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Neko Atsume (game)

Parent Category: Virtual Pet Games
Neko Atsume is cat-collecting app game. The game involves the player buying food, toys, and other items to attract cats to the yard. Learn more about Neko Atsume here.
When you buy cat food for the kitties and you place it in the food  bowl, you should exit the game for a while and the cats will come  and hang out. When they leave, they usually leave behind either  silver or gold fish as a thank you!
there are so many nobody can count
The literal translation of Neko Atsume from Japanese is 'cat  collected'.
 Menu  Camera     You can either choose to take photos of individual cats in your  yard which saves to your cat album by pressing on the cat icon next  to close, or you can take a full screen picture which saves to your  device with the landscape icon to the right of the cat icon.   ...
 Menu  Settings  You have a choice between English and Japanese