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The Akita is a large Japanese spitz dog breed. These are two types of Akita - the Japanese variety and the American variety. Both are sometimes classified as separate breeds. Both types are Akitas tend to be strong-willed and independent and they may be aggressive towards people and animals if not socialized properly.
Akita's reach maturity at a year of age. On average they liveanywhere from 14-16 years
The lock jaw myth started with the pitbull breed. Expert scientific studies prove that the jaws of Pit Bulls are no different than any other breed of dog. There is no evidence that any kind of locking mechanism exists in the American Pit Bull Terrier or any other related dog breed.
Yes, many akitas enjoy swimming.
I don't know the age of the oldest living Akita but my mother's Akita is almost 15 years old, which is a good age for a large breed of dog.
Yes, it would be considered a mixed breed. Their are also breeders that specialize in this mix or designer dog. A good name is Huskita for the new hybrid.
No they are not, you can tell because the Akita tend to grow much bigger that the shiba inu. They are related to one another,but they are different.
They are loyal and loving friends to have around the house, i would know because some people i know have them:)
Yes, since an akita is a breed of a husky and is strong, they aren't too big a fan of having other dogs around, and are more prone to being dog-aggressive towards other dogs. A boxer dog would not stand a chance against the akita because the akita has thick fur to protect itself. The akita's jaw...
i have an akita and he is a very tame and calm dog..i dont think that they are dangerous depending on the way the owner treats the dog but my answer to you question is No they are not dangerous! Hope this helps you out! } === i have an akita and he is a very tame and calm dog..i dont think that...
An akita is just a breed of Huskey,
An Akita Inu ('inu' meaning dog) is a breed of dog named after the Akita prefecture in Japan from which it is thought to have originated. The Akita is one of the oldest breeds of dog aware to man. Traditionally it was used for hunting animals.
9/10 the presa canario would win, but the akita could get a lucky bite
it all depends on the dog, and how the dog was raised .
Your Akita may well sense impending death, but if it is well fed and properly trained it will not attack your older dog. In fact , it is more likely to comfort it, and even mourn the loss when the time comes.
Dogs that are mixed may occasionally have instincts that contradict each other, which can create a very confused dog. However, if the owner is responsible and is able to control his dog, then the Akita/German Shepherd mix should not have a bigger tendency towards aggression than any other dog. ...
Akita's are very aggresive ,dominant and overly protective of family.It is already in the breed to be that way.They are not fond of strangers and would never back down to any dog.I have also read they have a stronger bite force than a pitbull and many other big dogs.And yes I have an Akita! So my...
Yes, they are like a Husky, and most would prefer the cold. I have an Akita now, used to have a Husky that would sleep in the snow instead of her Igloo.
The answer to your question, is yes. I have 3 akitas. They make wonderful dogs, If you have ever hears of aggressive akita stories, do not listen. They are not like that. They are a great family pet, I would not even call my dogs pets they are more like family. We wash our dogs once a month but you...
Akita inu is not a breed. It is sheba inu and akitas are good gard dogs. Actually Akita Inu is the correct name of the breed, the inu is dropped in America. Most countries other than the U.S. recognizes two separate breeds of Akitas. One being the Japanese Akita Inu and the American Akita. ...
Yes, although they are frequently simply called Akitas. Since roughly around WWII there has been some split between the American (and, more generally, Western) strains of the Akita breed and the Japanese strains; bred to different standards and in some cases extracted from different starting...
Yes, but it is sometimes reffered to as an Akita. A Shiba Inu is a different breed. See the related links for more information.
they are sled dogs.......... by the way this is answered by a fifth grader.
A mutt! any mix of two purebred dogs is simply a mixed dog, i.e a mutt their is NO BREED for a mixed breed it takes DECADES to develop a breed
No, they are 2nd strongest. The strongest dog in the world is the Kurdish Shepard Dog.
Depends on the individual. But without proper training, Akitas have a high chance of being dog-aggressive.
It depends on what breeder you get it from.
Akitas are in the working group while Shiba Inus are in the Non-Sporting group.
From what I've read up on they average from 130 to 160pounds but I've seen some get 200pounds but my guess is that they're older overweight akitas.
yes so protective
Akitas are large, powerful dogs - but no - there are stronger dogs. They usually have a very strong and independent personality.
Nutro dog food is really good for an akita because it keeps them healthy and helps them grow. Thanks ERIC
Because she loved all dogs
probaly a bigger version of an akita but with a more wil look and blood
The Akita is known for being feisty, so you should be wary of one when you first see it, and ask the owner for permission before approaching it. However, they are very affectionate towards their family. An Akita will protect his/her family in a dangerous situation, and would probably go after a...
Akita's are very independent. They are difficult to train and are big dogs that can be imposing. Labradors are very loyal and willing to please. They are easily trained and are very common. It depends what you want from the dog which is better for you.
Akita is basically a hunting dog and may not mingle well with children. Socializing at an early age is required to bring out its best behavior, but it may not be a good family dog.
No dog is a great fighting dog. All dog fighting is a disgustingdisplay.
Akita dogs are used for a variety of reasons. One major use of the dogs is as a pet. The cute and fluffy animal is a great gift for anyone, and can help brighten anyone's day.
No, they shed alot and that means that they are bad for people thathave allergies
Akitas were originally used as hunting dogs, so they have a strongprey instinct. They should not be left alone with smaller pets likecats, even if they were raised together.
Simple answer, yes. If it were stronger, bigger, and/or faster thanthe German Shepherd and got a good bite into the jugular, it couldwin in a fight.
Please help me ! I was walking my Akita, and pitbull came. They gotinto fight, and Akita took him and shook him hard. He has 3 bigwounds, but he is not constantly bleeding. Wounds are on the sideof the body and not on the head or the neck. It lasted for around20 seconds... Please tell me what your...
You should take your dog to the veterinarian immediately. Make surethat he hasn't gotten an infection and the wounds aren't deep.
It's always a good idea to ask your vet if you have any concernsregarding your dog. However, a droopy ear usually isn't a bigconcern, unless it's showing signs of malformation, injury, ordischarge. Your dog probably just has a droopy ear. :)
Since Akita dogs are a breed and not a species, they do not have their own scientific name.
Akitas are taller and heavier than Huskies. Here's more about them,
See below in Related Links for an example of a Husky and Akita mix.
Akita's come from Japan. But can be found living anywhere in the world.
Well this year, it got up to 110+ in NC. Everyone was at school and work during they day. My dog was fine, didnt get sick or anything, but when I got home, I brought her straight into the house.
Yes they are,I have 3 akitas and they stay home all the time they just sleep and wait till you get home,in japan were akitas first came from they trained the dogs to watch kids when the parents were gone.
The bite pressure of the Akita Inu (Odate styled) is 700 psi, equal to that of a lion.
They're a working breed
American Akita's are a bit taller and generally heavier than GSD's. Japanese Akita's are smaller. According to breed standards Akita's of either gender can hit 100lbs, whereas GSD's are in the 90's.
I have a year akita/husky that is a year old and two monthes and weighs in at 75 pounds. And the vets say she could be heavier but she is healthy.. maybe a little skinny but not too much at all... She is a good dog with ALL dogs and ALL kids. She is the most beautiful thing i have laid my eyes on!.....
The akita dog grows somewhere in between 36-40 inch. on average.
you can't. i have a 120 lb akita she is very aggressive towards other animals even males. its there nature to protect
No.. Usually this breed of Dogs are kind,Loyal and Trustworthy.. theres a japan akita dog story.. Hachikō (ハチ公 ? , November 10 , 1923 - March 8 , 1935 ), known in Japanese as chūken Hachikō (忠犬ハチ公 ? , "faithful dog Hachikō"), was an Akita ...
Akita's usually live to between the ages of 10-12 years.
Akita dogs weight: for males weight is 85-130lbs, females weight is usually 65-110lbs.
Practically all mixed dogs have a mark on their tounge. It is not pure pink. This is a way you can tell pure bread from mix.
I fed mine a good quality food, also search on Akita's to find what others feed their Akita's.
10 to 11 years They can live up to 10 - 12 years. Akitas are very smart and should not be left alone for along time. Akitas came from Japan into the US by Helen Keller.
Giant Akitas look like giant Akitas. So do wolves.