internet. People on the internet like to uses memes to make references to things they've played, heard, or watched to show their hate, love, or randomness for it
1337 comes from what the numbers would represent if transformed into alphabetical characters. l - e - e - t. It has no specific origin.
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{f# f# f# f# e f#} {f# f# f# f# e f#} {f# a f# e d} {b b c# d}
Ehhh I wouldn't call him a meme, but his stuff defiantly can cause births of memes.
"Let there be light." If you think about it, it could be the answers.com motto.
they (girls) are students in the same (senior high) school.
Right click the image then click "copy" then paste it onto MS paint and fill in what it ask you to make the charter do. Then save it by pressing the "file" button at the top then press "save".
Internet memes exist because delusional half-witted dolts think random idiocy that makes them popular is funny. In truth, it just makes them more idiotic than they once were.
It's something on the internet that is like a fad. For instance the rick roll thing.
Creativity or crappy work that people laugh at.
They are all 13-14. But they changed their name to Triple Take' , and KeKe is not in it no more .
même (with an accent circumflex over the first e) means "even" in french.
No. This can be the same type of prank using the trololo videoinstead of Rick Astley's never gonna give you up. Trololo has avariety of other applications besides spoofing.
Easy. Go to the Related Links below and search "Percy Jackson Bank Meme".
For rage comics, we use courier, usaully 16 size
According to google's dictionary it is "an element of a culture orsystem of behavior that may be considered to be passed from oneindividual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation."According to my definition, it is anything weather picture, image,phrase, tradition, ect that is passed...
because hes broke and he just likes dancing to the song XD
There are two sunglass memes. One where the meme takes the glasses off and says "Holy mother of god." And another one where the meme takes off the glasses and says "Awwwww yeaahh" The "holy mother of god" meme: Mother of God is an exploitable 4pane comic derived from "Rage Guy" in which the main...
I suggest memebase.com, it gives you an option called meme builder and that lets you create memes. Good luck :)
IMPROVED: That whole first answer is ridiculous regardless of truth. This is a french forum, and your question deserved to be answered as such. Your answer is of you are an english speaker, try to say mem and mam at the same time. You should come very close to the french pronunciation. I believe...
Awesome face and trollface are the most popular, but it depends on what you like. Not us.
It means ''at peace with myself''.
It's actually called "All your bases are belong to us" I know...Confusing, right? It's because The meme comes from the opening cut-scene of the 1991 European sega mega drive version of the video game Zero Wing by Toaplan, which was poorly translated from Japanese.. So, it doesn't really mean...
There are too many to list, so I recommend looking at the meme encyclopedia "Know Your Meme" for history on all sorts of memes.
No actually most of the memes smosh uses are ones that have been around for a while. There ae newer ones they use, and they are from other places too.
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The sentence 'C'est la meme chose' may be translated as It's the same , It's the same thing . In the word-by-word translation, the demonstrative pronoun 'ce'* means 'this'. The verb 'est' means '[he/she/it] is'. The definite article 'la' means 'the'. The adjective 'meme' means 'same, very'. And...
When Rhett and Link made a commercial for him on a T.V. show called Commercial Kings.
"... were nonetheless ready to enjoy the party"
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
"Et je dirai même plus" means "And I would say even more".
He was a man that was FOREVER ALONE that spent hours on his porch yelling Y U NO do this and Y U NO do that. He was a SCUMBAG named STEVE, and had 3 DOGS - ADVICE, COURAGE, and INSANITY. He studied the evolution of the PHILOSIRAPTOR with his partner that was a GOOD GUY, GREG was his name. He thought...
I think it literately translates to "me same" :3 Hope this helps!
Your french sentence is missing words, it canno't be translated as is
Tu me manques plus que la vie elle-meme - I miss you more than life itself. Je t'aime de tout mon coeur - I love you with all my heart et sera toujours le faire - this is not clear - could you check your spelling/transcription?
Nyan Cat, Headache Puppy, not much in 2011.
Absolutely not. You can do team effort memes if you want. To me,and most that would seem to get in the way. Most people would justmake them by themselves like myself.
The origins of the "G-Major" meme appear to have first started on Youtube and have remained quite popular to his day, due to its "scary" and "creepy" sound effects. The earliest know video that utilizes G-major is PanicBomber's Scaryroll and the view count has nearly reached one million views. As...
Awncer is....... Why dont you just ask your parents?
The God Of Memes of course what did you think
I think they are only important as a shared cultural experience. Ifyou use a meme that is familiar to someone, you can compare thecurrent situation to the situation in a popular movie or news story(or whatever the meme is based on), and get a laugh, or possiblyeven add some deep, poignant meaning to...
If you want to change the text, you can just find an image of itthat has no text and add in whatever you want. If you wish to edithis looks, you need a program that can edit pictures such asphotoshop or gimp, or just simply paint and draw lines on it if youwant.
trollface is a black and white drawing of a face with a largemischievous grin that is meant to portray the expression someonemakes while trolling. Posting a Trollface image into a forum threadis often used to claim that someone was being fooled orintentionally angered. The face commonly appears in...