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Everyone knows that salary and pay rates has to do with the compensation one receives for the work they perform. Determining what careers and what locations provide the best salaries and pay rates helps job hunters line up expectations and provides assistance in making decisions. Ask questions about compensation here.
No. He will be responsible for paying any child support that the court orders. Being unmarried means the mother of the child has no right to spousal support.
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Actually, the answer is Don Kelly. Makes $14 M
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It depends on the sport and it's popularity as well as the type of product you are trying to endorse and the length of time. Someone of this nature will have an agent who will try and negotiate a fee for endorsement. in many circumstance the may even off to sponsor the person for the same value
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your question has a double positive which means what sport get paid the lest... But the sport the makes the most money in the U.S. is football ...
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Michael Schumacher's Earnings Michael Schumacher According to Forbes,was the Swiss-born racecar driver makes an estimated $2 each year to drive his Ferrari Enzo. I'm sure he can't complain. His Ferrari Enzo is just his everyday car, so $2 is about enough, though he foots his own petrol bills. I am s…
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In a June 2009 article, Forbes listed Tiger Woods as the world's highest paid athlete. From 2008 to 2009, he made $110 million and is the first athlete ever to earn $1 billion in his 13-year career. It should be noted that most of his money comes from endorsements. Here is the full list from For…
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Boxing Floyd Mayweather earned 25 million for a fight.
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James Naismith When he invented the game (though there is some debate about this) he was not looking for money, he was looking for something to keep his students occupied in the winter. So, the answer to your question is, he made nothing!Which was nice of him not to think of money, but about his …
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The average salary for a basketball player in Germany is, in U.S. dollars, $2 Million.
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Rookie- $457 588 going up every year until 10th year where it the minimum is $1 306 455 *these stats are for the 2009-2010 season and do go up every single NBA season
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For the 2004 season it was Peyton Manning with $35 million. For 2003 it was Brian Urlacher with $15 million.
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Rugby player but there are more minor injuries like ankle rolls, sprains, and pulls, but football players receive more serious injuries like breaks and season enders. Both sports receive their fair share of concussions and bruises. They are contact sports. Crap happens. When these things stop happen…
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The median salary in the NFL in 2009 was roughly $770,000. In 2008 it was about $720,000. The Steelers have the highest median salary at $1.1 million, the Packers the lowest at $440,000. The Redskins have the highest payroll at $123 million. The Giants have the lowest at $76 million. The average (a…
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260 In the very early days of football it was rare to see a lineman that weighed over 250 pounds. But as training regiments became more sophisticated the weights have risen. Hall of Fame offensive guard Gene Upshaw, who played between 1967-1981, weighed 255 pounds. Hall of Fame defensive end Gino Ma…
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Median Salary for the Premier League Here are answers and opinions from FAQ Farmers: I remember reading a report (a Deloitte & Touche Report) that back in the 2000/2001 or 2001/2002 season, the median salary/wage was 400,000 pounds or approximately $600,000. It has defintely risen since then. …
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Most: Europe most Second Most: Mexico(Mexico is part of America) Least: United States of America even with Beckham!!!!!!!!!Kaka has a contract on the table worth £500,000 per week in the EPL for his new club Manchester City.. Football earnings are huge because a players career average lasts over …
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Answer I think the question is a little too vague. There are various levels of professional soccer in the United States, and the level of pay differs according to each. Many players in MLS, the US's first division, make less than $50,000. Freddy Adu has the largest contract, at a base salary o…
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This changes too frequently to know the average... highest is around $200,000 per week tho this will be smashed in the Summer transfer.
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actually it depends on the player and the team. on internation teams, like Brazil and Italy, everyone on the team has the same salary and its about 50,000 a month. However, if you play on a club team like Real Madrid, and you're a great player, like Ronaldinho, you could be making anywhere between 2…
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well what i know is that a 15 year old has played before.....a few years ago kara lang was only 15 when she played for the Canadian women's team...i think if u were really skilled and trained ur hardest and got noticed u could make it....although i dunno about in the states since im from Canada.....…
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It's the biggest sport in the world; that's the one and only reason why they earn so much money.It's a matter of supply and demand. Their talents are highly demanded, and the best players are in short supply.
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Pele is now a Brazillian statesman, so is accordingly paid the correct salary for a minister in the Brazillian Government. He stopped playing football in the 1970's, but is still very active in the game due to the fact that he is widely regarded as the World's greatest footballer of all time.
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There are various women's leagues around the world and they don't make as much money as men. yes, in California their is the United States Women's National Team. they are really great.
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Mia Hamm makes about 2 million per endorsement. She endorses many companies such as Nabisco's Wheat Thins, Gatorade, and Nike.
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Your best chance is to contact your nearest MLS clubFC Dallas 14800 Quorum Drive, Suite 300 Dallas, TX 75254Phone: (214) 979-0303 FAX: (214) 979-1118Ask for their marketing dpt and ask them about tryout dates.Good luck.
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it all depends on what position you play and how good at it you are.
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EPL the salaries are going through the roof, Multi Billionaire owners. Ronaldo has new contract for $250,000 per week salary.. so that's $13 million per year just from Manchester United. Then add on the many endorsements he is on from Nike and various other deals.Formula 1 is the wealthiest sport in…
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The average pay for entry-level MLS players is $100,000 a year. A lot of the determining factors include position, and value the management places on the specific individual.
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I heard on the news that Rooney got paid 60million (pounds I spose), per year...i weas hopinf someone could clarify that but anyway Wayne Rooney is a hobo who lives in a cardboard box and drives a second hand go-kart   Wayne Rooney gets paid about 110K per week i don't know per year thou…
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umm maby but if ur really good at soccer and ur in great shap u could always try. there is nothing to loose :)   What were you befor 25? You need desire,skill,and physical ability.
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Belief:The highest paid coach is Brazilian Felipe Scolari. He's getting €16.6m with Uzbekistan's Bunyodkor Tashkent after leaving Chelsea half-way through the '08-'09 season.
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One would have to know the amounts paid to every player who ever played in the NHL since it was founded in 1917/18. I suppose the NHL records ( accounting office???) might have this available in their archives or something. Otherwise this is an impossible question to answer!!!
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In general, no. First off, a PhD student can generally snag some sort of assistantship to pay for tuition and survival while in school. It's also important to realize that someone with a doctorate is not generally expected to be all that practical, with years of experience on the factory floor. Firm…
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As an electrical engineer for a power company I see on average a house that is 1600-2000 square feet and having electric appliances except for the furnace use an average of 1500Kwatt-hours per month making 50 Kwatt-hours per day and a total of 18,000 Kwatt-hours per year. If one is trying to determ…
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Individual states make Workman's Insurance (comp) laws. In general any income lost from injury is taken into account when benefits are assessed.
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Well, it all depends on the agency and the going rates of your state. Unless a "repo man" owns his own company he is only making about $70-$100 per car depending on the value. If he DOES own his own company then he may be making as much as $300 - $500 per car. Sound like a lot? Don't count on it…
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I get 1 mil a year i am a lawyer
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There is no set time. You are gambling that things will fall into place before its too late. How long have you driven the vehicle now without paying? 4 months, 6 months, more???? Usually if a lender has to file a replevin, there is NO "catching up". The lender has lost faith in your ability and/or d…
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Based on the ones I know,$45-65 K per year. that will vary by region and other factors.   Its really not that much actually anywhere from $125.00 to $325.00 depending on how much time you have to spend looking for the car.Most of the time its the gas running around trying to find the car and …
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A highway trailor combination, pulling a 53 foot trailor, with a full legal load, and equipped with a commercial diesel engine of 300 to 400 hp, will get about 5 to 6 miles to the US gallon of diesel fuel, less in the mountains.
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Yes, but it might not be a good idea as then the benefit would be taxable. Are you talking about YOUR coverage or for your employees?for more info see www.steveshorr.com/life.htm
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An associate's degree in management may only result in a middle entry position paying $28,000 to $35,000. For a 2008 median wage list of 25 top pays with associates degrees visit the Related Link.
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Tips for Negotiating Your Salary The most important thing may be that you have a clear goal (e.g., 70 grand) and that you're prepared to walk away if you don't get it. Negotiating your salary is composed of two stages. The first is the preparation and planning stage and the second is the actual n…
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Umm. I would say never, ever say anything bad about your previous employer. The question is geared to hear what you might say of the company for which you are interviewing with if you begin working for them and then leave. What are you going to say about THEM? When the interviewer asks why you left …
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%REPLIES% Answer I found that an Actuary has a pretty high paying job for a starting salary less then 1 yr exp would be approx 40+. 20 yrs exp approx 250-350K. Answer The President makes $400,000 dollars a year. Answer Corporate executives. Answer DEFINITELY ACTUARI…
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A wage is better because you get paid for how many hours you work, while, with a salary, you get a set amount of payment. An example of a job that gets a salary is a teacher. It doesn't matter how much homework they grade over weekends and vacations, they get the same amount of money. What a "S…
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Asking about salary requirements is a minor information-gathering question some companies try to answer before making a final decision regarding a candidate, or to help them eliminate a candidate before beginning the interview; however, salaries are always negotiable regardless of what you might wri…
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When You Are 13 Or Younger You can deliver newspapers. You can work as a baby-sitter. You can work as an actor or performer in motion pictures, television, theater or radio. You can work in a business solely owned or operated by your parents. You can work on a farm owned or operated by your pa…
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Arguement: well hi im 15 years old and i have been trying to apply everywhere and when i mean everywhere i mean everywhere and i cant because all they say is minimum of age: 16+ and im only 15 years old i believe we shoould start a petition or something because it is not fair i want to work because …
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A paper route is a great job for a 12 yr old. My children had them and made some really good money doing it. Make job fliers describing what job you can do (yard work, babysitting, etc., etc.) and distribute them out to neighbors. Don't forget to put your phone number on the flier.   a…
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Of course you can. But why would you want to? It would leave you no room to negotiate. Instead, if you think you qualify for the job, simply indicate: "My salary requirements are flexible." You can leave salary off, but as a retained executive recruiter, I can tell you that if you don't put it in y…
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If the employer requests salary history, and only if they request it, just update your resume and add your annual salary to either the far right column or below your position. As far as requirements. Ask the employer what the job has paid in the past and go from there based on your qualifications.
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requesting a meeting with the employer
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Job interviews I can easily offer you what others cannot, i.e. my ability to use whatever knowledge, talents and abilities I possess, no other person can do this. More input from FAQ Farmers: I posses the ability of speaking 3 languages, im very patient person and very responsible for my action…
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good customer starts with a greeting ,qualify,reccomend.and thanking them. poor customer service would be to ignore or pretend they did not exist or matter .Good customer service would be described as paying attention to the customer, making sure they don't hear you doing anything else in the backgr…
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A construction worker may make an average of $25,000 - $54,000 per year.
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You definitely run the risk of sounding desperate.Ideally they'd see your resume and contact you to ask if you'll accept a lower salary. However, if you don't hear from them you probably have nothing to lose.
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If its your first job, say that experience comes first rather than salary though it is important. But what you want to acquire is first hand experience and salary is only 1 piece of the package.What is important to you is that you enjoy what you are, fit in the corporate structure and grow professio…
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A salary which reflects my experience, qualifications, also be just in terms of the dedication & hard work that I bring to the position and lastly a salery which any other competitive company is offering for the same job with same profile. What range do you have in mind?
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The WORST thing you can say is "Not much." or "Nothing." RESEARCH the company first. Yep, whether you are applying at McDonald's or applying at a Fortune 500 Company. Do a search online. Look at their website. Find out who they are, what they do and why you'd want to work there. The WORST thing you…
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According to my Oxford Companion to WWII in strictly monetary terms here was the breakdown for the major players in their currencies:UK-Pounds Sterling 20,500,000,000 US-$306,000,000,000 Germany-Reichmarks 414,000,000,000 Japan-Yen 174,000,000,000 Italy- Lire 278,500,000,000 USSR- Ruble 582,000,000,…
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This is easy. Set up appointments with local store managers posing as a university student doing your project on this topic. If your too old get someone young and smart and line them up with 20 or 30 questions to ask on your behalf.
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'Equipment' as in the tools you use to perform a service?I'm not really sure what it is you are asking.I guess your customer can ask, request or demand whatever he wants, but that doesn't mean you have to comply.Now, if you are in some sort of repair business like auto repair, a customer may ask (de…
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The definition of small business man defers situation to situation. Real small business persons in general can be termed as small time vendors and hawkers. The income for these people will be on daily basis. Any disturbance in the market conditions will deny the livelihood of these persons. Their i…
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Amount of Garbage That Humans Make AnnuallyEnough to cover Texas twice. This also fills enough trucks to form a line to the moon.   Each American makes about 4 pounds of garbage daily. If the rest of the world were as wasteful as Americans... there would be about 10 MILLION tons daily... 4 TR…
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Answer Many different ways, no single method. It is an art, not a science. Examples: A small business: might estimate sales for all major events during the year (e.g. spring-break, easter, thanksgiving, x-mas) and add them up may look at recent weekly sales and simply project weekly sales x 52…
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Of the 4 top pro sports, MLB, NBA NFL, and the NHL, hockey players have always been paid the least amount.
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Answer the year basketball players began being paid was 1896
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In general, a wedding planner charges between $2,000 and $3,000 per wedding. However, because most wedding planners are self-employed, all the business costs associated with running your own business must come out of the fee. There are very few wedding planners who have employees. If you want to fin…
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Tracy McGrady - Basketball Eli Manning - Football Alex Rodriguez - Baseball Usain Bolt - Track and Field Alex Ovechkin - Hockey David Beckham - Soccer Michael Phelps - Swimming Tiger Woods - Golf/Overall
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It really depends on how good they are, and what company offers them a contract. Some of the best teams get thousands of dollars a week.    Depends on the player, club, league etc. A player in the lower devisions of the English leagues could earn $20,000 to $30,000 a year. However a high…
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Minor League Baseball player contracts and paychecks are handled by the Major League Baseball office. Here are the salary ranges: First contract season: $850/month maximum. After that, open to negotiation Alien Salary Rates: Different for aliens on visas--mandated by INS (Immigration). Class AAA-…
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Answer As of the start of the 2007 season, the minimum rookie salary in the NFL is $285,000. A very good player can make 8 figures.
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4 year bachelors in Optometry or get a bachelor of science then 2 year in to optical so my eye doctor says In America, it takes 4 years of optometry school to get an Optometry Doctorate (OD). Most optometrists also have a bachelor's degree, so it generally takes a minimum of 8 years after graduatio…
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Real Madrid and England star David Beckham. He gets up to �30,000,000 per year from salary and endorsements.  David Beckham is the highest paid soccer player. He switched teams last year from Manchester United to Real Madrid in a $41 million transfer. He earns $28 million dollars a year.well…
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A summary of qualifications can be used at the beginning of a resume instead of a resume objective statement. A summary of qualifications is usually a two or three line paragraph that states your experience as well as some skills you may be proficient at. This kind of summary works well with the com…
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David Beckham is by far the highest paid Football player in the MLS... He earns over $500,000 per week at L.A Galaxy.   Women's is $40,000 and men's was $85,000 a few years ago.   I think the question is a little too vague. There are various levels of professional football in the Unite…
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Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester United players get paid the most. David Beckham is the richest player in the world because he gets paid a million dollars a week Messi gets paid 60 million from games and endorsements.
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Answer According to a survey from 2000 the average salary of Canadian veterinarians in their first two years of practice after college earned between $37,000 and $49,000 (Canadian dollars per year). It depended heavily on what province they worked in.
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Answer I work in Best Buy's computer department and i sold a laptop to a very nice gentlemen who turned out to be an architect/civil engineer. I asked him the same question, his answer was "at most, about $150 an hour but on average around $100 an hour and I work from 40 to 60 hours a week wi…
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Answer There are different types of detectives (e.g. private detectives and police detectives), plus there are other factors that will determine pay rate, such as level of experience and geographic location. But here's some general info, published by the U.S. Department of Labor: Police and …
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Puck, Hockey Stick, Ice Skates, Safety Pads, Helmet, and Yourself. There ya go!  go to the USA hockey website and check it out for locations of ice rinks around you. Call the ice rink and see how you can get yourself into a league.if that's not what you are looking for then go to a sports stor…
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primary account 33% secondary account 50%; there are plenty of secondary accounts; so its a good place to start; what you collect; you get 50%; most secondary collection agency collects in low teens; double digit; some single digit; so?; if you think you can do better than that; go for…
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If the job application form you are filling allow you to express it in some text characters then write it as Negotiable or Entry Level and if you cannot enter the text then give a particular range.
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Tough question.You're going to need to have the confidence to go into negotiations *knowing* that you are worth the high salary. You must believe you are good enough to be paid that much, that more than one company will recognize this, and that you will make much more than that for the company that …
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It returns memory to the memory pool by destroying objects that no longer have a reference to them. Memory management is a crucial element in many types of applications. Consider a program that reads in large amounts of data, say from somewhere else on a network, and then writes that data into a dat…
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Answer As of the start of the 2007 season, the minimum rookie pay in the NFL is $285,000. An excellent player can make 8 figures.
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although Mexican soccer/football player salary are not well known they get paid similar amounts as players in Europe. That is why many football players from Mexico do not go to Europe since their future in a stating lineup can be uncertain in Europe and they can get the same amount of cash in Mexico…
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A good security officer should be..............Properly prepared to come to work, with the eqipment needed to do the job, such as a pen, note book and wrist watch. Wearing a clean and pressed uniform, with a fresh shave and short haircut.A good security officer should develop a mental list of things…
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Answer The average salary for a profesional footabll player in the year of 1960 was between 10000-25000 a year.
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You can become a billionaire if your designs turn out too be a success. True, but the average staff designer gets paid a flat salary by many companies. This is False you can not become a Billionaire because they buy your company for much less before the game is a success. This pay then ranges from e…
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a business degree is only a guide. it's no guarantee for a great job and certainly no guarantee that you will make lots of money when your finished. having said that, you still need it. I've seen many qualified people with untold accomplishments get the door closed b\c they don't have a business deg…
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Answer Yes, because your job may require you to have a car for one reason or another. If you are a woman, some companies are very safety conscious and their place of business may require you to go through a rough part of town. This question in an interview is not meant to be personal and there is…
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They were paid very little compared to today, even allowing for the greater purchasing power a dollar had then. Babe Ruth was paid an astounding $80,000 per year in the late 1920's, but most players made a tiny fraction of that amount. The average in 1920 was $5000 (which is still considerable compa…
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According to the NFL Players Association, this year the lowest paid players will make about 99-34 million, with the average at about 1.1 million. Each team has a salary cap and it was $99 million in 2009. Most of the higher end players will make more money with endorsements.around 1 million
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