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Sojourner Truth

Born in 1797, Sojourner Truth was a civil rights activist. She was born to slaves, and sold along with a flock of sheep for $100 before she had even reached her teens. After gaining her freedom, she wrote several books on civil rights and also became an orator, delivering such famous speeches as "Ain't I a Woman."
yes I'm pretty sure that she did use it.
Yes, she did. She fully accomplished her goal after she died
Sojourner was very poor, but her family did good in some ways.
No, she did not. In fairness, Sojourner Truth (real name Isabella Baumfree) was alive in the early to mid-1800s, a time when few woman, black or white, attended college. In fact, only the wealthiest, elite white Christian men had the opportunity for higher education. Sojourner Truth would have been...
she was famous because of her speech'' Ain't I A Women''.
Its a possibility of over 50 or more.
She not "free" black slaves. She escaped slavery, took a white man to court over custody of her son, won the case and went on from there to be an advocate for the African Americans. She was an icon and a role model,a politician.
Sojourner Truth was always outgoing. She would keep going for years without giving up and because of that she would be able to fight for rights. She was always upbeat. She was happy. She would never be to disappointed and she never had an angry side to her.
she was born raised in new york
Sojourner Truth had a total of five owners from birth to freedon
she liked to write books and speek against slavery
Sojourner Truth was a slave and had no education. At that time African Americans were slaves and spent most of their lives working in homes.
it would teach people no matter what color you are you will still amount to the same as others
dont try to act like what you're not if u dont talk with big words...dont use big words include dialogue show emtions hope i helped!
She was sold to three masters, John Neely, Martin Schryver, and John Dumont.
Sojourner Truth (1797 - November 26, 1883) nee Isabella Baumfree , an African-American abolitionist and women's rights activist. Her best-known speech, Ain't I a Woman?, was delivered in Akron, Ohio at the 1851 Ohio Women's Rights Convention.
She should be remembered today because she helped many slaves if they were hurt or dying and she really made a change in that
she won a case against a white man to get her son peter back.
passionit, uneducated,brave
She had many. She was a slave, beaten, and was bought / sold several times. She joined a cult and that is when she changed her name. At one point she was accused of fraud and arrested. She sued to get her son free as a slave.
Sojourner ( which roughly means religious traveller or pilgrim) Truth was a nineteenth century abolitionist.l who knows if she wore specs. It is over l40 plus years in the past- the abolitionist movement went on after the Civil War had finished- as there was, and is much work to be done on what is...
Sojourner Truth, originally name Isabella Baumfree (also spelled bomefree) was born in Hurley, Ulser County, NY, US of A
Yes, she did.. Yes, she did
For women rights and slavery. For women rights and slavery
she was successful with her goals not her education
sojourner truth did not go to college
many people did not know
Seriously? You're asking that question?! Sojourner Truth DID write her famous speech, known as "Ain't I a Woman". Next time, look at your test packet to see that someone did something.
she died November 26, 1883.
no she was not she taught her self to read
they were farmers, they both were slaves, and they both spoke about the need to abolish slavery.
She was born Isabella Baumfree and changed her name to Sojourner Truth when her son died to signify that she was a traveler telling the truth about slavery.
She didn`t give up even though it seemed impossible.
Yes, Sojourner Truth did travel the country to speak against slavery. (I know because I need to know this for a History paper)
yes she helped slaves through it and saved nearly 1000 of them
she wanted white people to respect her as a African American woman and have the same rights as any white woman
Sojourner Truth was born a slave, had many of her children soldinto slavery, and had to fight to get one son who was illegallysold back. She managed to escape slavery, but suffered much moreinjustice as a black person and as a woman living in the 1800s. Asan activist who publicly fought against...
she helped slaves escape from their masters
how old was sojourner truth when she got married to thomas
she ended up living on a farm with her children and grand children
An older Slave named Thomas. They had Four children. Peter, James, Elizabeth, and Sophia. James died as an Infant and Sojourner had a daughter named Diana from a different relationship.
well i have also been wondering this sojouner says in her famous speech "ain't i woman" that " she has born 13 children" but in many other websites it syas she had five children. she had one child from her first love whom she was forbidden to see than her master made her marry some other guy...
Sojourner would have people read bible verses to her and she would memorize the bible verses and preach them to people
sojourner truth was a African American who was a slave but she got freed by fighting it ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○
Yes. In Kingston, N.Y. John J. Dumont, a plantation owner, purchased her next. During her tenure with his family she married and had five children. In 1827, after New York had passed an emancipation act freeing its slaves, she prepared to take her family away. But Dumont began to show reluctance to...
No, Sojourner Truth did not have a mentor?
Sojourner Truth lead the underground railroad escape.
she escaped before the day dawned.
She worked as a conducter of the Underground railroad Underground railroad - a secret chain of ways to get from the slavestates to Canida
No, sojourner truth didn't go to elementary school. She was sold as a slave at the age of nine. Slaves were not allowed to be educated.
The Narrative of Sojourner Truth was written by Olive Gilbert.
Sojourner Truth had 11 brothers and sisters.
Sojourner Truth fought for womens rights and against slavery. She helped many black union soldiers in th Civil War.
Sojourner Truth is buried at Oakhill cemetery, in Battle Creek, Michigan.
she was know for tHE SAYING OF..."ANIT I A WOMEN"...
She helped black men in the Army and nursed them back to health. truth gave speeches and some did not want to listen. She spoke about abolition , women's rights , prison reform , and preached to the Michigan Legislature. Several days before she died she was interviewed by a reporter from Grand...
she went to the van wagners who freed her for all of her hard work
They were abolonist for slavery. The fought for the right of black people,and enslvaved blacks. Another common factor was they were all born in slavery
She did not "free" African Americans. She simply stood up against the inequalities, gave speeches on the subject, wrote books and attempted to obtain land grants for African Americans after the civil war. [She had help recruite African Americans into the civil war.]
The words 'Isabella Baumfree' is a compound proper noun , thename of a specific person. A noun functions as the subject of a sentence or a clause,or as the object of a verb or a preposition. Example sentences: . Isabella Baumfree is better known as Sojourner Truth.(subject of the sentence) ...
Sojouner truth was trying to convey mad,anger,biter,sorrow,hurt/ect. them are the emotions that she saw trying to convey.
At least 3 times. See Related Link for more information.
Sojourner Truth helped to end slavery by becoming an abolitionist.She gave many speeches around the country discussing herexperiences as a slave.
it is unknown. she was born in the year 1797 no actual day was found.
i dont know i all know is that she is black and if you want to know look on google click on image
She is associated with both the anti slavery and women's rights reform movements.
Yes, Sojourner Truth wrote a book called Narrative of Sojourner Truth: A Northern Slave. I think this is the only book she wrote, but I'm not sure. I'm doing a report on her and it didn't say she wrote any other books.
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How could you escape twice? One time
she worked as a slave for the dumonts
one of the reasons is because she stood up for what she believed in. and when she was preaching she always talked about God. She was a good faithful person.