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Chicago White Sox

Originally the Chicago White Stockings (from 1901-1903), this category is for questions about the Chicago White Sox team as well as their history, their players, records and anything else about the team in general.
Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player that played forthe White Sox.
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The White Sox wound up with an 87-67 record in 1972 and finished in second place in the American League's Western Division, 5 1/2 games behind the Oakland Athletics.
Manager Kenny Williams makes $260,000 as a salary.
The White Sox entered the 2009 season as the defending A.L. Central Champs. However, the 2009 season was a disappointment as they could not defend their crown and finished in 3rd place, behind Minnesota and Detroit with a 79-83 record. They ended up 7.5 games out of first.
The Chicago White Sox won the 1906 World Series by beating the Chicato Cubs four games to two. The final game of the Series, won by the White Sox 8-3 was played on October 14 at Comiskey Park.
The Chicago White Sox beat the Houston Astros in 4 games in the World Series.
The Chicago White Sox played the Houston Astros in the 2005 World Series. The White Sox swept the Astros in 4 games giving Chicago it's first Championship in 88 years!
1969-1970: 2B Bobby Knoop 1976: C George Enright
The starting or primary catchers for the White Sox in the 50s were:1950 and 1951 - Phil Masi1952 through 1959 - Sherm Lollar
Because he works for WGN a Chicago owned station, although it is broadcasted through many different states, he probably makes around $150,000 a year a pretty well paid guy.
There are lots of people alive who know about the "Black Sox Scandal" due to the books, movie and historical accounts of the incident. However, since the "scandal" occured in 1919, over 90 years ago, there may be a few people alive today that would have a "first hand" knowledge of the event, but not...
In 2009, the Chicago White Sox played 162 games . They finished with a 79-83 record.
Doug Adams played 2nd base for the Chicago White Sox in 8 games in 1969.
Since 1980:   Charlie Haeger, Bartolo Colon, Jim Parque, Wilson Alvarez, Jack McDowell, Jim Winn, Joe Cowley, Britt Burns
According to the 1993 edition of Baseball Encyclopedia, there was a pitcher for the White Sox between 1969-1977 named Bart Johnson. He was born in Torrance, CA. and had a career record of 43-51.
Paul Konerko,The First Baseman for the Chicago White Sox(he wears the number 14) had a total number of 326 Home-Runs.
The White Sox were the best team in baseball in the late 1910's having won the World Series in 1917 and the American League again in 1919. Their opponent in the 1919 world series was the Cincinnati Reds. The White Sox were a much better team and were heavily favored to win their second World Series...
The so called black sox scandal involved the Chicago White Sox, American League champions in 1919. Several Chicago players supposedly took bribes to throw the World Series to the Cincinnati Reds. All the players involved were banned for life by baseball commissioner Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis.
  CHICAGO CUBS CAREER HITS H 1 Cap Anson 2995 2 Ernie Banks 2583 3 Billy Williams 2510 4 Ryne Sandberg 2385 5 Mark Grace 2201 6 Stan Hack 2193 7 Ron Santo 2171 8 Jimmy Ryan 2073 9 Sammy Sosa 1985 10 Phil Cavarretta 1927 11 Gabby Hartnett 1867 12 Billy Herman 1710 13 Don Kessinger...
In 1917 the White Sox defeated the New York Giants 4 games to 2 to win the World Series.
Chicago has been the only home of the White Sox.
In the 2007, Mark Buehrle pitched 201 innings. He went 10-9 with a 3.63 ERA, gave up 208 hits and 22 home runs while walking 45 batters and striking out 115.
In the 1930s, the White Sox played their home games at Comiskey Park.
  According to Baseball Almanac, no one on the 1995 White Sox roster wore #21.
  == Answer ==   The longest doubleheader, timewise, in MLB history was in 1995 between the Chicago White Sox and the Texas Rangers which lasted 7 hours 39 minutes.
Yes. Ken Griffey Jr. played 41 games for the Chicago White Sox in 2008.
The ORIGINAL White Sox Park or Comiskey Park was built in 1910 by Charles A. Comiskey. It was the first ballpark made of concrete and steel (other parks were made of wood up until that time) setting the standard for all ballparks thereafter. It was briefly known as 'The Baseball Palace of the World'...
Bobby Jenks AKA (Big Bobby Jenks) lives in Hindsdale,IL. He lives in a private lot and has a baseball field in his neighborhood. He is a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox. His number is #45 and the is the White Sox's RP or Closer.
  yes in about 1919 and 1917 like when they won the world series in 1917 and blew one in 1919 they wore a sox hat that had a big s that was black and had a white backround
The White Sox were known as the White Stockings from 1901-1903. The name was shortened to White Sox in 1904 so newspapers could fit the name in their headlines.
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Answer . I have found a 2006 SP Legendary Cuts Ray Schalk card on hotlistrookies.com for $2.95. Several are also listed on eBay.
The northern building is the John Hancock building. The southernbuilding is the Sears Tower.
No, Jackie Robinson spent his entire MLB career, 1947-1956, with the Brooklyn Dodgers.
Lofton wore No. 1 during his brief stint with the White Sox in 2002.
It was the innovative showman Bill Veeck, who brought exploding scoreboards and uniforms with short pants to the south side of Chicago.Veeck, who once sent a midget to bat in a 1951 regular-season game when he ran the St. Louis Browns, owned the White Sox twice, from 1959 to 1961 and from 1975 to...
Depends what team you like..... I am a Yankees fan, I would Insult the White Sox line up, pitching, and their manager. Just saying.
  in the 2005 year for the sox the player was Tadahito Iguchi
  They lost 63 games in the regular season, and one more game in the post-season, losing Game 1 of the League Championship Series to the LA Angels. They went on to sweep the Houston Astros 4-0 in the World Series. kn
The White Sox were an original member of the American League when it began in 1901.
Robin Ventura hit 10 grand slams with the White Sox and 18 overall in his career. Ventura hit 2 slams for the Sox in the 1991, 1993, 1995, and 1996 seasons and 1 slam in the 1994 and 1998 seasons.
== Answer ==   I have searched several baseball sites and have found no matches for Jay Barnard.
It seems like an awesome team. I think it sucks that your league does pitching staffs, not individual pitchers. I would love to have this team! 9.9 out of 10!!!
  AJ Pierzynski @ Orlando Dr Phillips High School
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A total of 10 double plays completed by both teams in a single game. On July 18, 1990 at Fenway Park the Minnesota Twins completed 6 double plays and the Boston Red Sox completed 4 double plays.
That doesn't seem to be information that the baseball sites keep. They do say that Kolloway was born in Posen, Illinois and grew up on Chicago's South Side.
The White Sox have won the World Series 3 times. 1906, 1917, and 2005.
Zambrano is 0 for 9 against the White Sox, with an 11.41 ERA
cubs vs white sox also known as: the crosstown classic.
The crosstown rivals will square off in four consecutive games in2017. On July 24th and 25th, the White Sox will visit the Cubs atWrigley Field. Then on July 26th and July 27th, the White Sox willhost the Cubs at U.S. Cellular Field.
calton fisk and Ron karkovice
  == Answer ==   The Chicago White Sox have won 3 World Series - 1906, 1917, 2005.      
Yes. Through the 2007 season, the Cubs and White Sox have played 60 games and each has won 30.
  White Sox. He has stated that several times and has thrown out the first pitch for them several times. After the white sox won the world series in 05 he addressed the Senate about the white sox.
PCH: Estaban Loaiza   The White Sox traded Estaban Loaiza to the New York Yankees for Contreras and an undisclosed amount of cash in 2004.
Through the 2010 elections, the last player that played for the White Sox to enter the Hall was pitcher Rich "Goose" Gossage who was elected in 2008 and played with the White Sox between 1972-1976.
Vs. Seattle on Wednesday July 21st 2010 evening losing 2-1.
    == Answer ==     It's tough to assign a value without knowing a few very important particulars - namely the precise year versus the era, "1960s," as the value can be a lot greater or lower depending on the players present - and the accomplishments of a team in a particular season...
Carlos Quentin or Alex Rios
No. The Chicago White Sox are members of the AL, (American League.)
99 wins 63 losses ws champs 11 and 1 in the playoffs 3-0 alds, 4-1 alds, and 4-0 in world series 100% sure of it
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No. Jim Thome is happily married to his wife, Andrea.
MLB pitcher and sportscaster Steven M. "Steve" Stone is 69 years old (born July 14, 1947). UK footballer Steven B. "Steve" Stone is 45 years old (birthdate: August 20, 1971).
2005 they won the pennant and then the world series
In 2000, the Chicago White Sox had a 95 -67 record.
Yes he was. He was one of 12 people how were sold a small intrest in the ball club.
Prior to U.S. Cellular Field (1991-present), the Chicago White Sox used to play their home games at Comiskey Park (1910-1990).
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Throwing the world series for several times there salary
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