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There are both fresh and saltwater varieties of catfish. They are known for the long barbels that resemble cat whiskers. Catfish are bottom feeders. They are eaten in many parts of the world, but are especially popular in the southern United States.
people ship live creatures a cross countries it is cruel but yes
You should not worry if you are bitten by a catfish. it may hurt a little, but i have never seen one with sharp teeth. They have really small ones. However the dorsal fins on virtually all catfish have a very sharp spine, and some of them have poison glands at the base of the spine (mostly small...
  They get along quite well in a community tank. Beware of mixing barbs with tetras though.
5+ years is the average for just about all types of Corys. Also keep in mind that they are happiest when in groups of at least 3.
Yes they are! This is because goldfish and catfish eat different food stuffs and have different behaviors/ habits.Catfish like to hide out around/ under objects and mostly eat food from the bottom of your fishtank. Catfish eat the algae in your tank and will need supplementary food [expensive]...
they can be almost microscopic to as large as 10-12 feet.
THe only place I have seen both the hushpuppies and catfish sold  was at Fiesta
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It is a cornmeal mixture that typically has cornmeal, a bit of flour, salt and pepper. Or you can buy one in any grocery store in the united states.
"The Algae eating" catfish is a very broad term to use when asking  this kind of question, though I'm confident you are talking about  the Pleco(stomas). Yes they are from the South american rain  forest.
There are so many species of catfish in the Amazon, some yet to be  discovered, this question cannot be answered.
Catfish are all bottom feeders. Their food chain is phyto plankton  (tiny plants), zoo plankton (tiny animals), then small fish.
For a specific catfish, Im not sure.For a fish in general, sakana. Pronounced SAH-kah-nah
Yes, catfish in the Nile river do swim upside down.
it moves air through it's gills.
The largest saltwater catfish is the Hardhead catfish. This catfish  is brownish to gray-green in color and has four barbells on the  chin. The state record is three pounds fifteen ounces.
  Yes they do
are you talking about getting bit by a catfish or getting finned by a catfish?If you get bit, pull your hand out :)If you get finned, roll the catfish over and rub the area where you were finned on the slime on the fishes belly.For more tips you can go to www.learntocatchcatfish.com
For catfish some bodies of water are much more prone to have trophy fish than others. Small ponds for instance may have large amounts of Catfish but will rarely have any true trophies. Bodies of water that hold Flathead Catfish and Blue Catfish are much better places to fish for a true trophy than a...
what does it mean if my catfishes eyes are white
Yes, giant cat fish do have dorsal fins.
Catfish pond eggs look very similar to caviar. They are rounded  beads that are somewhat clear or translucent in color.
Out of Doughbait, shrimp, and other stuff, I find Chicken Livers to work the best out of all baits. Hope this helps and good fishing :)Try using soap. It is a very effective bait for catching catfish in the rivers. Rednecks Catfish Bait Soap is a catfish soap bait. You can find it at www...
Yes, catfish is a consumer
No, it is not recommended to eat catfish raw.
No. Gar and catfish are two different animals
some species are but some like blue catfish, channel catfish, flathead catfish, and bullheads are edible and delicious.
Not sure, but on other websites it says up to 17 yrs!! Pretty old don't ya think?
  20 to 25 years max..
It's a fish; It doesn't have legs.It might appear as to walk, but you need legs to do so. So the answer is no.
It has skin not scales like other fresh water fish.
are catfish cold blooded or warm blooded
It's the only fish with "whiskers". The protubrances on each side of its mouth.
  coryadoras are the best!
  they live in a river not an ocean
Yes, catfish are vertebrates and have bones.
no they dont
yes they do it's very important that they have there water cleaned out once and a while.
Well there are quite a few. But to name one, the most famous. The most popular specie is 'The Stephanie'. The Stephanie is a specie known to be fat, greedy and to be honest, not a great looker. They are orange with blue tails, yellow feet and red heads. They are known to feast on a specie of field...
A catfish is a decompose,consumer,and a producer.  
Sure...it's a bottom feeding fish. See the link below for more information.
The term'catfish' belongs to a family of fish that can be as small  as a cory catfish, which is about 2 inches, or the size of a  channel catfish, which can be between 1 & 2 feet long. There  are even larger catfish than that.
Yes, but they don't really look like cats. They're just fish with whiskers pretty much.
Although catfish have what looks like whiskers, they are actually  barbels. The barbells have taste receptors on them, so a catfish  can find food in it's natural, murky habitat.
When fish ich, catfish included, they will turn ichyside down and  rub quickly against the terrain or ornaments/foliage in it's  environment.
almost anything they can fit into their mouths.
yes a very large one that if stepped on breaks and drives up into the foot causing a nasty wound that requires immediate medical attention.
with it's fins
At least one so named specimen called the Coral Catfish.
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If you haven't used any chemicals of any kind in said pond, you can  cook 'em. XD But in all seriousness, the humane way would be  either:   A: Sell them   B:Release them
yes but it feels like a shock
400-degrees; 10 minutes per inch of thickness
Dear saltwater fish friendsIt's because of the whiskers-Coleman.G. Poole
Yes they do. I used to use sweet corn as bait. They love it!
Some Sharks do but most don't
If you want to sex a catfish, look at the dorsal fin. The male's  fins are brighter in color and larger.
LIVE BAIT, perch or small carp about 1 to 3 inches long
Catfish... aren't picky in the slightest. It wound be like asking a  pig if it would rather live on a farm or an orchard. You can have a  bare-bottom tank and they will be happy. As long as there bellies  are full, it doesn't matter. but keep in mind. Large catfish  LITERALLY inhale their food....
It depends on what type of cory you go for something like a peppered cory would usually grow no bigger than 8cm
It depends on the variety of catfish. Catfish vary in weight and size and some are poisonous. Some varieties of catfish will attack smaller fish, so selection for compatability is essential. ___________________________________________________________ Fish that will neither inflict harm on small...
Yes I have 3 in a 125 gallon tank :-) they are housed with fish bigger than their mouth so larger tinfoil tetras and oscars can live with them and they prefer small goldfish live or dead and frozen bloodworms (mine are hand fed) but you can also teach them to eat fish food :-) they will live till...
dods prey on catfish
The average lifespan of a Channel Catfish is usually between 14 and 25 years.
catfish dont speak english.
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well cats eat fish really it depends on the cat
it depends how big the catfish is and how big the guppy is. if the guppy is smaller than the catfishes MOUTH then it is sure to eat it.
yes it can be used as a bait, but i suggest using chicken livers
No. Catfish are not mouth brooders, but most South American and African Cichlids are.
There are many fish in the catfish family, but here is a list of select species: Blue catfish - Ictalurus furcatatusChannel catfish - Ictalurus punctatusWhite catfish - Ameiurus catusFlathead catfish - Pylodictis olivarisWels catfish - Silurus glanisStriped eel-catfish - Plotosus lineatusGlass...
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yes, but they are called gills.
you can find them in near brush,snags,submerged trees,or neer currents. good luck.
Yes they do. Catfish are not only scavengers, but a very effective predator as well.
Anything which is edible and can be digested.i even found metal caps in its stomach
every living thing has cells so a catfish would have cells
no ifs a fish.
Only walking catfish
All the crazy fish do.
You have to grill cat fish fillets each side for eight minutes.
they live in west of south amercia.
They eat anything and everything in there ecosystem including themselfs.
  It eats fish
the piraiba catfishes diet consists of fish smaller than it and bassicly anything it can get